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Article posted on 8/23/2021

Follow the dev of GalCiv IV through PCGamesN, below are the first two articles, future articles will be posted below:

Galactic Civilizations IV’s Manti Cluster want their children back
Galactic Civilizations IV is out now, and there’s an entire galaxy’s worth of factions you can control as you try to conquer the stars in the newest 4X game from Stardock. We’ve covered many of the 18 playable civilizations, and with only a handful left to go we turn our attention to a civilization whose journey among the stars has but one goal: to find their lost children.


Galactic Civilizations IV’s Krynn will unite the galaxy through faith
Galactic Civilizations IV’s Krynn want to convert the galaxy to its ways using every tool at their disposal, from influence to good old-fashioned conquest


How Galactic Civilizations IV is influenced by its community
Once upon a time, there was Galactic Civilizations. Our original space 4X game started out as a community project; nearly 30 years ago in 1993, I was a college student and spent my free time on Usenet talking about turn-based strategy games with other fans of that genre.


Galactic Civilizations IV’s new Mimot race will conquer with cuteness
We’re taking a break from the moody Drengin and scrappy Terrans to return to another one of the brand-new races coming to space-based 4X game Galactic Civilizations IV: the Mimot Brotherhood. They’re cute, they’re unassuming, and they will breed the galaxy out of existence if you’re not careful. They’ve been available to play in the space strategy game for a while, so if you’re interested you can pre-order today to get instant access to the beta and take them for a spin.


Cower before Galactic Civilizations IV’s slave-driving Drengin Empire
If, in a game of Galactic Civilizations IV, you find yourself contemplating the galaxy’s woes and wondering ‘how did it come to this?’ you should know that the answer is: the Drengin (probably). While they may not be the architects of every misfortune (the Drath are certainly giving it their best shot), the Drengin are the reason slavery still persists across the galaxy, and also why we now have two Terran factions.


Galactic Civilizations IV’s Terrans are a faction of two halves
We’re back with another Galactic Civilizations IV civilization preview, and this time we’re going to look at the Terrans. Every space 4X game has some kind of human analogue, or a vision of a future Earth as we step into space. Thanks to events of Galactic Civilizations IV’s canon storyline, the strategy game’s fourth entry sees humanity split into two distinct factions. Now that the game is in beta, you can jump in and try them both for yourself by pre-ordering today.


Galactic Civilizations IV will let you play as a nation of sentient trees
Galactic Civilizations IV’s beta is in full swing, and we’re back with another faction preview as we continue on the road to the exciting 4X game’s launch. The beta update – which you can jump into right now if you pre-order – opened the entire faction roster for players to test, but today we’re going to look at another of the new races coming to the space strategy game. You like plants, right?


Galactic Civilizations IV’s Arceans are an excellent starting race for conquest-minded strategy gamers
Like the Drath – the focus of our last Galactic Civilizations IV race preview – the Arceans were added to Galactic Civilizations III via an expansion, but are coming to IV right at launch. They’ve reformed from an empire to a republic, but the fundamentals of their history haven’t changed and they’re available to play in the alpha if you pre-order today.


Galactic Civilizations IV’s Drath just want to sit back, make money, and watch the galaxy burn
Galactic Civilizations IV’s most recent 0.65 update brings two new civilisations to the galactic stage, and today we’re going to be looking at the Drath Freehold. Anyone who pre-orders the strategy game will get instant access to the alpha where you can take these ancient, manipulative gossipers for a spin yourself.


Galactic Civilizations IV’s Xeloxi are here to prove that crime does pay
The recent 0.60 alpha update for upcoming 4X game Galactic Civilizations IV brought a wealth of new features, including two new factions that strategy game fans who pre-order can take for a spin right now. We’ll revisit the greedy business moguls of the Corporate Sector another time, but for today’s deep dive we’ll be looking closer at the galaxy’s most-wanted criminals: the Xeloxi.


Galactic Civilizations IV’s new update demands your loyalty
Galactic Civilizations IV is about to hit a new milestone with the release of alpha update 0.60 tomorrow. With this new patch comes new civilizations, game features, and the usual round of bug fixes and tweaks, which means there’s never been a better time to pre-order Galactic Civilizations IV and join in the fun.


We are the Yor(g)’ – Galactic Civilizations IV’s menacing machines have arrived
Are you ready for the machine uprising? The Yor have arrived in 4X game Galactic Civilizations IV, and they take a dim view of all organic, squishy life. Originally created by an ancient race, they were given sentience by one of the universe’s most notorious bad guys – the Dread Lords – and turned against their former masters. Now they want to purge the galaxy of other forms of life, and you can help them with this noble endeavor by taking them for a spin in the alpha build.


Become the monster with Galactic Civilizations IV’s new Festron race
Introduced in the most recent alpha update, the Festron are another brand-new race for upcoming 4X game Galactic Civilizations IV. Originally designed to be everyone’s favorite galactic monster, Stardock also felt that players would have the appetite to play as the nightmare, too – and now, you can.


Bring the galaxy to heel with 4X game Galactic Civilizations IV’s latest alpha update
Galactic Civilizations IV is in alpha right now and has just received a major update, adding two new races for you to play and a ton of features to lead your interstellar empire into a glorious tomorrow.


Say hello to The Navigators – Galactic Civilizations IV’s newest race
Upcoming interstellar strategy game Galactic Civilizations IV is adding lots of exciting new space bells and space whistles for its fourth iteration, including a brand new race: The Navigators. Available to play right now in the alpha test, The Navigators are a nomadic people who have dedicated their existence to seeking out and investigating the mysteries of the Precursors.


Five reasons to be excited for space 4X game Galactic Civilizations IV
Galactic Civilizations is making its return next year with Galactic Civilizations IV. A lot has changed in the space strategy game arena since the third game’s release in 2015, and this sequel is pulling out all the stops to offer a new vision of Stardock’s popular ‘Civilization-in-space’ DNA.