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Sins of a Solar Empire II Early Access Technical Preview Begins Today

Article posted on 10/27/2022

Stardock Launches Early Access for Sins of a Solar Empire II 
Early access to be split into three phases to maximize player input
with the first phase now available for those who pre-order.

Stardock and Ironclad Games began Early Access for Sins of a Solar Empire II with a playable Technical Preview today. Anyone who pre-orders Sins of a Solar Empire II will be admitted into the preview, which begins with access to single-player content using the TEC faction. 

“We have a lot of ideas on the game we want to try out and give fans a way to tell us which ideas work and which don't,” said Brian Clair, Director of Publishing for Stardock. “The goal is to take the feedback we get and iterate the game with monthly public updates.” 

The Technology Preview will focus on the TEC faction to get feedback from players on everything from gameplay to even trying out different UI art styles.  

"This early access will be much more like an old-school style beta program," said Clair. "We really want players to be able to give feedback early enough so that we can act on it which frees us to try out ideas that may be worthy of further development or alternatively need to be scrapped." 

Some of the new game elements that will be available in the Technical Preview include: 

  • Universe in motion: Play on a map where phase lanes adjust as planets orbit, closing doors to some opportunities while opening windows to others as the game progresses. 
  • Detailed tactical simulation: New turreted weapons track targets along firing arcs, simulating realistic limitations to fields of fire. Point defense weapons shoot down enemy missile swarms while stronger units help to block incoming fire to protect vulnerable fleets.
  • Enhanced/Improved planet development: Tailor colonized worlds with a diverse planetary development system. Players can focus planets towards research, ship construction, mining, or other needs based on their position within the solar system. 
  • Diplomatic intrigue: Neutral NPC factions will help players develop their solar empires… or hinder them.  
  • The new Iron Engine: The first build released publicly will focus on trying out the new, 64-bit, core-neutral game engine developed by Ironclad that supports tens of thousands of ships without any performance degradation. 

Stardock and Ironclad are excited about the roadmap from the technical preview to release that will maximize the opportunity for players to be a part of the process. Stardock and Ironclad Games recognize how eager the community has been to play Sins of a Solar Empire II since it was announced in September.  

We are releasing Sins of a Solar Empire in 3 phases:

  • Phase 1: Early Access — During this phase, the development team will be focusing on the foundational elements of the Sins II experience and trying out new ideas for feedback. The participants will have access to the Trader Emergency Coalition (TEC) faction. 
  • Phase 2: Core Release — Once the core game and the TEC are completed, we will be releasing the core version of Sins of a Solar Empire II.  
  • Phase 3: Year 1— The final phase will focus on releasing new races such as the the Vasari and Advent (both the Loyalists and the Rebels). This will be part of the free post-release "season pass".   This lets you, the player, get to know each of the races in detail.

Phase 1 begins today, October 27th, 2022, and curious players can get a glimpse of what is to come via the Sins of a Solar Empire II Early Access road map. Early Access will ultimately serve as a constantly evolving sample of the things that makes Sins of a Solar Empire II special: immense scale, a careful balance between the strategic and tactical, exciting new mechanics, dynamic map strategies with planets orbiting the sun and a new level of visual fidelity — all made possible by the brand-new, game engine. More information will be revealed in the coming months. 

“Early Access is an important part of our development process,” Clair said. “It lets players experience the game during its iteration, which provides us with valuable feedback on what features are enjoyed and what might need some tweaking. It’s a collaboration that we really enjoy and value within our community.” 

Following in the footsteps of its critically acclaimed predecessor, this long-awaited sequel seamlessly blends real-time strategy and 4X gameplay to deliver a grand space conflict. Equal parts immersive and intense, Sins of a Solar Empire II introduces a whole new level of detail and raises the bar on what it means to become the ruler of a vast space empire. 

The Sins of a Solar Empire II pre-order, which grants entry into the Early Access Technical Preview, is now available at

Players can also add the game to their wishlist, follow updates, and learn more as we reveal new features.