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Start11 v1.25 Delivers Quality of Life Updates and New Support

Article posted on 7/19/2022

This week, we are releasing a new update for Start11 that brings the version number to 1.25. To make the product compatible with our upcoming WindowBlinds 11 release, we're adding a few minor features. 

v1.25 contains two quality of life (QOL) improvements:

  • Using the scroll wheel, you can now navigate pages on supported menus 
  • When searching, you can now see the path for files and documents via tooltips. 

Along with the new features, there are numerous bug fixes as well.

As I said above, this update is meant to make Start11 compatible with WindowBlinds 11. We don't have a release date for WindowBlinds 11 yet, but this version update puts us a step closer toward releasing our first beta for it. Stay tuned! 

If you have not purchased Start11 yet because you are waiting for it to arrive on Steam, we have made good progress in preparing the app for that platform. We have a wishlist page up here - the application should be available on Steam soon.

We have been testing this Start11 build with our beta testers for a few weeks, but if you run into any issues with this update please make sure to file feedback in our support threads for tracking. If you want to learn how to opt into our beta release, you can find that information here.