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v2.4 “Populi” Update Now Available for Galactic Civilizations IV: Supernova

Article posted on 3/12/2024

Major Features: Custom Citizen Races via AlienGPT, Core World Travel for Citizens 

Our latest major update for Galactic Civilizations IV v2.4, dubbed the "Populi” update introduces custom Citizen Races, Citizen transportation, UI upgrades, and improves language support.  



We have listened intently to community feedback and the v2.4 “Populi” update includes our most requested feature for AlienGPT, custom generated Citizen Races, complete with unique names, descriptions, and portraits. These are generated based on a civilization’s specific biological and cultural characteristics, adding depth and personalization to the gameplay. This feature enriches the game's universe with dynamically generated stories and events, making each playthrough uniquely engaging.  


Additionally, the update introduces a highly requested feature for Citizen transportation, enabling the instant transfer of Citizens between Core Worlds. This strategic addition not only enhances population management but also opens new avenues for optimizing and expanding your civilization across the galaxy. 


The new version also includes: 

  • UI Upgrades: Our AlienGPT UI has been updated to accommodate the new custom Citizen Race feature. Additionally, the Galactic News Network notification panel has been improved to reduce visual clutter. 
  • Improved Localization: The update brings refined localization, particularly for Korean, making the game more immersive for a global audience. 
  • Balance Improvements and Bug Fixes: Another round of balance tweaks and bug resolutions further enhance the overall stability and fairness of gameplay. 

This update, which provides new features for Citizens, aligns with Stardock's commitment to enhancing player experience and accessibility. For a comprehensive list of all changes and improvements in the Galactic Civilizations IV: Populi update, visit the full changelog here 

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Full v2.4 Changelog

Major Changes

  • We now create custom Citizen species based on your inputs

  • Citizen transports are now available. On the planetary screen, you can send citizens to other worlds.

  • The GNN has been moved to its own tab on the right side of the screen.

  • Ability Tooltips now show unlock techs and improvements.

  • Civilization Biology and Focus are now selected based on your prompts.

03/18/24 | v2.4 Changelog


  • Fix for crash caused by auto fire weapons trying to use targets that were destroyed 

  • Fix for crash caused by graphic thread trying to still change zoom level while exiting back to Main Menu 

  • Fix for crash when changing ship style set while creating Custom Civilization 

  • Fix for crash when designing a ship if a component fails to be placed  

  • Fix for crash when attempting to trigger a Global Event in the Tutorial  


  • All Languages 

    • Everything for Sale mission text update

03/14/24 | v2.4 Changelog

Localization & Text

  • Chinese

    • Citizen Name updates

  • Russian

    • Faction dialogue updates

    • Citizen Name updates

03/12/24 | v2.4 Changelog

AlienGPT/Create a Civilization


  • We now create custom Citizen species based on your inputs. This includes their name, description, abilities, and stats.

  • Added new Citizen Species, which are now available.

  • Citizens now appear on the Biology tab.

  • Custom Citizen description is now shown in Civilization Selection 


  • Civilization Biology and Focus are now selected based on your prompts, unless you’ve selected them manually.

  • Moved planet details and colors to the Abilities tab.

  • Rearranged the Biology tab to accommodate generated text and longer prompts.

  • Updated labels to display as “Civilization Name” and “Civilization Short Name” from “Civilization Description” 

  • Personality Type now always regenerates when a player presses “Generate” 


  • Fixed crash on Planet tooltip

  • Fixed stuck turn related to directives.

  • Fixed Color Override Overrun Crash.

  • Fixed crash when updating Rally Points. 

  • Fixed crash in old save games related to Hyper Gates. 

  • Fixed a memory leak in the ship graphics.

  • Fixed issue where Teleporting a ship too far would cause a stuck turn.

  • Fix for Stuck turn caused by missing subspace anomaly.

  • Update Civilization UI Colors after selecting a civilization.

  • Core Civilizations are now able to select from all Citizen types including those that were newly implemented 


  • “Precursor Prison Event” population capacity choice is now applied globally.


  • Updated Diplomacy Ability calculation to be more straightforward.

  • Consolidated bonuses to consistently use the MaxManufacturing stat (Affects shipyard and planet production) away from ones that used the plain Manufacturing (only planet production).

  • Culture Trait descriptions now better match their effects.

  • Independence Culture Trait reduces colony decay instead of increasing it.

  • Colonists are converted to Citizens when a world is assigned to a Governor.

  • Updated Ideology discounts from Culture traits so they are applied to correct Culture Tree

  • Updated Precursor Relic so that tech bonuses work as intended.

  • Human citizens no longer generate for non-human Civilizations.

  • Fixed an issue where the ejection tile was calculated using the pathfinding weights of the new owner (the invader gaining the shipyard) instead of the old owner (the player that is fleeing the shipyard).

  • Fixed the "Colonial Leadership Council" to apply population cap boost.

  • "Field Stabilization Module" is now unlocked before the upgraded version of the module.

  • "Fleet Shield Module" is now unlocked with Shield Harmonics tech.

  • "Radiated" Ability now allows for Radioactive world colonization.

  • Disabled Opportunity Targets in Battles. The system isn't working as intended and we need more time to fix and tune it.

  • Fix implemented so that players don’t get stuck in a state where they are unable to remove a component from a ship designer.


  • Reduced rubber-banding movement of fighters.

  • Fixed issue where "Predictive Targeting" range bonuses were not applied in the tooltips in the Ship Design screen. This gave the impression that the Battle Viewer results were incorrect.

  • Disabled the "Armor Progress" bar in the HUD to reduce clutter.

  • Shields now absorb all damage until they are depleted.  

  • Shield strength is depleted by sqrt(1 + attack) to prevent one ship from taking out all the shields.


