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v1.24 for Start11 brings quality of life updates and implements community feedback

Article posted on 5/20/2022

v1.24 for Start11 brings quality of life updates
and implements community feedback

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v1.24 Official Changelog

  • Removed a surplus UI button if you resize the config really tall on the main page and
  • Fixed the tooltip text for the Win10 menu style when all apps is hidden by default
  • One missing string which is added to the en lang file
  • Fix for error prompt about PowerShell showing if security settings block running it
  • Fix for ObjectDock running causing enhanced taskbar to lockup or run extremely slowly
  • Added support for shutdown / reboot when other users are logged into the computer
  • Added steam update support
  • Fix for issue with small mode taskbar sometimes causing a crash on explorer restart
  • Fixed issue with system tray icons sometimes shrinking or turning into one column when using enhanced taskbar mode
  • Fix for issue clicking on grouped taskbar button when primary monitor is to the right of the primary and mouse jumping to the corner sometimes (most likely on double click)
  • Fixed issue with prolonged cpu spike when opening jumplist from taskbar
  • Tweak to clicking on already running app in taskbar for detecting if to focus or minimize / restore
  • Added strings to en.lng and en-us.lng for new bits in 1.24
  • Tweak for tooltips on autohide taskbar on top of the screen (possibly - did not test but tweaked logic)
  • Background color added to start button backgrounds in the config as white ones were invisible when light mode
  • Core language updates
    • German
    • Korean
    • Russian
    • Chinese (Simplified, Traditional)
    • Portuguese-Brazil

      : While they should be complete, they have not been reviewed yet to ensure they all fit in the UI properly.  Any that do not will be updated in a full release of this version. 
  • Fixed issue on current Win11 dev/beta channel releases when hiding the show hidden system tray icons button on the taskbar causing all taskbar icons to vanish incorrectly
  • Different sized start buttons are now adjusted to fit correctly on Win11 dev/beta touch aware taskbar (now removed from Win11 builds). This means extra large ones will be shrunk to fit and small ones will be padded
  • Fixed issue with dark mode Win10 style having too solid a background color for the tile backgrounds
  • Fix issue with taskbar on top not allowing you to click to the very top and activate a taskbar button
  • Fixed issue where full taskbar will force scrolling quicker than Win10 taskbar with Enhanced Start11 taskbar in non combine mode
  • Fix issue with Fences in Win7/modern menu all programs list when dark not using a different colour for the text
  • Added registry key to disable Fences showing color in Win7/modern menu all programs list (NoColourForFencesFolders = 1 in usual registry location)
  • Fixed issue with pinned taskbar items having incorrect mouseover image edge color when using a dark taskbar
  • Fixed issue with default alpha on taskbar being incorrectly set when reset in software. Would need to reset taskbar alpha manually to fix
  • Fixed issue with Win11 Taskbar not respecting light/dark mode changes sometimes
  • Fixed issue with touch on Win10 start button
  • Fixed for the Win10 update (optional currently) where the background of the weather button on the taskbar doesn't respect the texture
  • Fixed issue with taskbar remaining on top when opening start menu from a full screen game/app on a secondary monitor
  • Fixed issue with multiline taskbar showing scrollbar when there is a spare row
  • Tweaks to improve search quality
  • Fix for insider so it correctly handles the taskbar and system tray (again!)