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Curtains Beta Changelog

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Curtains Beta 5

  • Support for the new options in the UI to force styles on or off a universal app
  • A prompt on editing a style to edit a copy
  • Support for recoloring titlebar text, shadow text and text backgrounds
  • Added non-dpi specific versions of close, max, min, restore, help
  • TaskbarX issue on the secondary taskbar fixed
  • Fluent Graphite style added

Curtains Beta 4

  • XP Luna style added
  • Fixes an issue with a crash if you had OpenShell installed and the timing was just wrong when things started up
  • Should fix a crash when using Button.Background section and the other newer sections added in beta 3
  • Adds in the system tray icon option. This will only show if Curtains is applying a style or has been at some point, otherwise, it will not show as curtains will not be running the code required for this
  • Fixed things so you can now make custom shadows or apply custom text settings without needing to define a titlebar image
  • Defaults to no shadow on titlebar text for new styles now
  • Online tab adds 'Most recent' option under the filter
  • Fixed an issue with start10 text colors only applying if you defined an image for a given section

Curtains Beta 3

  • The online tab filters option now does not incorrectly switch to all if you click away from it
  • The online tab filter is now in bold to make it more obvious
  • The online tab list now shows the blurb on mouseover complete with animation
  • Animations on the online tab are now smoother
  • When text shows on mouseover, on the online items, it now caps it to an exact number of lines so you don't get part lines showing
  • If you download a style, apply it and then click edit, you previously had bits from the previous style being edited. This is now fixed.
  • List now shows a better mini preview
  • Online tab now shows fewer items but looks better
  • Fixed clear custom preview button not working
  • Should better reset your previous light/dark choices when switching between styles rather than sticking with the last values set by a style
  • Fixed an issue with tile sometimes losing the right/bottom borders
  • UI tweaked with some gradients in places
  • UI adds an option for applying styles to compatible Universal apps (UWP) but this is nonfunctional currently as noted in the UI
  • Advanced properties now lets you enter hex colors and fixes the missing more button on some colours
  • Scrollbars in-app now smoothly move and have a downstate to make them more obvious to use
  • Advanced editing page combo box now is limited in size to stop it showing above the combo box on some machines
  • Online tab now defaults to featured and sorts other categories by rating

Curtains Beta 2

  • On app load, on switch of user-editable color section on the styles page, it caused a system-wide theme refresh which was effecting performance on lower-end machines. This no longer happens as it was unintentional.
  • Support for custom list preview
  • Addition of 'create new' link in UI
  • Progressive Web Apps (PWA) running under chromium will now have back buttons again
  • Colors page tweaked a bit
  • Editor tweaked to have editing margins UI and advanced properties page exposing a number of extra properties
  • Added Button.Background, Button.InactiveBackground, Button.CloseBackground and Button.InactiveCloseBackground sections to save effort when replacing the titlebar button backgrounds
  • Fixed issue with titlebar button images adding extra edge line
  • Clicking the preview on the online tab opens a bigger preview
  • Fixed an issue with inactive min button background not painting correctly in some styles