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Announcing Object Desktop Insider with Start11 v2 and Fences 5 on ARM

Article posted on 2/20/2024

Announcing 'Object Desktop Insider'

Users can now gain early access to new applications and features

Today, Stardock is announcing Object Desktop Insider, a new feature for Object Desktop members that provides early access to new applications and features before they make their way to the broader release channels.  

The new Insider feature is launching today with three applications with support for ARM devices; Start11 v2, Fences 5, and Groupy 2 for ARM builds are now available in Object Desktop Manager application as well as from your Downloads dashboard when you login to your account. 

Support for ARM devices is a big step forward for Stardock and with Microsoft once again placing a big emphasis on the upcoming release of Windows that also supports new ARM chips, we wanted to make sure our applications are available where our customers are headed.  

While ARM releases are currently limited to Object Desktop Insider, we do anticipate in the future that support for the platform will be part of our general release. But for early adopters of Windows on ARM who are looking to bring their favorite productivity apps to their desktop, Object Desktop Insider is ready for you. 

With the Insider program being part of Object Desktop, this allows us to bring some features and products to our customers faster. While the testing and validation of each build for stability occurs with all of our releases, Object Desktop Insider builds will contain newer features before they may be fully baked as we evaluate the scenarios of how a feature functions in the real world. 

In addition to ARM support, we are experimenting with a new application that lets Object Desktop members have access to AI-tools without having to sign up for each service that comes online. While the app is still in its very early stages, we expect to make it available to Insiders in the coming months. 


Object Desktop Insider is available to anyone who signs up for Object Desktop and comes at no additional cost.

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