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v1.65 Early Access Update - GalCiv IV: Supernova

Article posted on 7/27/2023

The Galactic Civilizations IV: Supernova v1.65 Early Access Update introduces new alien and robot images within AlienGPT, revamped culture traits, thrilling events, and galaxy enhancements. With new technologies, planetary options, and improved user interface, players can enjoy an even more immersive and dynamic 4X space strategy experience.

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Enhanced Planet Screen

Experience diverse and challenging planetary governance with new planet types, terrain tiles, and orbital improvements. Adapt your strategies to cope with environmental factors and resource distribution. The Planet Screen's visual makeover includes new backgrounds, updated terrain visuals, and a neutral-colored grid. Planet Surface tiles have clear bonus icons, streamlining your management process.


Exciting New Events

Leaders possess new unique traits that test loyalty, influencing the course of your empire. For instance, leaders with a culinary dream might be tempted to open a restaurant, diverting their attention from governance. Traits like Factory Child, Culinary Dream, Duel Scar, Noble Lineage, Recovery, and Engineer trigger these intriguing events, making each leader a fascinating challenge to manage. Keep a watchful eye on their loyalty; neglecting it could lead to the rise of a breakaway colony, adding an exciting new twist to your gameplay experience. 


Tech Tree Additions

Discover new technological advancements with the inclusion of Xeno Industrialization, Subspace Stream Detection, Weapon Systems, Evasive Tactics, Targeting Computers, and Weapon Jammers. Stay at the cutting edge of technology to gain an advantage over your rivals.


Civ Builder gets New Alien & Robot Images

Encounter a wider variety of never before seen alien civilizations including a wider selection of robotic invaders as we've added new images to AlienGPT, along with updated background images. 


Revamped Culture Traits

Each trait now bestows unique bonuses and benefits, adding a layer of depth to the strategic decisions you make for your civilizations. From Competitiveness to Innovation, your choices will play a crucial role in shaping the destiny of your empire.


Enhanced Ships and Technologies

Enjoy new tactical options with the introduction of Weapon Systems and Evasive Tactics technologies. Equip ships with advanced components like the Targeting Computer for accuracy and the Weapon Jammer for enhanced evasion.


Galaxy and Faction Updates

The galaxy has undergone a transformation with adjustments to star spawn likelihood and sector sizes. Additionally, factions have received tweaks to their conversations and traits, adding more depth to their interactions and gameplay mechanics.


User Interface and Text Improvements

We've listened to your feedback and made several user interface updates to improve the overall user experience. Additionally, text errors and typos have been fixed to ensure a seamless and polished gameplay experience.


Miscellaneous Tweaks and Fixes

The update also includes several tweaks, fixes, and balance adjustments to ensure a smoother and more enjoyable gameplay experience. Ships' culture traits no longer flip to pirates, ensuring smoother gameplay. The Siege ship's hull size changed to small for better balance. From addressing exploit issues to adjusting colony and asteroid decay rates, we've worked to refine every aspect of the game. 


Your continued support and feedback have been instrumental in making this game even better. As we continue to refine and enhance the game during the Early Access phase, we look forward to your valuable insights and suggestions.

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v1.65 Full Changelog


07/28/23 | Hot Patch Changelog


  • The distance at which the HUD over planets changes to different states is updated to prevent them from blocking the view of ships.

  • Distance in which the # of ships in a fleet is hidden has greatly increased.

  • Font changed for the # of ships in a fleet text display on the map to be smaller, more readable.

  • Player colors do not display on the sector power ring unless you have encountered them (thus no more spoiling who is in a sector) at the start of the game.

  • Increased the zoom distance before the ship count in fleets is hidden.


  • High quality worlds are slightly more likely to be spawned when a habitable planet is selected to be generated. 

  • More variance in the types of worlds that are generated. 

  • Extreme planets are slightly more common. 


  • Abundant game settings now give you more stuff (in all ways). 

  • Removed the Space Elevator requirement for Supply ships to be designed.  They are now available at the start of the game to be designed. 

  • Serenity Trait: Removed approval and tourism bonuses from culture trait. 


07/27/23 | v1.65 Changelog


  • Added new alien images.

  • Added new Robotic images.

  • Updated background images.


  • Added more icons.


  • Updated ship selection SFX.

  • Reduced the volume of some ship selection sounds. 

Culture Trait Updates

  • Competitiveness - All citizens with the Individualist trait + 1 Raw Wealth to the planet.

  • Obedience - All citizens with the Totalitarianism trait provide +25% Max Manufacturing.

