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Now Available: Start11 v1.1 - Enhances Windows 11/10 Menu Styles with Folders and More

Article posted on 1/12/2022

Start11 v1.1 Enhances Windows 10 and 11 Menu Styles with new Functionality
Learn more about Start11 at and view the changelog at the bottom of the post!

Start11 v1.1

Stardock released v1.1 of Start11™ today; Start11 is a program that allows users to customize the Windows® Start menu and taskbar for Windows 10 and 11. Start11 can make the Start menu appear as it did in previous versions of Windows but also enhance the experience by adding new features and functionality to Windows.  

Start11 v1.1 adds support for folders, enhanced Fences integration, a new right-click icon submenu, the ability to import existing Windows 10 menu layouts, and more.  

Start11 v1.1
Start11 v1.1

“Since Microsoft released Windows 11, we have continued to optimize Start11 for the new operating system,” said Brad Sams, VP and General Manager of Stardock Software. “One of our priorities in v1.1 was bringing folder functionality to the Windows 11 style menu and enhancing integration with our most popular application, Fences”. 

In v1.1, both Windows 10 and Windows 11 users can easily create a folder directly within the Start menu by holding down the shift key and dragging one icon over another. The new right-click icon submenu makes it easy to change the appearance of app icons in the Start menu, too. 

Start11 v1.1
Start11 v1.1

Fences® users will enjoy enhanced integration with Start11. This new functionality enables the ability to add fences directly into the Start menu and creates another layer of personalization for the desktop. 

For new installations on Windows 10, Start11 will now import the existing Windows 10 layout for the Windows 10 style, including all existing folders. This makes it easier than ever for users to get started with Start11. 

For scenarios where devices are used by multiple users, the new “lock” feature will make sure your icons stay right where you left them. 


Start11 is now available starting at $5.99 through Stardock with upgrade pricing for users of Start8 and Start10. 
It is also included in the Object Desktop suite.
For more information, visit the Start11 page here or visit


Start11 1.1 Changelog:

  • Updated S11 1.1 to be
  • Fix for horizontal wheel mouse swapping pages in the wrong direction
  • Fixed too small icons on Win11 style (in all lists & search, just less obvious on main page as icons bigger)
  • Fixes for issues found by QA before Christmas
  • A fix for open file location not working for all shortcuts for one user
  • You can now rearrange Fences groups and set icon size (win10 style) and it gets saved.
  • Also added option to lock icon positions in win10/11 menus (right-click menu)
  • Fixed folder group icons being the wrong size sometimes for Win11 menu style
  • Stopped you from being able to drag icons into Fences group from the Win10 menu all apps list
  • This fixes some crashes with some edge cases
  • Makes search add priority to items you have pinned
  • Auto pins and unpins things when you use the OS pin to start option (may take a few seconds) plus unpins from OS menu if you unpin from S11 (Win10/11 menus only).
  • Adds in option to show Fences on the S11 Win10/11 menus
  • Improves performance of folder expansion animation and fixes deadlock potential issue with that.
  • Removes items pinned when the user uninstalls the app (Universal apps ONLY - Win10/11 menu only too)
  • Fixes for some issues with the new folder groups such as not deleting when the last item was removed,
  • Fixes for not scaling the mini icons with icon scaling options
  • Fixed missing icons for Minesweeper
  • Made it insert new group in Win10 mode in the right column if one is missing
  • Fixed too small icons on Win11 menu all apps list
  • New: Win10 and Win11 styles now support folders. You drag an icon over another icon holding down the shift key to combine them. You can also right-click on the menu and pick the option to pretend shift is down in order to achieve this should you have no keyboard (say touch device).

    We are not doing this like Microsoft as their method of combining things all too often turns into chasing the target around the menu as there is natural confusion between putting an icon here and making a group/folder.
  • New: Win10 and Win11 styles now offer a right-click Icon submenu when you right-click on an icon. This lets you pick a custom image that will replace the icon. Images should be square for Win11 styles and small, medium, and large tile sizes on Win10 and 2:1 on Wide tiles
  • New: On the very first run of Start11 on a Win10 install, the existing Win10 menu will be imported for the Win10 style including folders. This will not happen for existing customers but if they wish they can import theirs by going into the registry and deleting the following keys and rebooting. Items that do not actually exist locally but are MS advertising for apps will not be imported.

Fixes \ Changes

  • Fixed issue with recent apps list having a network location in it which is not accessible causing Win11 menu to appear blank for a prolonged period.
  • Mouseover correctly shows on Win10 tiles now when they use a tile image
  • Surplus line at the bottom of the W7/Modern styles when in nonrounded mode resolved
  • Tweaks to experimental tile and Universal app icon loading to better handle apps with different icons for light/dark mode
  • Added refresh icons option to Win10/11 menus to refresh icons should the user have changed icons via a tile editing app or due to OS icon cache changes
  • Reduced gap between groups on Win11 menu when icon sizes are smaller vs having a fixed size
  • Added option to Win11 style to load up tile images