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Groupy 2 Changelog

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Groupy 1.51.1 Changelog (04/03/2024)



  • UI: 1.51

  • GroupyConfig.exe:


  • Stardock and Steam


  • Resolves bug accessing GroupConfig menu

Groupy 2.15 Changelog (Released 03/21/2024)


General release


  • UI: 2.15

  • GroupyConfig.exe:


  • Stardock

  • Steam


  • Resolves mouse wheel scrolling config app pages accidentally scrolling combo boxes when the mouse ends up over one of them.



  • UI: 2.15

  • GroupyConfig.exe:


  • Stardock: Beta and Object Desktop Insider

  • Steam


  • Resolves the do not paint a tab for groups with a single tab also impacting integrated explorer and Notepad tabs

  • Resolved the issue of not being able to drag auto-grouped windows out of groups

  • Tweaked group joining to factor in the current virtual desktop more for auto-grouping

  • Tweak for detecting support for integrated tabs in Explorer on Win11


  • Japanese now included. Credit (and much thanks): DiGS-O5



  • UI: 2.15

  • GroupyConfig.exe:


  • Stardock: Beta and Object Desktop Insider

  • Steam


  • Corrected missing line on the edge of Windows Explorer windows on Win11 when not replacing OS tabs possibly due to modification of the OS to remove the native OS tabs

  • Resolved positioning of non-rounded tabs in integrated mode when Groupy icon hidden on the bar
    Added registry key to make tabs less rounded G2_LessRounded = "1" (in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Stardock\Groupy\Groupy.ini\Groupy)

  • Added registry key to make tab bar less rounded G2_LessRoundedBar = "1" (in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Stardock\Groupy\Groupy.ini\Groupy)

  • Resolved issue with custom rules causing windows to not remain maximized when the first window as maximized

  • Resolved issue with custom groups combining the windows in the wrong order and so making a new window override the position of the original rather than merging with the original

  • Detects if the user has client area animations disabled and if so disables the Groupy tab animations.  G2_ForceNoAnimsOnTabs = "1" would also force this

  • Resolved issue with auto group option not working correctly

  • Stopped extra separator line showing on left of titlebar when do not show the groupy icon on the left mode is enabled

  • Added UI options to force groupy tab animation to off and to hide line under tabs when in integrated mode if wanted

  • Reduced strength of line under tabs in integrated mode when in dark mode

Language Updates

  • en.lng has been updated with 2 new strings. Supported languages have been updated in-app and on GitHub



  • ARM64 support added. This is only currently available to Object Desktop members. It will make it to a general release in future updates.

  • Resolved issue with delayed detection of explorer tabs causing new explorer tabbed windows to jump up and down briefly

  • Resolved SwifDoo PDF reader having gap above and below window when maximized

  • Resolved PDF-XChange having overlap on titlebar incorrectly when maximized
    Resolved Steam having overlap on titlebar incorrectly when maximized

  • Modified saving colors per app so it factors in path as well for duplicate names

  • Added option to force alternative maximize mode when an application is being overlapped slightly

  • Added option on ungrouped Groupy bar to disable this for the given app

  • Added support for Facebook Messenger to be dragged into groups

  • Resolved New explorer tabs should open in the same folder UI option not appearing to save (it did, the UI just didn't reflect the value)

  • Added support for auto grouping New MS Teams for Work client chat windows

  • Resolved issue with opening maximized windows in New MS Teams / VSCode and then appearing non-maximized

  • Worked around an issue with new MS teams for Work client and crashing when closing a child window

  • Non-grouped window tabbed bar will auto close 2 seconds after the last mouse movement to ease use if it is on top of other things you want access to.  The previous behaviour can be obtained by setting G2_DoNotAutoCloseBar = "1" in the registry (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Stardock\Groupy\Groupy.ini\Groupy)

  • Fixed resource leak on saving new group icon

Language Updates 

Groupy 1.51 Changelog (Released 02/29/2024)


  • Version updated
    UI: 1.51


    • Stardock and Steam


  • Some small potential crash fixes

Groupy 2.12 Changelog (Released 09/26/2023)


Product UI ‘About’ version 2.12. GroupyConfig.exe version

  • Released on Stardock and Steam


  • Fixed an issue where the Groupy config was opening twice on the initial install

  • Fixed settings and saved groups not being removed if checked for an uninstall


  • Fixed settings and saved groups not being removed if checked for an uninstall


  • Updated version to UI 2.12

  • Continued improvements made for restoring saved group apps correctly

  • Some language strings updated.


