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Fences 3.16 Changelog (Released 04/16/2024)


  • Miscellaneous installer changes

Fences 4.22 Changelog (Released 03/14/2024)


Released on

Steam release TBD



  • UI: 4.22

  • Fences.exe:


  • Platforms: Stardock and Steam


  • Miscellaneous installer changes

Fences 5.05


Beta and Object Desktop Insider Release

  • Minor fixes for some clients seeing repeated activation requests even after multiple seeminly ‘successful’ completions.

Fences 5.04 Changelog (Released 12/04/2023)


Released on


  • Version updated
    Fences.exe config:
    Fences UI: 5.04

  • Fixes folder portals for people with "Open Explorer Windows in a Separate Process" Windows option set + "allow navigation" enable

  • Fixes "inter-Fence distance" setting being cut off on Win11 @ DPI 100%

  • Prepped for localization

  • Improved "Load Snapshot" functionality to allow snapshots to be resilient to monitor IDs changes between when the snapshot was saved vs loaded.


  • Version updated
    Fences.exe config:
    Fences UI: 5.01

  • Add option for "Show icon as a running task" as a sub-option to "Add 'Show Fences' icon to my taskbar"

  • Add confirmation dialog before resetting Fence style

  • Fix Fences snapshots picker not showing properly on some Windows 10 installations

  • Fix Fence-spacing up/down control not updating in config

  • Fix issue with Folder Portals navigating into Office documents when "Launch folder windows in a separate process" is enabled in Explorer.

  • Fix the taskbar icon not unpinning from the taskbar during uninstall

  • Fix copy/paste Fence style not picking up per-Fence Chemeleon settings

Fences Changelog (Released 11/15/2023)

Please see the press release for new items and changes in Fences 5.

For information regarding upgrading, please see:

Fences 4.21 Changelog (Released 07/17/2023)


v4.21 (v4.2.1.2 binaries)

Stardock release: 07/17/2023

Steam Release: 07/17/2023


v4.21 (v4.2.1.2 binaries)

  • Fixed bug "UI glitching while trying to set up new rules in Organize pane" reported today. No known instigator / breaking date. Patched around.


v4.19 (v4.1.9.2 binaries)

  • QuickHide fix (was related to the previous beta's QuickHide improvements)

  • Added "Manage Subscription" button to About page for Subscription licenses.


v4.17 (v4.1.7.3 binaries)

  • Fixed issue where View/Sort menu items could be incorrect when using Windows 11's "Use Classic Desktop Menu" setting

  • Fixed issue where Fence scrollbars would not display properly

  • Fixed unchecking "View -> Show Desktop Icons" would not work when the Quickhide feature was disabled

  • Fixed config UI's minimize/close-window controls could appear white-on-white-background when in "light" Windows theme mode

  • Fixed extra-long icon paths in Fences registry settings could cause crash

  • Fixed crashes relating to certain rollup feature interactions

  • Fixed code-signing issue that could impact fresh installations of Windows 10

  • Improvements to startup performance

  • Improved scrollbar performance with "List" style Folder Portals

  • Improved "auto rollup when docking to edge" so that, if you manually disable rollup, it will no longer auto rollup the next time you put the Fence near the edge.

  • Added support for UserLang setting via HKLM

  • Added option "ForceUnloadDllAfterStartupHooks" for force-unloading FencesMenu64.dll after Fences completes loading

  • Updated Japanese localization

  • Fixed config UI failed to load with a custom language selected

Fences 4.10.06 Changelog (Released 03/09/2023)

4.10.06 (03/3/2023)

  • Version updated to 4.10.06 (File version

  • Fix for folder portal deleted files not going away

  • Fixed "WinKey+[key]" Fences hotkey could get stuck, after logging out from an admin app using WinKey+L and logging back in immediately. (Did not occur if not in admin app or if waited more than 60 seconds before logging back in)

  • Meaningful improvements to config-app startup time. (Down from avg 5-7 sec to 1.5-3)

  • Logging of app startup time to C# debug log

4.10.02 (02/21/2023)

  • Fixes Win10 desktop right click menu issues from prior beta build

  • Fixes "When German language is used, settings UI does not remember it's position"

  • Update version to 4.10.02 (will prompt in ODM now if ‘Show Betas’ is enabled) (02/16/2023)

  • Fixed issue where folder portals with extra long paths could fail to load

  • Improved debug logging for multi-monitor layout issues
    'This does not directly address any issues with icons \ Fences not appearing on expected monitors, rather, it is collecting more data to help us address it in a future Fences update'. To learn more about how you can submit logs for this effort, please click here.

