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Beta 2 for WindowBlinds 11 is Now Available

Article posted on 11/8/2022

We announced WindowBlinds 11 last month and have continued to update and add to it. Users who got into the beta can expect a new and updated skins, various fixes to the app and more. Check out our feedback thread here.

Get into the WindowBlinds 11 Beta now

Take complete control of the customization of your Windows 10 and Windows 11 PCs with WindowBlinds 11! Personalize the look and feel of the Start menu, taskbar, window frames, and control buttons with custom desktop interface themes called skins. Modify any skin by adjusting the font, colors, transparency, and more.

Beta 2 Changelog

  • Fix for crashing issue with AMD video cards.
  • Small tweaks including a one to screen10.exe which may resolve a hang when applying the default skin on Win10.
  • Additional improvements to expand compatibility with third-party applications.
  • Fixes a Spotify issue.
  • Fixed an issue on Win11 when a window no longer gets themed by WB due to auto exclusions having bad transparency.
  • Made an improvement in how auto dark mode looks (higher contrast).
  • Changes to auto-darken. It will now not engage on darker skins (based on window color) and there is a user option under advanced to turn on and off the feature and to control how much darkening takes place.
  • Config UI now shows caption text.
  • Calculator with some skins now shows correctly skinned when opening vs waiting a short period.
  • Statusbar colors in explorer are now working correctly.
  • HDR mode improved, but there may still be some kinks.
  • Updated Echo skin and included Luna.


Skin Studio 

  • Updated def files for this to fix dark/light name text on explorer statusbar colors and where Start11 Win10/11 menu parts are saved in the files
  • Tweaks in many areas

SKS direct download (will not function without WB installed):


WindowBlinds 11 comes equipped with an in-app browser to make it even easier to find new skins to download and the user interface has been refreshed, too. In addition to being designed to work with all announced versions of Windows 11, support for widgets on the taskbar and for tabs in File Explorer is also included in this release.