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Stardock Releases The Political Machine 2024

Article posted on 5/2/2024

New political strategy game puts players in this year’s race for the White House 

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Stardock Entertainment released The Political Machine 2024, the newest edition of its popular political strategy game series today. The game allows players to step into the shoes of presidential candidates, including Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Nikki Haley, Bill Clinton and countless other candidates from history, or create their own. 
"The Political Machine 2024 presents itself as a game but has proven to be an accurate representation of players’ political leanings," said Brad Wardell, CEO of Stardock Entertainment. "Previous versions of the game have accurately predicted the outcome of past elections, such as the fact that Ohio would be the key state in 2004 and Trump’s victory in 2016.”  

New to The Political Machine 2024 is the inclusion of the primaries in which several candidates compete for their party’s nomination.  Presidential debates have also been added to allow players to test their knowledge of current events and how to gain favor with their political base. 

While the game’s singleplayer AI plays with great savvy, Stardock has made sure that the game also remains a strong multiplayer game as well. 

“In previous editions, players could play against each other one-on-one to win the White House,” said Wardell. “With the inclusion of primaries, several players of the same party can go at it. It’s a touch of mayhem.” 

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With this DLC, your candidate can stand out on the campaign trail like never before. Don a Drengin Battle Armor to show strength, or charm voters with a touch of historical finesse in a Napoleonic hat. Take your image to new heights with an Astronaut outfit, or let your free spirit fly with an array of Crazy hair options.

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