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v1.7 Early Access Update - GalCiv IV: Supernova

Article posted on 8/10/2023

v1.7 Early Access Update Unveils New Factions, Enhanced Ship Designer/Diplomacy Screen, and Player-Contributed Stars

Brace yourself for a celestial adventure enriched with new factions, a revamped ship designer, an enhanced diplomacy screen, and a shining constellation of player-contributed stars.

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Two (3 more to come!) Factions Unlocked

The Phalenoid Advance

Embark on a celestial journey with The Phalenoid Advance, a moth-like faction that reveres culture, science, and peace. This diplomatic faction prioritizes peaceful solutions over conflict, using their far-reaching Influence to foster annexations if left unchecked. With their unique Nocturnal Ability, they alternate between "Waking" and "Dreaming" states. "Waking" bolsters Growth and Manufacturing, while "Dreaming" supercharges Research and Influence. Their Hopeful trait elevates planetary Approval for harmonious expansion.


The Luxar Dominion

Welcome the Luxar Dominion, a faction steeped in arrogance and paranoia, yet gifted with cosmic telepathic abilities. With their telepathy, they wield the Pandemonium and Serenity Executive orders. "Pandemonium" spreads turmoil via chosen negative modifiers, while "Serenity" imparts chosen positive modifiers, all driven by their telepathic prowess. The Luxar Dominion's Paranoid trait enhances ships within their borders, granting a formidable increase in Hit Points and Attack power. 


Updated Ship Designer

Crafting your vessels is now more intuitive than ever, as we've streamlined the process of placing equipment on ships, ensuring a seamless and efficient design experience. Dive deeper into ship intricacies with enhanced information, allowing you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your creations as you build them. 


Revamped Diplomacy Screen

The Diplomacy Screen now brings clarity and strategy to the forefront. This significant update emphasizes resources, relationships, and more, allowing for better-informed decisions on trade and alliances. At the center, a streamlined table vividly communicates each player's resources. Meanwhile, the left-hand screen concisely presents a civilization's strengths, abilities, and diplomats, simplifying relationship management. This revamped Diplomacy Screen equips players with the insights needed to navigate diplomatic intricacies and make impactful strategic choices.


"Name a Star Contest" Winner Names Added

The "Name a Star" contest winners have now become part of the game, with their submitted star names making their way into the cosmic expanse. As you traverse the galaxy, you'll encounter these named stars! This seamless integration of player contributions adds a layer of personal connection and authenticity to the Supernova experience.


Your continued support and feedback have been instrumental in making this game even better. As we continue to refine and enhance the game during the Early Access phase, we look forward to your valuable insights and suggestions.

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GalCiv IV: Supernova
GalCiv IV: Supernova
GalCiv IV: Supernova
GalCiv IV: Supernova
GalCiv IV: Supernova
GalCiv IV: Supernova


v1.7 Full Changelog

08/10/23 | v1.7 Hot Patch

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hot patch 

  • Fix for fighters not being assigned to the correct combat role.  This also fixes Carriers producing too many fighters during a battle. 

  • Empathy policy approval bonus reduced from 30% to 15%. 

  • Think Tank improvement now a player achievement. 


08/10/23 | v1.7 Changelog



  • Fix image search in non-English prompts.

  • Tweaked prompts to improve German.

  • Custom Civilizations now have different logos. 

  • Better handle German flavor text generation. 

  • Text generation is more reliable. 


  • Hooked up Movie to Play at Start of New Game.

  • Fixed visual artifacts on the Black hole. 


  • Updated battle viewer specs.

  • Music is more varied.

  • Quick battles no longer have random delays for multiple seconds.

  • Kinetic range increased from 250 to 400km. 

  • Fixed a issue that caused ships to be mis-sized.  

  • Increased formation width so that there's less vertical positioning.  


  • Fixed a crash caused by errant missiles. 

  • Removed Dark Energy that caused the main menu to increase in size every time you visited it.  

  • The "Orphaned Shipyard" check was removed since there is no such thing.  Major performance boost (the check was happening constantly and was expensive).

  • Fixed crash bug that could happen when the mouse happened to go over the planetary defense stat (corrupted tooltip).

  • Fixed a crash if you have a large number of fighters in your battle. 


  • Removed a duplicated +1 Prestige Line from choice on The Pr'ag'Aloth Event.

  • Fixed broken events trying to affect a particular colony/planet when it's a minister, not a governor.

