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Stardock Announces Start11 - Get into the Beta Today

Article posted on 8/10/2021

Stardock Restores Classic Start Menu in Windows 11
Beta version of Start11 is live today


Stardock announced Start11, a program that allows users to customize the Windows Start menu. As with previous editions of the StartX products, Start11 allows users to restore the Start menu to appears as it does in previous versions of Windows as well as customize it to their liking. The beta version is now available at Stardock’s homepage. 

“This first beta is designed to regain some of the lost functionality in the current Windows 11 Start menu,” said Brad Wardell, Stardock CEO. “We have a lot of exciting new features planned to make the Start menu not just more accessible but also more useful to companies and power users.” 

The first beta of Start11 is compatible with Windows 11 and Windows 10, supports moving the start button to the middle or to the left, makes visible many subtle Windows features, and provides a new configuration UI that allows extensive customization. 


“The new UI has been designed to support future Start menu designs,” said Wardell. “Start8 and Start10 focused on restoring previous versions of the Start menu. Start11 will be extending this to support a host of new Start menu ideas such as the concept of pages, tabs, minimalism, and features for our enterprise customers.” 


Join the Start11 Beta Today for $4.99
Users who buy into the beta will get the full release free.

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