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Fences 5 is Coming to Steam

Article posted on 1/16/2024

Fences 5 is coming to Steam and you can add it to your Wishlist today. While you can purchase Fences 5 directly on Stardock today, we know that many of our customers like to purchase software on Steam and the good news is that we expect to have it available on that platform in February.

Keeping your desktop organized is the foundation of a healthy workflow. Time spent trying to locate files is time lost; Fences keeps your desktop organized with features that can automate the process or provide you with the tools to keep your desktop content organized yourself.

New in Fences 5 is Chameleon™, an innovative new feature that makes your desktop content blend into your wallpaper. By absorbing the colors of your desktop content and with a full range of options to dial in your perfect experience, Chameleon™ raises the bar about how to reduce your desktop distractions without sacrificing functionality.

And everything you love from Fences 4 is included like Peek™, automated rules, quick hide functionality, and a lot more, are included.

With Fences 5 landing on Steam and Start11 v2 coming soon as well, it has never been easier to purchase your favorite Stardock apps. But as always, you can purchase both apps today directly on Stardock and for the best value, Object Desktop has both applications included as well as many other great apps like Groupy 2 and WindowBlinds 11.