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Decor8 Changelog

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Decor8 1.08

  • Added new SAS activation and trial code

Decor8 1.07

  • Fix for report of start menu colors reverting to black
  • Fix for random option sometimes making Explorer windows jump to top
  • Fix for reports of high cpu usage on 8.1

Decor8 1.06

  • Adds support for Windows 8.1 RTM
  • Added setting for Windows 8.1 RTM to disable the darken effect for the app list
  • Moved Parallax mode to the 2nd item in the list
  • Fix for Parallax mode under some non-English OSes
  • Tweaked to handle the right side color preview better on Windows 8.1
  • Note: Decor8 on Windows 8.1 can no longer customize the number of rows of Modern Start menu items (support for that has been removed from Windows).

Decor8 1.05

  • Adds support for Windows 8.1 Preview.
  • Colors are applied globally.
  • Images are stored in Public Documents rather than off the app folder so they can be readily used with other software (like DeskScapes!).