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Start11 Releases New Beta, Allows Users to Center the Taskbar Buttons on Windows 10

Article posted on 9/1/2021

Newest Opt-in Beta Allows Windows 10 Users to Center their Taskbar Buttons

Start11 allows users to customize the Windows Start menu. As with previous editions of the StartX products, Start11 allows users to restore the Start menu to appears as it does in previous versions of Windows as well as customize it to their liking.

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LEFT: Without Start11   /   RIGHT: With Start11


Start11 Beta .55 Update Changelog

  • *Center taskbar buttons on Win10*
  • Removed white flash on open of slider dropdowns when on Win11 in dark mode
  • Improved performance of opening taskbar page in config
  • Fixed issue with when config window is inactive, clicking on the breadcrumb bar area does not give the window focus
  • Config now translucent on Win11 when active and transparency enabled in the OS
  • Start menu less wide on high dpi setups
  • Edge lines in config wider in 150, 175% scaling modes
  • Fix for start menu closing sometimes when clicked from autohide taskbar
  • Fix on Win10 for issue with start menu closing on occasion due to News and Interests taskbar button
  • Fixed settings link on start menu not looking up translations correctly
  • Added Taskmanager link to right-click menu on Start11 start button when not in Win+X mode
  • Places list screen updated to better match new UI visuals
  • Blur taskbar option disabled on Win11 when operating system setting for transparency effects is disabled
  • Fixed slow moving of focus bar on left hand side of config when at higher dpis
  • Configuration screen can now be resized for smaller monitors and will gain scrollbars when required
  • Taskbar colour is now correctly applied when blur is disabled on Win11
  • Fixed taskbar alpha option to apply when OS transparency settings are disabled on Win11
  • Fixed taskbar alpha reset to default option to default to the correct values on Win11
  • Fixed resource leak when drawing menu on Windows 11
  • Menu now animates in and out correctly when taskbar is placed at the top of the screen on Windows 11
  • Menu now opens and closes correctly when the taskbar is placed at the top of the screen on Windows 11
  • Scaling on the right-hand side no longer double scales the shutdown button margins. The higher the dpi, the more obvious the issue would be.