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Start11 v1.2 Beta Brings an All-New Taskbar Experience to Windows 11

Article posted on 3/16/2022

Start11 v1.2 Beta is Now Available
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Start11 v1.2

Stardock released v1.2 beta of Start11 today. Start11 is a program that allows users to customize the Windows® Start menu and taskbar for Windows 10 and 11 and can make the Start menu appear as it did in previous versions of Windows, enhancing the experience with new features and functionality. 

Start11 v1.2 beta focuses specifically on enhancing the Windows 11 experience by re-building the taskbar from the ground up to add new functionality. With this release, users will be able to ungroup items on their taskbar with their windows centered or left-aligned.  

Start11 v1.2
Start11 v1.2

“The new taskbar features are designed to deliver functionality from previous versions of Windows but make them look and feel native to Windows 11,” said Brad Sams, VP and General Manager of Stardock Software. “With our new taskbar experience, we have created a foundation for bringing additional functionality to Windows 11 to further our mission to make Windows more personal and productive.” 

The enhanced multi-monitor support in the v1.2 beta allows the user to define window grouping for primary and secondary monitors so that the user can dial-in the perfect taskbar experience. Users will also be able to re-size the taskbar, allowing them to increase its height to make it easier to see all the windows on their taskbar.

Start11 v1.2
Start11 v1.2

To download the beta, you can login to your Stardock account, where the beta is available in the software section.  

Don't have Start11 yet?
is now available starting at $5.99 through Stardock with
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It is also included in the Object Desktop suite.

For more information, visit the Start11 page here or visit