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Stardock Releases Beta 2 for Fences 4

Article posted on 11/22/2021

Fences 4, Beta 2 Now Available

Organize your PC by automatically placing your shortcuts and icons into resizable shaded areas on your desktop called fences that are designed to match Windows 10 and 11. Fences has many customization features that make it the world’s most popular desktop enhancement.

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Beta 2 Changelog: 

  • Hotkeys are no longer set to ignore injected input. (Multiplicity support). Added regkey option to disable
  • Fixed text cutoff bug in snapshot rename dialog
  • Fixed hotkey issue where Winkey was not registering (GetAsyncKeyState issue)
  • Fixed taskbar zorder getting messed up on use of magic hotkey
  • Fixed black desktop on first use of magic hotkey
  • New setting to force-enable crash report dialog for all explorer crashes
  • Improved smoothness of scrollbar expand animation on Win11 (Thread-sent WM_TIMER msgs getting QoS'd)
  • Improved "first WinKey+D/Space can cause black flicker"
  • Fixed WinKey+Space, fence corners would be rounded even if rounded edges are off
  • Fixed issue with "Show Label on Mouseover"+WinKey+Space, titles would not respond upon mouseover
  • Added registry option to minimize other windows on exiting Show Desktop by activating another window
  • Fixed "key stuck" for hotkey feature
  • Fixed "Labels: Never" causing Fences to break
  • Fixed backgrounds would fail to paint when opacity 100% while moving
  • Fixed crash on restore snapshot / perform auto-layout
  • Fixed label change-font dialog opens blank on first use
  • Fixed new-WinKey+D would cause the desktop to cover secondary-monitor taskbars