  • Updated version to UI 2.12

  • More work was done on tab order when opening a save group

  • A fix for mouseover on tabs on top mode without the background bar not painting differently

  • A tweak to how mouseover shows for tabs giving them a slight background color as well as an edge

  • A fix for the Groupy drop-down menu on monitors with different scale factors to the primary screen being too large (if the primary display is a higher scale factor)

  • A tweak for how it handles window peek as it may have been causing the wrong tab to get stuck selected or the entire tab bar to go missing in edge cases

  • Address an issue with FancyZones

  • Address an issue on Windows 10 with WindowBlinds skins

  • Fix for closing auto-grouping windows in a tab group causing them to regroup if they prompt

  • A small change to how appID is saved for saved groups

  • The on/off slider is no longer showing off when Groupy is on and on when groupy is off.  Now it says Groupy disabled and Groupy Enabled.

  • Fix to custom rules based on exact text matching where it would incorrectly group everything but the window text requested

  • Small change to protect rule checking from happening in more than one thread at once for one type of rule that wasn't protected the same as the others.

  • Added the prompt about tabs in office apps on the very first run (brand new installs only)

  • Modified rules system to handle the case of window handle reuse better just in case that was causing the issues with odd grouping

  • Modified the auto group logic to ensure the windows are owned by the same process.

  • Changed config to only force English in the USA when lang is set to en-us as it was not handling the case of other languages when located in the US correctly automatically (forced was fine)

  • Fix for the ‘Explorer enhancement’ option not reading that it was not toggled on when it really was.


  • Beta updated. UI Version 2.11. GroupyConfig.exe

  • Fix for other conditions where saved groups could have their tabs out of order from how they were saved


  • Beta updated. UI Version 2.11. GroupyConfig.exe

  • Fixes issue with vertical alignment of tabs for WB when used with explorer-integrated tabs

  • Resolves issue with dragging windows between monitors where the window was not a member of a group but shows groupy bar for ungrouped windows was enabled

  • Resolved an issue with swapping tabs with WindowBlinds, causing things to resize briefly


  • Beta updated. UI Version 2.11. GroupyConfig.exe

  • Improved performance when moving a window when using integrated tabs

  • Resolved issue with groupy tabs not vanishing correctly when using window snap when non-integrated tabs

  • Resolved issue with windows resizing too large when moving windows between displays of different dpis where the window is not high dpi aware

  • Added some delays when launching saved groups sometimes

  • Resolved a possible crash issue when grouping new windows

  • *Tweak for maximized windows opening when in a group.  

  • *Adds support for DelayAfterLaunch = amount in ms (1000 = 1 second) in groupy files if a user wants to increase the delay after launching a given app before launching the next one (if any)

  • Fixes a problem with WB and Groupy

  • Fix for a problem switching tabs when windows are maximized which showed up in the last week

*Part of a previously released beta but was not noted in its changelog


  • Beta updated. UI Version 2.11. GroupyConfig.exe

  • Adjusted things so Chrome/Edge windows will not match existing windows when opening a new saved groupy file.

  • Resolved issue with saved group position not being used on opening saved groups always

  • Tweaked how saved group order is reapplied on load

  • Potentially resolved an issue with the groupy insert blue fade window remaining after joining a window to a group on occasion

  • Resolved possible issue with a new window opening a group being left visible when it is not the active window in a group


  • Beta updated. UI Version 2.11. GroupyConfig.exe

  • Fixes issue with non-grouped windows shrinking when maximized when the temporary groupy bar goes away

  • Fixes issue with dragging a window out of a custom rules grouping can cause it to instantly regroup

  • Improves issue with slow resizing on apps that have extremely slow repaint logic

  • Updated DE from user feedback. Credit Big--Mike)


