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DeskScapes Changelog

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DeskScapes 11.0 Changelog (Released 06/28/2023)

  • File version updated to, removes BETA 5 text from about box

  • Fixes an issue with the effects list not being scaled correctly when on high dpi setups sometimes

  • Forces per virtual desktop walls to blank and restarts Explorer in that situation when you have multiple walls set on the virtual desktops to ensure no problems with switching virtual desktops making DeskScapes stop.

Update: 10.96

There was an error within the release of 10.95. Version 10.96 is a fix for that. This would have resulted in clients receiving two update notices in the same day - we apologize for any confusion and frustration.


This is a compatibility update as we work towards new features for release in 2022.

  • Updated DS build with a workaround for issue with Fences show desktop override.

  • UI tweaks for when on Win11 (only show on Win11)

  • Possible fix for the not pausing on battery when booting up the computer on battery

  • Adds in system tray icon + menu

  • Fixes a black paint issue when changing blur settings in Fences

Public Beta (12/6/2021)

  • Fixed issue that could arise with Windows Remote Destkop

  • Translations finalized:

    • German

    • Spanish

    • French

    • Korean

    • Portuguese Brazilian

    • Russian

    • Chinese - Simplified

    • Chinese - Traditional

Beta 3 (ODNT)

  • Fixes an issue with some dreams on secondary monitors not aspect ratio correcting (dynamic only)

  • Fixes a bug with if you had settings open for a dynamic dream and clicked outside the window below you could get the app stuck

  • Dream updates: "Pan and Zoom" dream now included

  • Edits to welcome screen

  • Prep work for translations

Beta 2 (ODNT)

  • Fixes issue with the 4K flag on some dreams showing incorrectly

  • Alters screensavers to terminate process vs exit on mouse move etc

  • Fixes issue with screensaver applied message up and being able to make app look hung

  • Tweak to wallpaper change detection

  • Tweak for performance loading up playlists

  • Small tweak to the font size on search checkboxes

  • May fix issue with remote desktop - should no longer pause

  • New option for playlists where it will change either after X seconds if non-video or when the video ends (if a video)
    User-submitted request:

  • Now has options to update playlists if new files added (must re-add folder)

  • Installer tweaks

DeskScapes 10.02 (Released 9/4/2019)

  • Addressed issue with dream extraction failing for some installs - resulting in dreams not applying

  • Fixes issue with backgrounds when disabled on Windows 7

  • Addressed errors when trying to run msra.exe with DeskScapes installed

DeskScapes 10.01 (Released 5/15/2019)

  • Minor bug fixes

DeskScapes 10.0 (Released 4/30/2019)

  • Seamless WinCustomize library integration

  • A new desktop background manager

  • Comes in light and dark theme modes

  • Supports h264 videos

  • New additional effects

  • New Premium Dreams Included

DeskScapes 8.51

  • Fixed black screen if user locks the computer before restarting Windows after installing

DeskScapes 8.50

  • Improved CPU usage efficiency for Windows Explorer

DeskScapes 8.21

  • Windows 10 compatibility (supports only Win7-10)

  • General bug fixes

DeskScapes 8.20

  • Added new SAS activation and trial code

DeskScapes 8.10

  • Adds support for Windows 8.1

  • Additional bundled wallpapers including a selection licensed from Vladstudio (

DeskScapes 8.0

  • Windows 8/7 support

  • New interface for applying all your personal dreams and images

  • Apply dreams as screensavers

  • Download hundreds of free dreams from