  • Handled edge case where selecting "decide later" doesn't let you select later.

  • "Exotic Alien Lazy Genius Fever": Fixed the tooltips to display the correct data.

  • "Divine intervention": the "accept" option now correctly applies to the income penalty.

  • Factions spawned by events (e.g., Xendar and Thalans) are no longer missing their portraits on the Diplomacy Screen.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented you from changing Victory conditions during the middle of the game.

  • If you capture an opponent's shipyard, the opponent ships are now ejected to a valid tile.

  • Changed the "Manufacture Population" project to rely on the Citizen Type instead of the Civ's Biology Type.

  • Telescope Takeover now shows its area of effect.


  • CTRL+N to re-roll the game map is now disabled in missions.

  • In the tutorial, the spawned pirates are now marked with event entry and a map marker so they are easier to find.


  • Kinetic Range increased from 500 to 1000. 

  • Fighter Crew increased from 1 to 2. 

  • Fighter Tactical Speed reduced from 4 to 3. 

  • Fighter Tactical Acceleration increased from 8 to 9. 

  • Frigate Speed was reduced from 2 to 1.5. 


  • Fixed memory leak in Merged Meshes.

  • Point Lights: Added point lights to Starbases and Terror Stars.

  • Point Lights: Added animated fade in and out.

  • Fixed missing graphics when attacking a Mining Starbase.

  • Fixed rendering issues with the ship icons in the Invasion screen that were causing red squares.

Localization & Text

  • Chinese

    • Updates for newly added text.

    • Label fixes.

  • English

    • Updates for newly added text.

    • Fixed assorted typos.

  • French

    • Updates for newly added text.

  • German

    • Updates for newly added text.

    • Text Fixes.

  • Italian

    • Updates for newly added text.

  • Korean

    • Updates for newly added text.

  • Polish

    • Updates for newly added text.

  • Portuguese

    • Updates for newly added text.

  • Russian

    • Updates for newly added text.

  • Spanish

    • Updates for newly added text.



  • Ensured Multiplayer games with a human host and AI players is playable.

  • Fixed lag when utilizing auto-explore.


  • Fixed a problem that prevented you from re-watching battles.

  • Fix for auto-explore lag in multiplayer.

  • Watching a battle no longer messes up the turn-timer.

  • The turn timer no longer gets stuck when replaying battles in MP.

  • Setup buttons no longer shift around when starting a multiplayer game after exiting another game.


  • Fixed overlapping text on the multiplayer list.

  • Galaxy Setting screen ComboBox is now correctly placed.


  • Removed the reference to Hyperion Shrinker being a Galactic Achievement.

  • Text updates to correct Typos.

  • Updated Antimatter Bomb tooltip text to match its actual game effects.


  • The GNN has been moved to its own tab on the right side of screen.

  • Ability Tooltips now show unlock techs and improvements.

  • Fixed the formatting of Minister tooltips.

  • Ensured Pragmatic Ideology no longer displays since it is no longer available in-game.

  • Fixed clipping on Artifact Notification backgrounds.

  • Fixed clipping on Policy tooltip.

  • Fixed missing and cut-off text on Starbase stat tooltips.

  • Fixed multiple text sizing issues on the victory status screen.

  • Increased the size of the status bar and made the font smaller so citizen status bar does not overflow.

  • Updated Governor's name on Planet and Assign Governor screens to ensure it appears in a single line.

  • Updated Starbase side bottom section to not overflow off the screen when scrolling.

  • Updated startup side bar, headers to have fixed sizes so that it does not overflow in Large UI in Chinese.

  • Xeno Archeology Lab no longer appears greyed out if the player runs out of modules.

  • “Build Yor” improvement project no longer disappears when core world has no spare population capacity on Planet Screen.

  • Fixed scroll bar from re-positioning and the filter from re-setting each time a Custom Civilization is deleted.

  • Fixed title clipping on Colony Ship Transport screen.

  • Adjusted Starbase screen to fit longer faction name and ellipse if they are too long.

  • Update Ideology Discount Icon.

  • Resolve the clipping issues on the Executive Order popup card.

  • Removed the "Manage" button from the "Stacked Ship" bar as it is no longer used.

  • Fix the floating, nonfunctional scrollbar in the diplomacy window.

  • Fixed objects sometimes missing tooltips when you mouse over them.

  • Moved "mission ship complete" popups into the GNN alert system instead. This change prevents spam of "Treasure Hunt" complete dialogs in the late game.

  • Culture Progression Screen: The "Citizen with this Ideology" percentage is now calculated correctly, mostly by removing dead people from the count…

  • Civilization Creator: Fixed a case that prevented you from editing the Civilization's personality.

Battles :

  • The Battle Viewer top bar stats now properly update. 

  • The Battle Viewer side panel ship icons now properly update. 

Planet Screen

  • If an improvement requires a type of terrain, it will not show bonuses to tiles not of that terrain while showing 0 or higher on those of that terrain type.

  • The governor's name appears correctly in a single line.

Ship Designer

  • Components should appear disabled if they don't fit on the ship.

  • Removed multi-select behavior from component lists since they were nonfunctional and just caused other bugs.

  • Allow shift-select of cosmetic component entries in the ship designer again 


  • Fixed invalid modules appearing in the upgrade list.

  • Stat tooltips are no longer missing or cut off.

  • No longer display duplicate "Produce Module" unlock labels.

Victory Screen

  • Updated ranks to be stacked so that faction names can be longer.

  • Fixed overlapping and alignment issues on text and goals.

  • Fixed weird half-circles in the Tiny UI scale.

Tales of Centauron DLC

  • You no longer need to be online to complete the Korath mission.