Groupy 2.11 Beta released on and Steam

  • ZH-TW lang file updated (Credit rockemail)

  • Closing a single maximized window from Groupy no longer causes flicker

  • Resolved issue with non-native dpi scaling apps being offset correctly when maximized on higher dpi setups

  • Resolved issue with group creation being delayed when on a maximized window that always shows tabs

  • Resolved issue with window positioning, when opened, maximized on some applications

  • Resolved issue with extra line painting with integrated tabs on Windows 10 in Explorer windows and in some windows on Win11 when in dark mode

  • Resolved issue with Ctrl + T not opening new windows in Explorer on Win10 (but did on Win11)

  • Fixed a WB11 + Groupy tab issue with rounded corners being enabled on Win11 when they should not and leaving more space than really needed for window borders

  • Adjusted app launch for saved groups to help resolve an issue with the wrong tab name being used on renamed tabs

  • Stopped WB from adding themed borders to the tooltips

  • Adjusted tooltip display to auto-dismiss if a group goes away whilst visible

Groupy 2.1 Changelog (Released 07/19/2023)


2.1 ( file version)

  • Stardock release

  • Steam release


2.1 ( file version)

  • Restoring a group that was combined and minimized when maximized will now restore correctly to maximized

  • Resolved issue with groups with services.msc in them being shifted down when maximized

  • Resolved the issue with missing tabs entirely when maximizing some apps when in tabs on top mode

  • Resolved issue with /t showing incorrectly on the new tab menu item


2.1 ( file version)

  • Resolved issue with saved groupy files not working correctly for tabs after a tabbed browser in the group

  • Resolved issue with combined group taskbar button mode when using Start11 enhanced taskbar where Windows would leave the taskbar button group after saving the group again

  • Resolved issue with saving groups with Chrome apps in it.  These groups will need resaving


  • ** ADDED ** Closing Explorer windows now adds them to a reopen closed window list for windows closed in the last 30 minutes

  • ** ADDED ** Added new option for Explorer windows to toggle if new tabs should open in the current folder or not

  • ** ADDED ** Added option to hide the drop down arrow next to new tab button under advanced tab settings

  • Resolved issue with combined taskbar buttons not showing previews correctly when a saved group has windows added or removed from it

  • Resolved issue with combined taskbar buttons not showing previews correctly when a saved group is saved as a new name

  • Resolved issue with the new Steam client not saving in a groupy file correctly.  Groups saved with the new client will need resaving

  • Resolved issue with new tab drop down arrow not showing the correct options for the active window sometimes

  • Resolved text color on active tab when being dragged when in dark mode with certain OS accent colors

  • Resolved issue with small flicker on autohide tabs when showing occasionally

  • Reduced area for autohide detection to reduce accidental triggering

  • Resolved issue where clicking on a combined taskbar button group with Start11 enhanced taskbar enabled did not cause the group to minimize or restore correctly

  • Resolved potential issue with starting Start11 after Groupy 2 causing taskbar button active status to not always be correct

  • Resolved issue with being able to close tabs clicking where the close button would be when the close button is disabled in Groupy

  • Fixed issue with sticky notes app not being saved correctly into saved groups

  • Fixed issue with splash screens sometimes causing misgroups when the window class is the same as the main app window 


  • Fixed the option to disable update checking not working correctly

  • Resolved issue with an unexpected painting of the Groupy bar background when Mica effect is selected and OS transparency option is disabled.

  • Adjusted save group logic to fix a possible issue with the incorrect name being used for 'Save' option.

  • Strips off -startup command line for everything.exe

  • Resolved issue with saving Edge/Chrome windows with custom profiles in a group.  Note Groups containing one of these will need to be resaved.

  • Resolved issue with line between app and groupy tabs being too dark when maximized on Windows 11.

  • Now strips off the path in the save groupy menu item as redundant.

  • Added options to control what the close button does on with integrated tabs.

