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Curtains Changelog

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Curtains 1.18

  • Fixes the issue with the black copy/move dialog after you reg hack to enable that
  • Exposes the option for absolute middle text positioning in the UI as well as fixing an alignment issue with that for some apps
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Curtains 1.17

Curtains 1.17 is a culmination of two betas

Curtains 1.17 Changelog

Curtains 1.16 Changelog

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Curtains 1.15

  • Fix for a blank line with glass in explorer
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Curtains 1.14

Note: Was initially 1.13 but we found an issue, updated the build, and had to bump the version.

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Curtains 1.12

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Curtains 1.11

  • When picking edit on a style if you press escape or the close button in the titlebar it aborts the edit
  • Fixed issue not seeing shadows when creating modified skins when using a language which uses Unicode characters
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Curtains 1.10

Changelog for Curtains 1.10 Beta 1 (8/24/2020)

  • Improved apply speed
  • New options for Windows Explorer background: transparency, blur, active \ inactive color, etc
  • New option to extend titlebar into top of ribbon in explorer windows
  • Automatically sets inactive color to ensure Chrome tabs when inactive are not forced white incorrectly (styles which do not set the OS option to apply the accent color to the titlebars will remain white inactive)
  • Disables animations when max / restoring explorer windows when using acrylic glass
  • Should fix a reported issue with Edge vertical tabs and the new tab replacement option in edge
  • Tweak which may address the issue with leftover back buttons from PWA apps
  • Makes the edit buttons in app now use the default verb vs edit as some editing apps didn't set the edit verb.
  • Modifies the online tab to handle odd aspect ratio previews better especially double height ones.
  • Fixes a crash in Windows Explorer if you use Start10 and define just a taskbar button (and no taskbar)
  • Fixes the taskbar being a solid color if you use Classic Shell (not Open Shell - just the older classic shell)

Changelog for Curtains 1.10 Beta 2 (09/10/2020)

  • Open Shell issue with explorer blur fixed,
  • Devices and Printers custom folders (say printer properties), no longer has a font rendering issue;
  • Blur colors can now be set to be recolorable&
  • Opening the config should no longer instantly disable WB
  • Installing the Play style now finds a style to apply after install
  • Fixed an issue with Play style on online tab where mouse over shows some odd characters as part of the text
  • Added a button in the editor under colors to directly go to Blur settings
  • Ensures the back button shows in Windows Calendar

Changelog for Curtains 1.10 release (09/16/2020)

  • Bug fixes
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Curtains 1.01

  • Modified how the naming of styles work when creating one that could have resulted in an upload crash
  • Fixed a possible issue when editing a theme that could result in Windows Explorer crashing repeatedly
  • Fixed issue where if you open Edge or Chrome from a shortcut to a webpage you get errors
  • Fixes an issue where explorer could crash out when opening a new MS edge instance
  • Fixed an issue with some Univeral apps where the titlebar text did not get updated when the file being viewed is changed.
  • Fixed an issue where opening a URL shortcut (from the desktop) would create duplicate tabs in Chromium browsers
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Curtains 1.0

  • Fixed an issue that could result in titlebar UI elements showing an onhover state when the cursor was away from them.
  • Fixed a tool window border issue with a number of style
  • Fixed a font issue in the config app where the font for some UI elements gets switched to a small bold one after using the advanced properties window
  • Fix missing back button in Windows Photos app
  • Fixes a small memory and a handle leak
  • By default, Curtains will now skin Chromium browsers
  • Fixed an issue where Curtains would always prompt for restarting browsers even if you didn't have the option enabled to theme them
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Curtains RC2

  • If Groupy Beta 1.36 is installed, clients must upgrade to Groupy Beta 1.37 as there is a fix for a potential crash if 1.36 is installed with Curtains RC2.
  • Fixes to some dialogs in-app showing blank on rare occasions
  • You can now double click on suggested colors to edit one
  • Fixes Universal apps not getting styles at all in RC1
  • Fixes a small memory and a handle leak
  • If you close the config when minimized it no longer opens up tiny
  • New feature to replace the new tab button in MS edge chromium
  • Config UI change to fix an issue with the sidebar painting wrongly after a style change if minimized whilst the change happened
  • Fixed a margins issue with titlebar buttons
  • Button images now bilinear filtering with universal apps and in the mini preview in app
  • Fixed condition where the 'create new' button, instead of it going to the edit tab of the new one you are trying to make, it would edit the style you currently have applied.
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Curtains RC1