  • Fixed issue where "Show Fences on top" hotkey could stick

  • Fixed issue where Folder Portals created with drag and drop could appear in the wrong position

  • Fixed issue with shortcuts to offline network drives stalling Fences startup

  • Fixed issue where background blur was broken for monitors with negative coordinates


Fences 4.07.03 (Released 08/22/2022)

Released only on Steam

  •  Update for Steam builds to not trigger SAS update notices:

Fences 4.07.02 (Released 08/22/2022)

  • Updated some of the core translations for missing strings

  • Fixed a crash that could happen on Windows Server 2016

  • Fixed an issue in the Fences UI where it could render dark in light mode under certain conditions

  • Added the Korean language

  • Added Chinese-Traditional language

  • Added Portuguese-Brazil language

  • Fixed issue where some text/checkbox controls would get squished to 1px-wide when returning from minimized state

  • Added ability to navigate within folder portals even if "Open folders in separate Explorer process" setting is enabled

  • Improved link contrast in dark mode when gray highlight color is selected

  • Fixed minor graphical glitch in Win10 Dark Mode

  • Fixed issue where hotkeys could get stuck (Fences stuck on top until next hotkey press)

  • Updated German translations

  • Fixed Folder Portal crash when details-view is used alongside multiple levels of sorting.

  • Fixed issue where double-clicking fence docked to the bottom of the screen would result in errant behavior.

  • Fixed issue where View/Sort menu items in the new Windows 11 desktop menu would not show as properly checked/unchecked in certain circumstances / on recent builds of Windows.

  • Fixed issue where multiple icons pasted to desktop at once could overlap one another.

  • Added detection of low inter-icon spacing settings, to reduce text overlap within fences in these situations. (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics IconVerticalSpacing settings smaller than -1012 i.e. 135px, vs default of -1125 i.e. 150px)

  • Fixed truncated "days left in your free trial" text with acrylic text drawing (Win11)

  • Fixed folder icon centering with large fonts

  • Adjusted rename edit box text positioning

  • Updated rules so that link-target rules always apply first.

  • Improved corner-rounding radius on hotkey "show fences" mode to better match desktop

  • Improved hotkey "show fences" performance and reliability.

  • Improved reliability of Folder Portals to stay pinned to desktop i.e. to not appear over top of other apps.

  • Removed option to keep fences on top "even after switching windows" during hotkey "show fences" usage, as featured caused compatibility issues with other programs.

  • Resolved issue where "Lock Fences" menu item did not appear when fence titles were hidden.

Fences 4.0 (Released 12/8/2021)

Fences 4 Beta 2 (Released 12/6/2021)

  • Fixed shift hotkeys wouldn't toggle 2nd time until shift released and pressed again (GetAsyncKeyState issue ala WinKey issue we saw before)

Fences 4 Beta 2 ( (Released 11/22/2021)

  • Hotkeys no longer set to ignore injected input. (Multiplicity support). Added regkey option to disable

  • Fixed-i-think text cutoff bug in snapshot rename dialog

  • Fix hotkey issue where winkey was not registering (GetAsyncKeyState issue)

  • Fix taskbar zorder getting messed up on use of magic hotkey

  • Fix black desktop on first use of magic hotkey

  • New setting to force-enable crash report dialog for all explorer crashes

  • Improved smoothness of scrollbar expand animation on Win11 (Thread-sent WM_TIMER msgs getting QoS'd)

  • Improved "first WinKey+D/Space can cause black flicker"

  • Fixed WinKey+Space, fence corners would be rounded even if rounded edges are off

  • Fixed issue with "Show Label on Mouseover" + WinKey+Space, titles would not respond upon mouseover

  • Added registry option to minimize other windows on exiting Show Desktop by activating another window

  • Fixed "key stuck" for hotkey feature

  • Fixed "Labels: Never" causing Fences to break

  • Fixed backgrounds would fail to paint when opacity 100% while moving

  • Fixed crash on restore snapshot / perform autolayout

  • Fixed label change-font dialog opens blank on first use

  • Fixed new-WinKey+D would cause desktop to cover secondary-monitor taskbars

Fences 4 Beta 1 (Released 11/11/2021)

  • Fences Peek added that allows the user to bring their Fences "on top" of all other windows.