  • Resolved slowness issue with adding a new tab from the ungrouped window Groupy bar when maximized if the app was a chromium derivative app

  • Resolved maximized window offset issue when new tab added from ungrouped window Groupy bar

Groupy 2 General Release Changelog (Released 06/14/2023)


  • Groupy 2 released for

  • Group 2 Steam release date: tbd

  • GroupyConfig.exe version UI Groupy 2.0


  • Double-clicking on a custom rule performs an edit operation in UI

  • The pick file button for rules is now changed to a drop-down menu listing running processes as well as a file browser for ease of use

  • Fixed painting size of mouseover highlight on the + button when in non-expanded bar mode with traditional tabs

  • Fixed dark mode border color painting when in mode to have color on title bars

  • Fixed bar width on Win10 and removed extra line under it

  • Fixes Ctrl-T support only working when Ctrl-N is also enabled

  • Modified Custom rules process picker to correctly show Store apps

  • Groupy UI documentation finalized

  • Supported language localizations added (please see)

  • Fixed inability to scroll block/allow applications list


  • Resolved issue with deleting sub-rules in custom rules

  • Blocked add new tab button on Steam

  • Renamed "Show Add Tab button" to "Show create new tab option"

  • Made active tabs have a bold font to make them more obvious

  • Implemented support for ctrl+T for opening new tabs with option to enable.  Enabled in Notepad and Explorer as this already does this action

  • Tweak to initially opening maximized windows getting clipped title bar

  • Resolved issue with Save Group not resaving the group file whilst Save As worked fine

  • Tweaked maximized window bar size when in enlarged bar mode which resolves a gap issue

  • Tweaked handling of maximized sandboxed apps when in autohide mode

  • Modified new tab to ensure the right type of window is added to the group

  • Added option to pick language on about page in config

  • Altered how old rules are handled when opening a new instance of an app that reuses an old process

  • Fix for issue with save as filename and custom rules not being zapped correctly on reload


  • Resolved issue with Steam not being able to auto group. Should impact related electron framework based apps with splash screens on startup

  • Resolved issue with custom rule counts not being saved correctly and thus not working

  • Added in multilanguage support ready for custom language files

  • Made active tabs have a bold font to make them more obvious

  • Implemented support for ctrl+T for opening new tabs with option to enable. Enabled in Notepad and Explorer as this already does this action

  • Tweak to initially opening maximized windows getting clipped title bar

Groupy 2 Public Beta #2 (Released 06/08/2023)


  • Resolved auto-grouping issue with Notepad and similar Store apps

  • Tweaked how some rules are linked to windows

  • Tooltip in Excel when resizing rows or selecting multiple rows should now not vanish when you have more than one Excel window in a Group

  • Added drop-down menu to new tab button and made new tab button show on all windows.  For those which do not support new tabs (or are unknown) it only shows a menu, otherwise, it is a split button keeping the new tab a one-click operation.

  • Added support to use Ctrl-N in apps that support creating new windows.  This will override whatever the app does.  Exclusions are possible by holding down shift when opening the Groupy menu and using the new menu item at the bottom of the menu.

  • UI option added to enable the Ctrl-N handling above

  • Buy link in UI fixed to open Groupy URL

  • Fixed issue with opening explorer windows maximized and them resizing to non maximized incorrectly


  • Fixed issue with preview flyouts not always showing correctly on inactive tabs

  • Added menu item to group submenu for ungrouped windows to add the process to the exclusion list

  • The exclusion list was enhanced to support universal apps rather than excluding all universal apps

  • Fixed issue with save group option on a pre-existing group acting like save group as in error in some situations

  • Fixed minor typo in UI

  • Fixed issue with add new tab button not working as intended with MS edge windows

  • Fixed issue with Ctrl-N in tabbed Windows Notepad causing a native tab to open rather than a Groupy one

  • Fixed issue with swapped mouse buttons (aka, lefty config) glitching \ freezing when you try to drag a Groupy bar \ click tabs


  • Option to hide left side Groupy menu added to advanced UI settings
    Added option to pick a hotkey for rename as finding one that works for everyone is going to be very hard

  • Expanding collapsed sections in the config UI will now scroll to ensure it is visible when expanded
    Implemented text language tweaks


  • Now respects the exclusion list with the ungrouped window bar as well.

  • Adjusted bar painting when maximizing and restoring windows.

