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Stardock Announces Fences 5

Article posted on 11/15/2023

Stardock Announces Fences 5

Now in Release Preview with Chameleon, Peek Toggle, and New Enterprise Functionality 

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Fences 5 is a major update to its popular Windows desktop organization software with over 20 million downloads. Fences solves the problem of a “messy desktop” by automatically organizing Windows desktop icons into shaded areas, creating a clutter-free and productive workspace. 

Fences 5 introduces Chameleon™️ – a Windows desktop icon enhancement that blends your desktop icons into your wallpaper. Icons maintain their functionality but fade into the background to remain easily accessible without being a distraction.  

Fences 5 Chameleon

Also new in Fences 5, it is now easier than ever to access your Fence groups by bringing them to the top with a single click. Building on the patented Peek™ functionality introduced in Fences 4, Fences 5 enables the ability to access your Fence groups from the taskbar by adding an icon to the taskbar to instantly access your desktop groups. 

Fences is used by thousands of businesses, from Education to Government to Healthcare. To help these businesses deploy organized dashboards of desktop icons, Fences 5 for Business adds all-new tooling that makes it easier than ever to manage these deployments. With the new ability to easily import/export layouts for distribution, tooling to load configurations from a network drive during logon, and more, Fences sets the standard for enterprise desktop icon management.  

"Fences 5 is designed to deliver a modern desktop experience," said Brad Sams, General Manager of Stardock Software. "Fences is the best way to organize your desktop and with Chameleon and Peek, we have built a modern workflow that provides you instant access to your content while reducing the distractions of the desktop.” 

Along with its new features, Fences 5 delivers many other enhancements to the core Fences desktop engine that results in improved performance and enhanced capabilities. 

Fences 5 is available today starting at $9.99 with Release Preview discounts available for a limited time
and it is also included in the award-winning Object Desktop suite


Fences 5 Release Preview
Fences 5 Release Preview
Fences 5 Release Preview
Fences 5 Release Preview