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Fences 4 is now on Steam!

Article posted on 8/24/2022

Stardock Releases Fences 4 on Steam
Automatically organize your desktop apps, files, and folders on Windows®10 and 11
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Stardock released Fences® 4 on Steam today. Fences is the world’s most popular desktop enhancement and allows users to automatically organize shortcuts and icons on their Windows 11 and Windows 10 desktops into custom-sized spaces. 

The robust features in Fences 4 offers users many opportunities to organize their Windows desktop in a way that works best for them. With Fences 4, users can: 

  • Create shaded areas to organize their Windows 10 and 11 desktops 
  • Create rules to automatically organize desktop icons 
  • Bring fences to the top of their apps for instant access with Peek 
  • Use folder portals to quickly access files in Explorer 
  • Swipe between multiple pages of fences 
  • Customize “show desktop” hotkey functionality 

The popular “Peek” feature lets users instantly view their fences by pressing Windows key + space, making accessing content significantly faster. While working in a program like Adobe ® Premiere ® or Photoshop ®, users can bring a folder portal filled with their source footage and images to the surface of their desktop by pressing the configurable hotkey. This eliminates the need to minimize the application and go searching for the required asset in File Explorer. 

"This app is designed to deliver a modern desktop experience," said Brad Sams, Vice President and General Manager of Stardock Software. "Fences is the best way to organize your desktop, and the “Peek” feature especially makes it possible to access all the content in your fences at any time and within any application. Your workflow will never be the same.” 

Fences 4
Fences 4
Fences 4
Fences 4
Fences 4

Fences 4 is available on Steam for $19.99 for a single device. If you want to bring optimized
organization to up to 5 PCs, you can upgrade to the multi-device option for $39.99.