  • Added options to control the color of non-integrated tabs and the background bar.

  • Resolved a problem with the close button on the tab bar not being entirely clickable in some circumstances.

  • Dragging the groupy tab bar (not the ungrouped one) will now allow Windows Snap features to work in most cases. There may be some windows that do not support this or situations when using screen recording apps where it may not be enabled.

  • MS Edge saved apps will now save correctly in groups. You will need to resave existing groups that contain those apps.

  • New option to delete saved groups from the config window.

  • Inactive tabs for integrated tab mode now have slightly greyed-out text making them more obvious.

  • A number of fixes for tab text color when in light and dark mode.

  • When in no background tabs on top mode maximized active tabs will maintain the colored tab look rather than the non-colored look.

  • Clicking the settings icon in Notepad will no longer result in a tab mispaint on Windows 11.

  • Accent colors can now be saved for universal apps correctly.

  • Resolved a crash in Notepad when turning off Groupy.

  • New option to force Groupy to think a window is either Light or Dark mode. The setting is saved per process. This is useful for Terminal which tells Groupy it is in Dark mode always, or Spotify which has a dark window but is marked as a light mode window.

  • Resolved issue with Notepad not opening documents from Explorer as new tabs in Notepad when replacing native tabs is disabled in Groupy.

  • Adjusted Groupy bar border color on MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook to match those apps.

  • Added right-click menu on saved groups to offer access to directly edit the Groupy file or make it easier to access for support reasons.

  • Fixed the issue with clicking on the config window when the activation screen is up causing the activation screen to get stuck under the window on Windows 11.

  • Resolved issue with some UI parts not supporting translation correctly.

  • Altered how saved groups are launched to prevent multiple groups from being launched at once.

  • Altered how saved group rules work to prevent some leftover rules from being used in the future in error.

  • Resolved an issue with saving tab names for multiple identical processes in a single group not always saving correctly.

  • Added option when in always autohide tab mode to pin a specific group to be always visible.

  • Added an option to advanced UI settings to make tabs square for those who prefer that look.

  • Tweaked some taskbar handling to see if that helps with Start11 hanging the taskbar for some people.

Groupy 2 Public Beta 1 (Released 05/10/2023)


  • Groupy 2 Public Beta released

Groupy 1.50 (Released 10/4/2021)

  • On Windows 11, explorer windows no longer have a black top bar when in combine mode.

  • Tweak to stop file copy dialogs being grouped with other windows (say xplorer2)

  • Tweak which may resolve black flash issue on Win7 when switching tabs,

  • Fix for FancyZones compatibility.

  • Note that tabs will not look ideal on Win11 and other issues may exist as early build of OS, but the worst issue (black bar) resolved.

  • Resolve a flicker issue changing tabs in Win11 sometimes (explorer only we think)

  • Fixed a problem with maximized windows shifting in from the screen border sometimes

  • Updated Korean language:;3809151

  • Fix for the reported issue with windows with text updating on another virtual desktop causing groupy flicker on the other desktop.

  • Tweaks + button to ignore the file passed to notepad so notepad always opens a new instance.

Groupy 1.49.1 (Released 6/14/2021)


  • Fixed a Groupy titlebar grab \ drag \ lag issue introduced in 1.49

  • Fixes an issue with auto-grouping ignoring locked status

  • Fixes bars showing on other virtual desktops when you switch to them briefly

  • Potentially resolves issue with auto grouping and virtual desktops grouping multiple windows from different groups


Groupy 1.48 (Released 3/16/2021)

Groupy 1.47 (Released 2/26/2021)

Groupy 1.46 (Released 12/1/2020)

Groupy 1.46 is an accumulation of changes



  • Fixed working directory on saved groups

  • Fixed issue with white title bars when color applied to title bars in Win10 causing white menus and non obvious active tabs in combine mode

  • Fixed issue with UWP apps sometimes not joining a group

  • Groups locked status is now saved in Groupy files

  • Renamed tabs are now saved in the Groupy file

  • Rename tab / save group now takes escape = cancel and enter = save to make using with keyboard easier

  • Default to selecting all text when renaming a tab to make life easier

  • When re-saving a previously saved (and executed) Groupy file, the name is now offered by default to save time

  • Fixed issue with auto-grouping an application when the same application had been launched for a specific group within the past 2 minutes as well.

