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Getting Started with DesktopGPT, Hotkeys

Article posted on 5/15/2024

Last week, we released our newest app called DesktopGPT. With unique features like templates, response modifiers, and a UX that was designed with a keyboard-first experience, DesktopGPT is a unique way to interact with your favorite LLMs.

With the app still in beta, features will come online in the near future to help you get started but for now, here is a guide to help you get up and running with the hotkeys that are included with our first release.

After installing the application and running it for the first time, you will see the prompt bar where you can input prompts for the selected model on the right side of the prompt bar.

Here’s a quick list of the hotkeys that can make navigating easier from the prompt bar:

  • “/” will open up the template's menu
  • “F9” allows you to open the model selection menu and also allows you to access settings for the application.
  • “Esc” will close the application

We highly recommend that you set a hotkey as well. The hotkey is a universal hotkey meaning that you can open up DesktopGPT from anywhere. To set a hotkey, hit F9, navigate to settings and then you can set the hotkey in the options section.

After you enter your first prompt, you will see the prompt response panel that has several keyboard shortcuts that help with navigation.

  • “Alt+A” opens the response modifier panel
  • “Alt+R” will show/hide the response panel
  • “Alt+C” will cancel a response as it is being written by the model
  • “Ctrl+C” will copy a response to your clipboard

These keyboard shortcuts will help you get started using the application. And as we start to rollout our first updates and add more features, let us know if there are any additional features we should add to make it easier to navigate the app from your keyboard.