  • Diversity - Citizens increase Core World Influence by 1% per social skill.

  • Universal rights - All citizens with the Egalitarianism trait provide +1 raw Culture to the planet.

  • Cultural Pride - All citizens with the Traditionalism trait provide +1 raw Wealth to the planet.

  • Devotion - All citizens with the Traditionalism trait provide +1 Raw Minerals to the planet.

  • Innovation - All citizens with the Progressivism trait provide +1 Raw Tech to the planet and unlock the "Innovation Complex."

  • Fatalism - Unlocks Death Commandos Executive Order (annihilated target enemy fleet.).

  • Diversity: Citizens now increase their Core World influence through their social skill.

  • Interdependence: Minor worlds in our Influence provide 3X the resources to their sponsor world.


  • Reduced the frequency of planet spawning events.

  • Crisis events are more common.

  • Colony distance from Core World before the delay increased from 3 tiles to 10 tiles away.

  • Leader events are set to work once per player, so prevent the game from having no actual events if many players are selected.

  • New event: Breakaway colony. Occurs only 1 per game.

  • Fixed logic bug that caused events set to run once per game to run once per player.

  • Factory Child: The "Raised By Squatters" leader trait triggers the event.

  • Inheritance

    • Enabled event that is now triggered by the "Excluded Inheritance" trait.

    • The first choice gives 500 credits instead of 200.

    • Changed the second choice to give a leader-focused trait as a reward.

  • Culinary Dream

    • Enabled event that is now triggered by the Trained Chef leader trait.

    • Fixed AI modifier to reduce Diligence of leader on 1st choice.

    • Changed the second choice to reduce loyalty by 10.

  • Duel Scar

    • Enabled event that is now triggered by the Duel Scar leader trait.

    • Fixed AI modifier to Improve the Resolve of a leader by 2 for the first choice.

    • Fixed AI modifier to Reduce the Diligence of leader by 3 for second choice.

  • Noble Lineage

    • Enabled event that is now triggered by the Minor Nobility leader trait.

    • Changed modifiers for the first choice to -250 Credits,

    • Rewards "Echoing Heartstone" artifact power.

    • Changed modifier for the second choice to be -10 loyalty.

  • Recovery

    • Enabled event that is now triggered by the Overcame Addiction leader trait.

    • Changed modifier for first choice to reduce crime by 15% and improve leader loyalty by 10.

    • Changed modifier for first choice to reduce crime by 5% and improve leader loyalty by 15.

  • Engineer

    • Enabled event that is now triggered by the Detail Oriented Engineer leader trait.

    • Changed first choice to modify leader Diligence by -10 for 10 turns, providing a Precursor Archive artifact power.

  • Removed Claustrophobia, Cult Revelation, and Career Diplomat.

  • The "Breakway Colony" Event likelihood increased slightly.

  • Fixed events that were missing the speaker's name.

  • "Breakway Colony": 

    • The new colony has its own colors.

    • Fixed a related diplomacy crash


  • Xeloxi to human conversations updated.

  • Xeloxi encyclopedia entry added.

  • Mimot lose Expansionist trait, but gain the Scientific trait.

  • Mimot starting money lowered from 1000 to 100.

  • Mimot Pacifist citizen chance increased from 5 to 25%.

  • Mimot food cost increased from 1.5 to 2.

  • Terran colors are slightly more blue (less cyan).


  • Yellow star spawn likelihood was reduced from 30 to 25.

  • White star spawn likelihood was increased from 10 to 15.

  • Purple stars lose a habitable zone planet spawn spot.

  • Ship graveyard anomalies reduced in likelihood.

  • Increase in sector sizes in general.

  • Stars are somewhat smaller in size visually.

  • Sectors can spawn closer to each other. This won't be as "pretty" in a screenshot but is better for gameplay.

  •  Further improvements in sector spacing.


  • Prestige victory value for owning a sector reduced.

  • You can no longer assign governors to planets of class 10 or lower. 


  • Removed exploit whereby players can temporarily take out their civ capital and build a Supply Depot and Colonial Generator.

  • The Asteroid Decay rate reduced from 2.5% per tile to 1% per tile.

  • The Colony Decay rate increased from 2% to 4% per tile.

  • # of sectors on the largest map size increased.

  • Players can now choose rude responses to rude aliens.

  • New Citizen specialization was added. Citizen specialization has no bonus except for the default planet defense that all citizens add.

  • Constructors no longer require an Engineer.