  • Fences Peek enabled by default with hotkey Windows key + space

  • Desktop Display feature added that replaces Windows key + D

  • Added Hotkeys section to configuration panel to adjust Fences Peek and Desktop Display settings.

  • Acrylic styling applied to Configuration panel for Widows 11 installs.

  • When titlebars are "on mouseover only" or "hidden", the new padding/space created at top now persists.

  • Re-enable Fences after Explorer has crashed" prompt to Fences config on launch

  • Additional performance improvements for faster app loading and fences

Fences 3.13 (Released 8/11/2021)

  • Fixed issue where rollup Folder Portals were not rendering icons properly


  • Fixes for WPE compatibility

  • Fixes Windows Explorer crashes from crazy long (URL) shortcuts paths

  • Fixes issues where Steam users could be prompted for a Stardock key under certain conditions


  • Improved startup times

  • Disabled icon move animation (currently disabled with new installs only)

  • Resolved issue with folder portal 'flicker'

  • Resolved incorrect sorting (name, date, etc) of icons outside of Fences on the desktop

  • Fixed an issue with roll-up Fences where icon artifacts were left behind

  • Much work was done to get icons to correctly go to proper monitors on multi-monitor systems

  • Fixed issues with single width Fences (Fences with one icon horizontally)

  • Addressed issues with MS Office icons not remaining in Fences after edit and temp file creation. Example:

  • Fixed an issue where restored snapshots were not also restoring color settings

  • Fixed issue where selecting icons on desktop could select hidden icons in a roll-up Fence

  • New feature: Target based Rules:
    For example, works for 'steam' links, or any .lnk, .url, or .website file. (Resolves the target, and applies the match to the target).

Fences 3.09 (Released 6/14/2018)

  • FEATURE: Added language override selection

  • FIX: Fix to help maintain consistent sort order in a fence

Fences 3.08

  • FEATURE: Added Dutch localization

  • FEATURE: Added French localization

  • FEATURE: Added German localization

  • FEATURE: Added Polish localization

  • FEATURE: Added Russian localization

  • UPDATE: Performance optimization for desktops with large icon counts

Fences 3.05

  • FEATURE: Added simplified Chinese Localization

  • UPDATE: Heuristic improvements (icons go where they should go and shouldn't fall out of fences)

  • UPDATE: Improved start process (users were having to right-click on desktop to show Fences)

  • UPDATE: Fixed Folder Portal spacing for Windows 10 Insider Redstone-3 Fast Track, spacing logic tweak for RS2

  • UPDATE: Improved bug reporting

  • FIX: Fixed issue where drag/drop into a roll-up fence failed

  • FIX: Fixed issue where hidden icons would save excessively during mousedown events

  • FIX: Fences could crash while performing activities such as switching monitors, resizing desktop area, initial startup

Fences 3.04 (Released 4/26/2017)

  • Variety of fixes for Windows 10 Creator's Update

  • Fixed issue where details-view Folder Portals would not remember column order, size

  • Fixed issue where icon-view Folder Portals would not remember icon size in Windows 10 Creator's Edition

  • Fixed issue where icon label would not clipped by Fence area in multi-DPI scenarios in Windows 10 Creator's Edition

  • Improved upgrade method for replacing files

  • Fixed issue where Fence size could repeatedly grow larger in Windows 10 Creator's Edition

  • Fixed issue where it's possible to move icons off-screen in multimon scenarios.

  • Fixed bug with wallpaper shuffling

  • Fixed bug with background blur when wallpapers are set independently per-monitor (Win10+)

  • Fixed issue with icon spacing with DPI's greater than 100% in Windows 10 Creator's Edition

  • Fixed issue where icons would jump around on moves, deletes, additions on Windows 10 Creator's Edition

  • Fixed issue with desktop icon spacing on systems with multiple monitors with multiple DPIs on Windows 10 Creator's Edition

  • Improved most High-DPI visuals up to 350%

  • High-DPI compatibility improvements

  • Per-monitor DPI compatibility for Fence visuals. Titlebars scale on per monitor basis as fence is moved between monitors.

