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NOW AVAILABLE: Galactic Civilizations IV v1.11 Update

Article posted on 2/1/2023

Galactic Civilizations IV v1.11 Update Adds German Language
Support, Adjusts Game Balance, and More

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It's here: German language support for Galactic Civilizations IV! In addition, v1.11 focuses on updating some numbers behind the scenes to improve game balance and create a better overall gameplay experience. We updated the Warrior ability to deal increased damage, but took away the ranged weapon benefits. 

Leader events are popular among our community members, so we slightly increased the chances of those triggering if you qualify for one. We also made some updates to the Cultural Assault, Countering Crime, and Geothermic Fissures events.

To see the full list of updates, check out the changelog below. Thanks for playing Galactic Civilizations IV!

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Owners, the v1.11 update is ready and waiting for you. 


Galactic Civilizations IV v1.11 Changelog


  • Added German language support


  • Fixed the exp bonus display on the veteran race trait stat
  • Fixed a bug with the Terrible Weapon event being too common
  • Fixed a stuck turn bug


  • Warrior Ability no longer provides weapon range benefit but instead does more damage.
  • Tiny ships made faster in battles (0.5 -> 1)
  • Small ships made faster in battles (0.2 -> 0.7)
  • Medium ships made faster in battle (0 -> 0.4)
  • Large ships made faster in battle (-0.1 -> 0.3)
  • Huge ships made faster in battle (-0.2 -> 0.2)
  • Cargo ships made faster in battle (-0.4 -> 0.1)
  • Slightly increased the chance that leader triggered events will occur
  • Significantly increased the chances that if the player qualified for a special leader event (one from the leaders background) it will trigger
  • Updated the Cultural Assault event to lower costs and add another option
  • Updated the Countering Crime event to lower costs and add an additional option
  • Updated the Geothermic Fissures event to lower costs and add an additional option


  • Added more unit names (more variety in names you see).
  • Alpha of disabled is now 25% instead of 50% to make it more obvious.