  • changed the event that spawns class 26 planet to only occur once instead of one per player.

  • "Overcoming the Past" Event should properly display the governor's name.

  • Fixed extra carriage returns in the Mars event. 


Phalenoid Advance 

The Phalenoid Advance is a moth-like faction that values culture, science, and peace.  An amenable faction, the Advance are more than willing to find a diplomatic solution before resorting to violence. However, if not monitored closely, their Influence can spread far and result in sudden annexations.


  • Nocturnal Ability (new):  Shift between two states every 15 turns.  Each state has different set of bonuses:

    • "Waking" provides bonuses to Growth and Manufacturing.

    • "Dreaming" Research and drastically increases Influence.

  • Hopeful: Increases Approval on planets.

Luxar Dominion 

Luxar Dominion is an arrogant and paranoid faction that boasts telepathic abilities that let them read minds and sense life from across the Universe.


  • Telepathy (new): Gives access to the Pandemonium and Serenity Executive orders:

    • "Pandemonium" Use your telepathic abilities to create chaos on a planet, applying the Player's choice of a negative modifier.

    • "Serenity" Use your telepathic abilities to create bliss on a planet, applying the Player's choice of a positive modifier.

  • Paranoid: Ships receive +25% Hit point and Attack when they are in your borders.


  • Small map radius increased from 64 to 72 tiles. 


  • Make pirates fleet up

  • Fix for atmospheric cleanser orbital to actually cleanse the atmosphere.

  • Nihilism replaces egalitarian awareness for obvious evil choice.

  • The most a colony's output can be decayed to is 90% (instead of 98%).

  • Fix for Anomaly Rewards (e.g., survey modules) that would disappear several turns later or after loading a save game.   

  • Culture Traits: Collaborative - Unlocks Hyperion Braintrust such that the first to build this gets 1% of all research of friendly civs.

  • Average approval is now based only on core world approval.

  • Refund exploit of Civ and Core capitals fixed. 

  • Diplomatic penalty for building a Communication Starbase near a Xenophobic civ increased from 1.5 to 3. 

  • Because rush costs have been increased, we are increasing the starting money supply from 1000 to 2500. 

  • Produce Modules on planets produces 3 modules instead of 1 but costs 200 instead of 80. 

  • Balance tweaking to prestige victory to reduce the effect of total research in the calculation. 

  • Removed the "Unassigned Leader" loyalty penalty. 


  • Improved performance when zooming out.

  • Fixed some Artifact Powers that weren't playing their action FX.


  • Minor Fix for Grell Civ Logo.


  • Policy screen is locked by default. Research "Colonial Policies" tech to unlock.

  • Leaders screen is locked by default. Create "Colonial Leadership Council" improvement to unlock.

  • Orbital Prison now properly reduces crime on planet its built on.

  • Orbital upgrades that require Hydroponics tech also now require Farmers Race Trait.

Planetary Improvements 

  • "Free Mind Center Faction's" Tourism bonus was reduced from 0.5% per tile to 0.1% per tile.

  • "Free Mind Center Factions" no longer provides a Ship Range bonus but instead causes Ship Maintenance to be higher. Guns or butter.

  • "Central Bank" (new) --  Unlocked with preferred lending.

  • "Legal Offices" (new) --   Unlocked with Colonial Law and Policy.

  • "Spice Market" (new) --   Unlocked with Interstellar Trade.

  • "Influence upgrade" (new)  --  Unlocked with Diplomacy.

  • The Colonial Generator manufacturing level per level increased from 1% to 5%. 

  • Manufacturing District base production increased from 2% to 3%. 

  • Manufacturing District's pollution increased from 2% to 3%. 

  • Manufacturing District's manufacturing per level bonus reduced from 4% to 3%.

  • Leadership Council improvement gives player a free leader when completed. 

  • Council starting planet improvement cost reduces from 5 to 3 so that it arrives after the first turn. 


  • Adjusted colonizable planets so that they always have at least 1 of tech and manufacturing. 

  • Added missing planet backgrounds. 


  • Cultural Values (new).

  • Free Media  (new).

  • Wealth Tax  (new).

Ship Design

  • We've simplified the process for equipping ships for most players.   

  • Spit editing equipment and cosmetic placement into different modes. 

  • Cosmetic mode allows you place cosmetic parts that don’t affect gameplay (same as before).   

  • In equipment mode, you are just attaching equipment to the ship. The big change is that, by default, you don't have to attach to hard points.  Just drag and drop (or double-click) the equipment to add it to your ship. 

