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Winners Announcement for Name a Star Contest - GalCiv IV: Supernova

Article posted on 7/26/2023

Hello everyone,

We wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for their entries!

Choosing the winners wasn't easy for us here at Stardock, but it was a grand time all the same. We saw entries ranging from names, references, mythologies to memes and jokes, you all really brought us the entire gambit! Everyone's enthusiasm and participation makes us hopeful for future events and contests to involve the community further.

Now through a series of selections we've narrowed down the 100 winners that will have their names added to the Supernova in a later update and be immortalized forever with a star of their very own. 

Here are the 100 winning star names that will be added to GalCiv IV: Supernova in v1.7:

Ad Astra Alpha Capricorni AlphonZeus Altera Alpha
Aphanesidus Arahael Archer Atems Prime
Aurvandills Toe Avalon Balder Baltars Folly
Beevan Prime Bob Balooga Carcosa Celestial Enigma
Cerberus Cinnaroll Bunnyhops Codili mata 3 5 14 Come Here And Die
Cosmos Lair Cybraxian Daianova Delmierus
Dlionk Prime Doughty Squirrel DragonStar VII Dynastus
Edenrose Eskaminagaga Eternal Light FireHammer
Foghaven Frozen Rose Gamma Tefauxi J16 Ghost Bear
Gray Home Handlebars Helvus Horensiia
Illauna Infinity and Beyond Jepsens Heart Jewel of Hannah
jobell Jorgesh Jotunheim Jurassic Normandy X823
KaitlynG Kopernicus Light of Izzy Lorem ipsum
Luaphcal Lucidity Malleus Ardens Marcusia
Marilena Meowza9 Mikado Myrrdin Mythica
nemesis Nexalus gamma 5c Old Spider Orombra
Pajamas Vorpal 2203 Peekabooz Pylefire RagnaroK
Ramblethorn Raskol Renns Rest Sententious
Septon Sigma Cranacula 13 sleepiimi Sol Invictus Unum Supra
Something is Wrong Here Sylvas Pantheon Terra Domus The Burning Soul
The Tarnished Knight The Watcher Timotheus Tomasety
Tonadeus Droxantilus Twiggies Requiem Tŵr Disgleirio Ulpia Noviomagus
Unalmatayo Vedi Vici Victors Hope Violetta
Vitalius Xythos Yaxgnovanas Nema Yesthisisastar
Yojimbo Zergonmon V Ziggy Zintirini