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Groupy v1.46 is Now Available

Article posted on 12/1/2020

v1.46 Brings Several Community Requested Updates:

  • Resolve the issue where auto grouping didn't group correctly. Whilst this happened with 'Combine if possible' mode, it may well have happened for some in both modes as it was very timing-sensitive
  • User Report:;3791587 
  • Fixed working directory on saved groups
  • Fixed issue with white title bars when color applied to title bars in Win10 causing white menus and non obvious active tabs in combine mode
  • Fixed issue with UWP apps sometimes not joining a group
  • Groups locked status is now saved in Groupy files
  • Renamed tabs are now saved in the Groupy file
  • Rename tab / save group now takes escape = cancel and enter = save to make using with keyboard easier
  • Default to selecting all text when renaming a tab to make life easier
  • When re-saving a previously saved (and executed) Groupy file, the name is now offered by default to save time
  • Fixed issue with auto-grouping an application when the same application had been launched for a specific group within the past 2 minutes as well.
  • Fixed potential issue with rules for a window no longer being applied after a set time period

Check out the feedback thread here.

Get Groupy here.