  • Improved startup time

  • Fixed issue with drawing, where icons would appear partially black while clicking desktop

Fences 3.03

  • Updates /startup robustness & reliability

  • R-clicking anywhere on Titlebar opens the menu

  • Resolves issue where icons covered by other fences on general-desktop (not in fence) could still be clicked

  • Disables "escape" button from triggering autohide

  • Fixes bug where rollup/rolldown timer can get stuck, breaking rollup for a specific fence until reboot

  • Resolves issue where if Fence has too many icons, its column count reduces by 1

Fences 3.0

  • New: Windows 10 support

  • New: Roll-up fences

  • New: Blur the wallpaper behind fences (Win10 only)

  • New: High DPI support

  • New: Portal navigation

  • Fixed: 100% opaque fences

Fences 2.13

  • Updated to SAS trial/activation binaries. Existing activated installs will have their license keys upgraded automatically as part of the install.

Fences 2.12

  • Added allowing users to choose between rounded and 90 degree angle corner edges in the Fences config (defaulted by OS)

  • Added prompt for email at trial activation

  • Re-enabled touch features. This includes using two fingers to switch between desktop pages (enabled by default) and the ability to "flick" icons into fences (disabled by default). Both are options in the settings, on the "Desktop Pages" and "Layout and snapping" tabs respectively.

  • Fixed Fences not showing on desktop/exist offscreen, out of res bounds

  • Fixed Fence shifting icons into hidden third column

  • Fixed show my desktop issue reactivated with information

  • Fixed issue with Folder portals and visibility

  • Fixed issue with name based rules and right click

  • Fixed issue with bottomed aligned secondary monitors causes off-set Portal Fences

  • Fixed a crash issue that has been haunting support where a target folder location had been changed

  • Fixed issue with config UI blanking out

  • Fixed issue with Fences not showing on desktop when they existed offscreen, out of the screen resolution

  • Fixed issue with new files defaulting to the second monitor

  • Fixed issue with the show desktop button in Windows when an active modal window was displaying in Fences

  • Fixed issue with being unable to drag desktop pages when the taskbar was on the left or right

  • Fixed issue with excluding icons from quickhide (like .website)

  • Fixed issue when folder portal opacity was set to 0%

  • Fixed where rules weren't sticking if assigned through right-click/...

  • Removed Fences as a Control Panel item (kept causing problems)

Fences 2.11

  • Added support for the Windows 8.1 Preview

  • Fixed a bug where some users with DeskScapes could not drag items on the desktop

Fences 2.1

  • New: Persistent fences (and their icons) across pages

  • New: Network drive connection detection. Fences will attempt to recreate mapped folder locations on a reboot.

  • New: Page indicator. Skinnable via editing graphics in Images folder.

  • New: Added ability to reset appearance of All Fences

  • Fixed: Recycle bin jumps out of Fence

  • Fixed: Right click actions make files jump into the same fence

  • Fixed: Unable to move portal fence if title is off

  • Fixed: “Sort by” appears twice for folder fences with labels hidden

  • Fixed: icons would fall out of fence when ran if partially hidden

  • Fixed: You can no longer page onto blank screens (unless dragging an icon or a fence).

  • Fixed: When dragging a fence to a new page, you no longer endlessly scroll to new pages if you stay on the edge.

  • New option visible in FolderView pane when Aero is disabled: "Display incompatibility warning when Aero is disabled".

  • Can also toggle via registry - "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Stardock\Fences\Tips\NeverWarnAboutAero" = 0x00000001 (DWORD 32bit)

Fences 2.01

  • Added new Pages feature: if on empty desktop, double clicking desktop will return you to a desktop that has icons.

  • Added paste shortcuts for offline trial window

  • Added fallback handling for purchase button. If SDDLC fails to reach server (return code 4), Fences now

  • opens webpage instead. Failures sent to Fences debug log.

  • Fixes for some trials not starting correctly.

  • Fixes for registration dialog not always displaying.

  • Improvements to installation checks for previous 1.x Pro version.