  • You can reenable hardpoints for equipment enabling the "Advanced Edit Mode" in the Ship Designer options. 

  • Support ships no longer show target priorities or combat text. 

  • "Equipment Slots" renamed to "Equipment Space." 

  • Display tactical speed in km/s and add acceleration. 

  • Clean up pass on the designer window to reduce noise.

  • Updated the Ship Design stats display. 


  • Goodwill: The Goodwill is now properly tagged with the correct strategic icons and text.

  • Goodwill: "Suppress Crime" component was adjusted, and the text updated.

  • Frigate Maintenance increased from 0 to 0.1 per turn.

  • Cruiser Maintenance increased from 0 to 0.3.

  • Missing ship class names restored.

  • Carrier module size increased.

  • Missing Absolute Probe name restored.

  • Festrong armed shuttle unit given a canon name.

  • Better description for the Flag Ship.

  • Shields of various types are now more expensive.

  • Accuracy bonus changed from a Multiplier to a Flat. 

  • Update target order for fighters and frigates 

  • Fighters get a +50% evasion bonus. 

  • Frigates get a +50% Accuracy bonus. 

  • Enhanced Particle beam mass reduced from 5 to 4. 

  • Frigate's base tactical speed increased from 0.8 to 1.0. 

  • Cruiser's base tactical speed increased from 0.33 to 0.75. 

  • Battleship's base tactical speed increased from 0.2 to 0.5. 

  • Dreadnought's base tactical speed increased from a -0.3 penalty to 0.1.

  • Frigate mass slots increased from 8 to 10. 

  • Frigate manufacturing cost increased from 24 to 30. 

  • Moved the Neutrion beam weapon order back so that it shows up AFTER the particle beam. 

  • Experimental plasma weapon mass reduced from 5 to 4. 

  • Battleship hull cost increased from 300 to 400. 

  • Battleship space increased from 30 to 40. 

  • Dreadnought space increased from 36 to 60. 

  • Re-ordered the kinetic weapons so that they get better as they go on. 

  • Gauss canon manufacturing cost increased from 5 to 6. 

  • Pulse Cannon manufacturing cost increased from 3 to 4. 

  • Fix problem where ships weren't displaying the current role/class. 

  • Monster ship no longer have missing component text. 

Tech Tree

  • Adjustment to the tech tree to give players new weapons sooner. 


  • Added star names from the "name a star" contest.

  • Minor change to probe preset category text to reflect that monsters and pirates ignore probes.

  • Various Minor Text Fixes to Paranoid Ability Text, Nocturnal Ability Text, and Crystalline Citizens Text.

  • Updated the Achievement window so the descriptions and objectives to handle longer descriptions.

  • Renamed Disruptor to Starbase Disruptor bank so players don't think it's a ship weapon.

  • Shortened response text so that it doesn't overlap the button.

  • Fixed excessive spacing in the event text.

  • German version text updated.

  • More detailed explanation of how Invasions work.

  • Interdependence Trait description updated to be more accurate.

  • Fixed spacing in short description for Mimot.

  • Minor Text Fixes. 

  • Updated greeting responses with missing words and edited to be more lore friendly.

  • Shorted the diplomatic complaint about Communication Starbases. 

  • Updated the explanation for the produce modules project. 


  • Significant rework of the diplomacy screen.

  • Updated all the ship lists to scroll buttons.

  • Cosmetic fix to the Galactic Achievements Quest window.

  • Removed legacy overlay.

  • Minor updates to make text not get cut off so easily.

  • Scenario Objectives do not leave notifications until complete.

  • Minor font updates.

  • We no longer show galactic achievements you don't have the prereq.

  • Civ description uses a slightly larger font.

  • Add a scrollbar to the citizen's panel and update it to resize based on remaining space dynamically.

  • Updated the Minor Race Interaction screen to be a scrollable list.

  • Orbital improvements are no longer cut off when the list gets big.

  • Production Queues – updated the drag/drop functions to be more natural.

  • Fixed some scrollbar sizing issues and made it more opaque.

  • Create and Hook up Missing Race Stats.

  • Fix alignment issues on Resource Bar.

  • Update Ship designer Icon on main menu.

  • Added an option to have the AI not design new ships for the player when a new tech is discovered.

  • Beta overlay restored. 

  • Choose Civ screen: Scroll bar is easier to select.