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WindowBlinds 5 Beta released

Article posted on 10/4/2005

Stardock has released the first BETA of WindowBlinds 5.  WindowBlinds is a program that can completely alter the look and feel of the Windows GUI.  It does so by applying visual styles (skins) to your title bars, push buttons, Start bar, borders, etc.

The most anticipated new feature of WindowBlinds 5 is its ability to deliver glass effects to Windows XP user.  Technically speaking, WindowBlinds can do full alpha blended user interfaces now, that means that skins can have a variable level of transparency.  Numerous new features have been added to allow skinners to do reflective effects, shadows, smooth edges and more to their WindowBlinds skins.

WindowBlinds 5 also eliminates any dedicated processes to it.  When running WindowBlinds 5, no additional processes are needed anymore, it runs as part of the system.  WindowBlinds 5 BETA currently requires Windows XP (32-bit edition).  A 64-bit edition will be available with beta 2.  It should run on any reasonably modern video card. User who purchased WindowBlinds 4 after September 1 will receive WindowBlinds 5 free of charge. Other WindowBlinds 4 user will be able to upgrade at a reduced price. Stardock expects WindowBlinds 5 to be finished late Fall. It will retail for $19.95 on its own or as part of Object Desktop which is $49.95 and includes over two dozen programs. 

WindowBlinds 5 is currently only available on Object Desktop.  To get Object Desktop visit:

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