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DeskScapes 11: Beta 2 Released

Article posted on 5/17/2021

We recently announced the brand new DeskScapes 11 (the beta is available exclusively through Object Desktop). Users can animate their desktop backgrounds, add customization to personal photos and tons more. While we're in the beta phase, we encourage users to submit bugs and suggested changes. Head over to this thread.

Beta 2 Changelog:

  • Fixes issue with the 4K flag on some dreams showing incorrectly
  • Alters screensavers to terminate process vs exit on mouse move etc
  • Fixes issue with screensaver applied message up and being able to make app look hung
  • Tweak to wallpaper change detection
  • Tweak for performance loading up playlists
  • Small tweak to the font size on search checkboxes
  • May fix issue with remote desktop - should no longer pause
  • New option for playlists where it will change either after X seconds if non-video or when the video ends (if a video)
    User-submitted request:
  • Now has options to update playlists if new files added (must read folder)
  • Installer tweaks