  • Fixed potential issue with rules for a window no longer being applied after a set time period

  • Beta Discussion:

Groupy 1.44 (Released 10/27/2020)

  • Small tweak for a possible crash if Groupy was turned off very quickly after being turned on.

  • If a window has a blank caption it will paint the close tab button correctly now

  • If a window is not responding it should no longer leave the group when moved. It cannot be resized though or added to a group

  • Tweaks which may address an issue with leftover tab bars on-screen in edge cases

  • Discussion:

Groupy 1.43 (Released 9/22/2020)

Groupy 1.43 is a culmination of 2 prior betas. Below are the changelogs for each and links to the discussions for them.


  • Fixed an issue for where a gap appeared under the Groupy titlebar when adding to a maximized Group \ app

  • Fixed an issue that would see some apps (e.g. Photoshop) have bottom of view space cut off \ not visible. 

  • Fixed an issue that could have seen Windows Explorer become sluggish over time

  • Discussion:


  • Addressed an issue for some apps without standard titlebars not being correctly positioned in a maximized group resulting in some clipping of content.

  • Discussion:

Groupy 1.41 (Released 8/11/2020)

Groupy 1.41 is a culmination of multiple prior betas and some additional changes for 1.40. Below are the changlogs for each and links to the discussions for them.


  • Should address some languages not being able to create saved groups (Greek for example) or have access to the save text box at all (Chinese being one).


  • Fix issue with combine mode tab showing black with a very dark blue accent color

  • Fix for the edge of Excel/Word/Powerpoint etc going slightly off-screen when snapped to the left or right of the screen

  • Fix for higher than expected CPU when Excel is used to hide a worksheet

  • Possible fix for Teams / WhatsApp / other electron apps from being slightly out of alignment with other apps in a tab group

  • Addresses an issue with active tabs when they are not the foreground window using darker Curtains themes having a wrong text color (combine mode)

  • Fixes a Curtains issue to keep dark mode tabs when using a curtains style when in combine mode

  • Fixes themes which use the solid area under text to correctly blank out the area under the tabs and + / ... buttons when in combine mode (the macmono style is one such style)

  • May address legacy Microsoft Office store version where it may not open member apps from a saved group

  • Add tab (+) will now launch a new tab as elevated if the original tab was also elevated.

1.39 Beta

  • Fixed an issue where the min, max, close buttons could be clipped under certain conditions

  • To improve the success rate of adding an app to a group with delayed grouping enabled, to make it more obvious that an app will be grouped when moved to an area, we expanded the tabbing area to include the tabs when they are placed above the titlebar.

  • Discussion:

1.38 Beta

  • Some tweaks for Curtains compatibility

  • Font on tab tweaked to be slightly bigger to match OS correctly

  • Excel and Word add tab button no longer caused Excel/Word to hang around after you close all windows

  • Groupy tabs update for change in color scheme with curtains now

  • Fixes where Curtains 1.0 had a different image for the left-most tab in Groupy

  • Enables the newly added global close button (top right in Groupy) could be skinned in Curtains

  • Discussion:

1.37 Beta

  • Addressed an issue that would cause Groupy 1.36 beta to crash if Curtains RC2 was installed.  This 1.37 version must be installed to avoid that crash if Curtains RC2 is installed

  • Discussion:  

1.36 Beta

  • Curtains style support - requires at least Curtains Beta 6 

  • Automatic selection of suitable colors when using a curtains style without custom groupy parts - Needs Curtains Beta 6

  • Expanded max tabs in a group from 25 to 50

  • Fixed LibreOffice/OpenOffice not grouping when launched from a saved group

  • When in dark mode the tab bar is now dark in all apps for foreground state

  • Added new close all button on far right of tab bar. This only applies to tabs above mode and only when tab bar is set to fill full width

  • Fixed an issue with a tab group being slightly too small leaving a gap when maximized on higher scale factors

