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Fences 4 is headed to Steam

Article posted on 8/16/2022


Earlier this month, we released Start11 on Steam. With that milestone now behind us, it’s time to turn our attention to Fences 4. In the coming weeks, Fences 4 will arrive on Steam - but you can add it to your wishlist now.

We still have a couple of hurdles that we need to cross, but seeing as we piloted our new course for shipping applications on Steam with Start11, we expect that Fences 4 will follow a similar trajectory. That being said, unforeseen issues can always arise, but we are confident that at this point in the preparation process, we are closer to the finish line than the starting point.

Add Fences 4 to your Steam Wishlist now!

If you are wondering why Fences 4 didn't launch on Steam when it first released, it's because Steam requires specific processes to flow through its infrastructure. These requirements, which were new for Fences 4 (but not Fences 3), required us to re-work how updating and purchasing functions for the app.

With Start11 out and our new deployment solution working as expected, Fences 4 will be arriving on Steam soon.

After the release of Fences 4 and Start11 on Steam, we expect future product releases to have a tighter window from their availability on Stardock and being released on Steam. We believe the heavy lifting of the migration to Steam is now behind us and look forward to building new solutions in the months ahead.