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DesktopX 3 released

Article posted on 3/15/2005

Super-Charge your Windows desktop with DesktopX 3

    Visually design applications and desktops, export them for others to use

LIVONIA, MI (March 15, 2005) - Stardock, the world’s leading developer of desktop enhancement software for Microsoft Windows, released DesktopX 3.0 and DesktopX Pro 3.0 today.

DesktopX is the revolutionary program that made it possible for users to add new types of content to their Windows desktop. By default, Microsoft Windows supports having icons on the desktop. With DesktopX, users can add desktop objects, widgets or even build entirely new desktops.

DesktopX 3.0 has been re-designed to separate the end user elements of the program from the content creation portions. Users can now use DesktopX created content without interacting with DesktopX’s powerful development environment.

DesktopX’s development environment allows users to create and modify DesktopX objects. These objects exist on the Windows desktop and can be put together to create virtually anything.

Users can then export their creations as either mini-applications called “widgets” or export them as a completely new desktop to replace the traditional “Explorer” desktop.

Moreover, DesktopX 3.0 Pro ($69.95) enables users to export their widgets as stand-alone programs called “Gadgets”. These gadgets are individual .EXEs that require no other files to run on any system and can be sent to any user running Windows 2000 or Windows XP to be used.

“What makes DesktopX special is that users can literally design applications or desktops right on their Windows desktop,” said Brad Wardell, President & CEO of Stardock Corp. “With DesktopX, users just right click to create a DesktopX object, assign an image that can be any shape or size, and can use some VB Script or JavaScript to put together the programming logic. What would take a developer days or weeks to do in a traditional ‘rapid development environment’ environment can be done in minutes or hours.”

DesktopX 3.0 includes dozens of high quality widgets and desktop objects to enable casual users begin enhancing their Windows desktop immediately. DesktopX widgets can be shown or hidden with a user-defined hot key to ensure the desktop stays uncluttered.

For developers, Stardock is also announcing a new website called This new site will enable developers who have created gadgets with DesktopX Pro to upload them, set their price, and then sell them upon passing moderation.

“DesktopX Pro lets me create slick, easy to use, stand-alone programs that I can provide to my clients very quickly. It greatly decreases my development time and hence my competitiveness in the market,” said Shae Petersen, founder of Dmense Solutions (, developer of popular shareware and freeware programs such as Aimutation and Greybook.

DesktopX comes in three flavors:
• DesktopX Client which targets end users. It allows users to use DesktopX objects, widgets, and exported desktops.
• DesktopX Standard which includes the DesktopX development environment.
• DesktopX Pro which adds the ability to export widgets as stand-alone programs called “Gadgets”.

For companies looking to deploy a secure, custom, standardized desktop, Stardock will also have DesktopX Enterprise 3.0 available later this Spring. DesktopX Enterprise enables developers to create desktops that make use of Windows 2000/XP’s built in security features and then export them to be used as kiosks, secure desktops, etc.

Users of DesktopX 2.x will receive a free upgrade to the corresponding version of DesktopX 3. More information available at

(note: Users of previous versions of DesktopX may need to uninstall it before installing DesktopX 3).

DesktopX Client (Run-Time): $14.95
DesktopX Standard: $24.95
DesktopX Pro: $69.95

Stardock Corp (
17292 Farmington Rd.
Livonia MI 48152

Windows 2000 or Windows XP

Brad Wardell (

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About Stardock:
Stardock is a Midwestern Windows software development company. It is best known for creating software that extends and enhances to functionality of Microsoft Windows. Its principle product is a suite of desktop enhancements called Object Desktop ( which includes its popular utilities WindowBlinds, DesktopX, ObjectBar, IconPackager, SkinStudio, RightClick, Keyboard LaunchPad, and much more.

It also runs the worlds most popular desktop customization website called (  which receives over 3 million unique visitors each month.

Stardock has also developed popular PC strategy games such as the award winning Galactic Civilizations ( and The Political Machine Its game software is available at retail as well as through its innovative electronic distribution network (