  • Fixed an issue with FancyZones not detecting the drag of a group when dragging the tab bar

  • Fixed an issue with FancyZones which resulted in the tab bar being outside of the zone in some circumstances

  • Fixed an issue with the option to hold ctrl down to make a new window merge with the last window if a window had been closed from a group recently

  • Tweaked hold ctrl down to make new windows merge with the last window to make it respect the exclusion/inclusion list settings

  • Stopped Groupy trying to launch documents as elevated when the user has disabled UAC entirely on their system

  • Locking a group should no longer prevent grouping from working once that group is closed

  • Steam and similar apps with custom titlebars no longer get clipped on the left-hand border when in a group and maximized

  • Fixed an issue with combine if possible groups not allowing switching to other tabs when your mouse is at the very top of the screen

  • Fixes an issue with a blank area below maximized apps with custom titlebars

  • Fixes an extra 1-2 pixel line under apps when on scaling > 1 with some apps

  • Excel macro editor can no longer be added to a group as it is not compatible

  • Dragging a window to a group that's maximized on another monitor should not cause the group to jump to the monitor the new window was on before dragging started

  • Maximized windows of differing types should have more consistent tab heights

  • Added option to use the middle button in explorer to act as double click on items and middle button on a blank area to go up a level in a folder

  • Added related option to make a middle button click open folder as tab

  • Added option to use ctrl+tab for tab switching (advanced page)

  • Tweaked office file saving to use Unicode rather than ANSI for checking for existence just in case this is causing an issue for foreign setups

  • Discussion:

Groupy 1.32 (Released 3/18/2020)

  • Fixed scaling issue with Groupy UI at 125%

  • Added French and Dutch translations

  • Updated Simplified Chinese

  • Added Traditional Chinese

Groupy 1.3 (Released 12/10/2019)

  • Fixes maximization issue with explorer in the combine mode (no longer clips the taskbar).

  • Groupy no longer prevents Windows from shutting down.

  • Tab background bar defaults to grey.

  • Fixed white tab color issue with Win10 Insider build.

  • Groupy now works better with sandboxed applications such as Chrome.

  • Installer now includes German translation.

  • Added Chinese.

  • Windows 10 Insider Build Only: Fixed issues with some Windows Store apps not showing the '+' option in Groupy.

Groupy 1.25 (Released 8/7/2019)

  • Windows 10 Dark Mode UI support

  • Resolved some tab color issues with the KB4505903 update for Windows 10 in dark mode

Groupy 1.21

  • Windows 10 Light Mode optimization

Groupy 1.20

  • Ability to add a delay before grouping your windows together.

Groupy 1.19

  • Fixes issue with combine mode tabs being the wrong color background on Win8/10

  • Fixes an issue to allow LibreOffice/OpenOffice to open new tabs correctly and also closing them should maintain focus correctly

Groupy 1.18

  • Adds in dark mode explorer support

  • Added Unicode support

Groupy 1.17

  • Adds button in config to access saved groups

  • Adds message about where saved groups are saved when you save a group

  • Fix for issue on 32-bit Win8/10 with combined Explorer bars

  • Fix a case where Explorer titlebar extra bits would show when using combine tabs mode

  • Fix for issue with the new tab button not having a background painted when in tabs above mode when fill tabbar not on but hide groupy button

Groupy 1.16

  • Adds new tab creation for Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer if you set them to have a Groupy new tab button (it's tabs all the way down...)

  • Adds option to make exclusion list an inclusion list for grouping (under Exclusions dialog)

  • Opening new Office tabs via + should be quicker

  • OneDrive files in Office apps will save correctly

  • Cleaned up flicker when opening a new tab in Explorer

  • Cleaned up flicker when dragging a tab from a group and using tabs integrated into the titlebar

  • Cleaned up jumping slightly on dragging a maximized group from the Groupy bar

  • Tweaked resize from the top of a group to have 4 pixels vs 1 space

  • Misc : Right click on a tab shows the Groupy ... menu

  • Misc : Dragging tabs now has an enlarged amount of drag needed to start them moving (8 pixels vs 4)

  • Misc : Dragging single tab groups or from the extended bar when in tabs above mode now starts dragging of the window instantly vs needing 4 pixels to drag

  • Misc : You can now drag a maximized window from the extended tab bar or from the tab (single tab / only allow dragging with shift/right click on)

  • Misc : Right click menu now has the options it usually hides depending on need set to disabled to keep consistency

  • Fixes : Outlook and OneNote no longer have the wrong tab colours

  • Fixes : Command lines with " around them now are kept in groupy files. This requires resaving any existing .groupy files.