  • Added a new type of citizen: Thrall. Thrall citizens provide a 1% money bonus but a -1% approval bonus.

  • Slaver mission added for Drengin and other slaver races.

  • Slave Finding mission was added, which provides money and 1 Torian thrall.

  • New Orbital Improvements.

  • Recruiting station: Boosts growth.

  • Colonization Center: Increases Growth.

  • Orbital Prison: Reduces Crime.

  • Atmospheric Cleanser: Reduces Pollution.

  • New orbital improvement icons.

  • Planetary improvements.

  • Level Effect stat for Research districts increased from 3 to 4%.

  • Research districts now available at the start of the game.

  • Farming districts now available at the start of the game.

  • Starting planetary improvements moved back to early tech tree requirements to introduce this mechanic to players gradually.


  • Precursor planet spawn likelihood reduced from 3 to 2.

  • Terrestrial worlds spawning as class >16 decreased from 20 to 15.

  • Extreme planet likelihood reduced from 15 to 10.

  • Drengi's sister planet's food production increased from 2 to 16.
    Drengi's wealth increased from 4 to 5.

  • Drengi fertility increased from 6 to 8.

  • Habitable planets always start with at least 1 mineral and 1 tech.

  • Added a new Planet named "Freehold."

  • Adjusted Earth back to class 28.

  • Planet Kryseth wealth reduced from 4 to 3.

Planets Tiles

  • Added Lakes, grasslands, and floodplain tiles.

  • Increased variance on what tiles can show up on a given planet type.

  • Mountains now provide a culture boost for influence improvements, text updated.

  • Lakes now provide a tech boost, and text is updated.

  • Updated Earth Terrain.

  • Plains no longer provide a bonus to production.

  • Wastelands provide a -1 to research.

  • Wetlands provide a -1 to manufacturing.

Tech Tree

  • New Tech: Xeno Industrialization.

  • Subspace Stream detection now provides +2 to the sensor range.

  • Improved tech tree descriptions.

  • The Tech Rarity icon is no longer displayed in the UI since we don't use it.

  • Tech Rarity is hidden on the quick research list.


  • Changed Siege ship's hull size from medium to small so that it is unlocked with the other frigate class ships when Space Doctrine is researched.

  • Ships' culture traits no longer flip to pirates on their next turn. 

  • Fixed bug that caused some weapon components to be in the wrong category.

  • New Tech: Weapon Systems.

  • New Tech: Evasive Tactics.

  • New Ship Component: Targeting Computer, increases accuracy of ships.

  • New Ship Component: Weapon Jammer, increases evasion ability of ships. 

  • Probes are buildable at the start again.

  • Supply ships are now available at the start of the game.

  • Supply module cost reduced from 50 to 40.

  • Constructor Modules no longer require a citizen, but their manufacturing cost is now increased from 15 to 50.

Planet Screen Updates

  • New Planet backgrounds are based on what type of planet they are.

  • Updated planet terrain tiles visuals.

  • Planet Surface tiles no longer have a colored border.

  • Layout changes to the planet screen to look better.

  • Changed the planet grid to be a neutral color.

  • Always display an icon that shows a tile's bonus (not just if it's a special tile).


  • Clean up Graphs screen.

  • The tooltip text is now bigger.

  • Starbase screen updated not to require a Citizen.

  • The Shipyard window uses the correct military production icon.

  • If there are no available Planet improvements, the container is hidden.

  • Fixed a bug in which the Military Manufacturing being sent to the shipyard was the wrong value and icon.

  • Fixed typo of Military Production icon.

  • Consistent use of the military production icon.

  • The Military Manufacturing icon has been updated to use the same asset in various places.

  • Long Save Names now display an ellipse rather than being cut off.

  • Updated the tooltip on the Culture screen to prevent text overlaps.

  • Updated Policy screen so that text lines up correctly.

  • Fixed a problem that sometimes prevented you from dragging and dropping policies.

  • Strategic Zoom visual adjustments to make it more readable. 

  • Ship sizes on maps increased slightly to make them easier to see.

  • Disabled Galactic markers on the most distant zoom level.

  • The colony scroll bar matches the colony list on the HUD.

  • Added a scrollbar to the "research complete" window. 


  • Fixed typos.

  • Fixed missing line break in a tooltip.

  • Flavor Text (German) has \n removed.

  • Fixed spelling errors and removed \n tags, which were screwing up translation parsing.

  • "Prestige leader" changed to "Top opponent."

  • Changed "food" to "resources" to deal with civs that don't consume food. 

  • Fixed manufacturing typo.