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Coming Soon: A New Theme for WindowBlinds 11, Fluent Luna

Article posted on 6/8/2023

When we released WindowBlinds 11 last year, we knew that retro themes would be a popular style for many of our users. After all, we now include several out of the box like a Windows classic design, a Windows XP style, and even a throwback Macintosh style too.

But what would a fresh take of Windows XP look like, one with modern design elements applied but to that the classic OS? Enter, Fluent Luna.

Fluent Luna takes our classic Luna skin for WindowBlinds 11 but enhances it in all the right places with gradients and updated elements to make it look a bit more modern but without sacrificing the core characteristics that make Luna a favorite skin of our community.

And like all of our recent retro skins, this will soon be included out of the box for new purchases of WindowBlinds 11, and for existing users, you can download it here. And if you are using Start11, you’ll be able to choose from Windows 7, Windows 10, and Windows 11 style Fluent Luna Start Menus.


WindowBlinds 11 is the easiest way to personalize your desktop. With thousands of skins to choose from and a robust set of customization options, you can stylize any skin to your exact specification. And if there is a skin that doesn’t exist that you want to build, SkinStudio is included with each purchase so that you can build your perfect interface.

If you don’t have WindowBlinds 11, you can learn more about it on the app page and it is also included in ObjectDesktop which is the easiest way to access our best customization and productivity tools with a single purchase.