  • Fixes : Tab look tweaked for always above mode when your OS colour scheme is set to always use white titlebars.

  • Fixes : Cursor correctly changes to size cursor when on top of tabs

  • Fixes : Issue with dragging a tab off a group and then instantly trying to put it back in the same group resolved. It now regroups correctly

  • Fixes : Issue with autogroup all word/excel/powerpoint/explorer windows interfering with saved groups resolved

  • Fixes : Issue with applications with dynamic classnames resolved for saved groups. This should help VS2017, Affinity Photo, MailWasher Pro etc

  • Fixes : Non UWP apps purchased via the store can now be saved in a group successfully and relaunched and grouped. You will need to resave any groups that had those apps in them.

  • Fixes : Older VB6 and Delphi applications may be allowed to group now

  • Fixes : Maximizing a group on one monitor and dragging to another should not swap tabs

  • Fixes : Correctly saves items launched from console windows

  • Fixes : for Office on 32-bit

  • Fixes : the shift + win + arrow issue with maximized windows

Groupy 1.10

  • Adds : support for saving groups that can be launched again later (either grouped or ungrouped)

  • Adds : support for saved groups with Explorer, Word, Excel, and Powerpoint to remember the location/files that were being worked on

  • Adds : option to add a New tab button to running applications (defaults to on for Explorer windows)

  • Fixes : under the hood compatibility fixes and performance improvements

Groupy 1.02

  • Adds: support for changing the hotkey for international users

  • Adds: option to only group when right button is also held down when dragging

  • Adds : Option on Windows 8/10 to hide all taskbar buttons for windows in a group bar the active one (under more settings drop down).

  • Adds : Three dot menu now offers Close all windows in this group option which sends close to them all.

  • Adds : Three dot menu now offers ungroup all which ungroups the windows in the group.

  • Added under more settings an option to show or not show the inactive tab preview image.

  • Added in the option to pick the inactive tab / bar colour for focused and non focused states.

  • Fixes: ungrouping an autogrouping window getting regrouped the next time a window opened

  • Fixes: hide taskbar buttons option not working on Win7/8 (does not work with Modern apps, as they are special...)

  • Fixes : Issue with Win10 virtual desktops with minimized groups on a switch showing the groupy bar.

  • Fixes : issue with Win10 virtual desktops auto grouping windows from the wrong desktop.

  • Fixes : Dragging a maximized group from one monitor to another monitor no longer causes tab group to switch monitors.

  • Fixes : Auto grouping now works correctly when only group windows of the same type is enabled.

  • Fixes : If you minimize a maximized group and then click on the taskbar button of another member of the group it no longer shows up non maximized.

  • Fixes : Tweaks autogrouping which may help with an issue reported where the first group didn't show the tabs correctly.

  • Tweaks : Now defaults to tinting the bar based on the tab colour vs a pale grey as before (existing setting, changed default value).

Groupy 1.0

  • First public build for trial and standalone purchase.

  • Fixes for cmd on Win7/8, maximized Office apps, Microsoft Edge slowdown, and more.

Groupy 0.85 Beta

  • Added auto grouping options to include all Example.exe processes in the same group.

  • Added initial popup indicating how to use Groupy.

  • Added middle button to close a tab option.

  • Changed closing a tab to switch back to the previously used tab vs the first.

  • Fixes for tab bar becoming non responsive to clicks.

  • Improved compatibility for Photoshop, Visual Studio, virtual desktops (Win10), and WindowBlinds.

  • Improved tab switching performance.

  • Tweaked UI and animation.

  • Not fixed: Microsoft Edge slowdown. It's being worked on.

Groupy 0.80 Beta

  • Initial beta.