  • Skin lists on the local and online tabs now scroll vertically rather than horizontally
  • The entire window can now be resized to make the area for the lists larger
  • UI resizing has been enhanced and default sizes will be wider on larger screens
  • List visuals tweaked to show a line of description where possible (unless very small size)
  • UI prompts about various things automatically
  • Welcome screen on startup
  • Fix for inactive button backgrounds not applying on non-universal apps
  • Fix for close button having an extra X over it at 125% scaling in Universal apps
  • Fixed scrolling the combo boxes on the buttons tab getting stuck if you use the wheel
  • Tweaked UI visuals to increase contrast on buttons for those with less good vision
  • Update checker changes
  • Editing no longer applies the style now unless you pick it
  • Various places no longer prompt about applying a background when you already have that style applied
  • Editing screen preview shows default background now correctly
  • You can now set no default background so you can include backgrounds without forcing them on a user
  • Authors can now include additional suggested colors for accent, secondary and third
  • Authors can now remove the option to pick other colors other than the suggested ones for secondary and third colors
  • Light/dark mode is now saved on a per style basis
  • Fixed an issue when editing a skin causing the UI to get stuck when switching to edit
  • Fixed fullscreen universal titlebar button bar being one pixel lower than expected
  • Fixed crashed explorer restart not having correctly painted taskbar when Start10 is not running.
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Curtains Beta 6

  • Compatibility with Groupy
  • Fixed issue that could have had Windows Explorer crashing upon reboot with a Curtains Style applied
  • Multiple improvements to editing UI
  • Fixes an issue with picking a custom color on the colors page not using the secondary or third color as a default when on those pages
  • Fixes the new Glyph.RestoreButton and Glyph.MinButton so they work correctly with normal apps
  • Fixed issue with text alignment when using a Progressive Web App and a style that does not define titlebar sections
  • Fixed an issue with Progressive Web apps where the back button would not respond to touch input reliably.
  • The editor is now aware of frame counts in groupy parts and new groupy parts in advanced
  • New buttons tab in the editor. This intentionally does not include the more obscure parts.

Curtains Beta 5

  • Support for the new options in the UI to force styles on or off a universal app
  • A prompt on editing a style to edit a copy
  • Support for recoloring titlebar text, shadow text and text backgrounds
  • Added non-dpi specific versions of close, max, min, restore, help
  • TaskbarX issue on the secondary taskbar fixed
  • Fluent Graphite style added

Curtains Beta 4

  • XP Luna style added
  • Fixes an issue with a crash if you had OpenShell installed and the timing was just wrong when things started up
  • Should fix a crash when using Button.Background section and the other newer sections added in beta 3
  • Adds in the system tray icon option. This will only show if Curtains is applying a style or has been at some point, otherwise, it will not show as curtains will not be running the code required for this
  • Fixed things so you can now make custom shadows or apply custom text settings without needing to define a titlebar image
  • Defaults to no shadow on titlebar text for new styles now
  • Online tab adds 'Most recent' option under the filter
  • Fixed an issue with start10 text colors only applying if you defined an image for a given section

Curtains Beta 3

  • The online tab filters option now does not incorrectly switch to all if you click away from it
  • The online tab filter is now in bold to make it more obvious
  • The online tab list now shows the blurb on mouseover complete with animation
  • Animations on the online tab are now smoother
  • When text shows on mouseover, on the online items, it now caps it to an exact number of lines so you don't get part lines showing
  • If you download a style, apply it and then click edit, you previously had bits from the previous style being edited. This is now fixed.
  • List now shows a better mini preview
  • Online tab now shows fewer items but looks better
  • Fixed clear custom preview button not working
  • Should better reset your previous light/dark choices when switching between styles rather than sticking with the last values set by a style
  • Fixed an issue with tile sometimes losing the right/bottom borders
  • UI tweaked with some gradients in places
  • UI adds an option for applying styles to compatible Universal apps (UWP) but this is nonfunctional currently as noted in the UI
  • Advanced properties now lets you enter hex colors and fixes the missing more button on some colours
  • Scrollbars in-app now smoothly move and have a downstate to make them more obvious to use
  • Advanced editing page combo box now is limited in size to stop it showing above the combo box on some machines
  • Online tab now defaults to featured and sorts other categories by rating

Curtains Beta 2

  • On app load, on switch of user-editable color section on the styles page, it caused a system-wide theme refresh which was effecting performance on lower-end machines. This no longer happens as it was unintentional.
  • Support for custom list preview
  • Addition of 'create new' link in UI
  • Progressive Web Apps (PWA) running under chromium will now have back buttons again
  • Colors page tweaked a bit
  • Editor tweaked to have editing margins UI and advanced properties page exposing a number of extra properties
  • Added Button.Background, Button.InactiveBackground, Button.CloseBackground and Button.InactiveCloseBackground sections to save effort when replacing the titlebar button backgrounds
  • Fixed issue with titlebar button images adding extra edge line
  • Clicking the preview on the online tab opens a bigger preview
  • Fixed an issue with inactive min button background not painting correctly in some styles