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Multiplicity Changelog

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Multiplicity 3.6 Changelogs (Released 07/18/2023)


Stardock Release: 07/18/2023

Steam Release: 07/24/2023


Updated Korean localization. Credit hsool


  • Fix for an issue with Multiplicity not reconnecting after a computer is rebooted sometimes for a very long time.

  • Localizations added for:

    • Spanish

    • French

    • German

    • Traditional Chinese

    • Simplified Chinese

    • Korean

    • Russian

    • Portuguese Brazil

    • Japanese


Multiplicity 3.57 (Released 3/30/2021)

Multiplicity 3.57 is a culmination of 2 revisions

3.57 Changelog

3.56 Changelog

  • This has some changes to the keyboard handling queue to further prevent the possibility it could stall things

Multiplicity 3.55 (Released 1/13/2021)

Multiplicity 3.55 is a culmination of 3 betas

3.55 Changelog:

  • Further tweaked the pop-up issue

  • Fixed KVM sidebar to be high dpi aware, fixes positioning issue reported here:

  • Fixed an issue that when you close the KVM sidebar, the desktop space for it was not freed correctly

3.54 Changelog:

3.53 Changelog:

Multiplicity 3.50 (Released 8/13/2020)

  • Adds a flush DNS entry to the right-click menu (for when your computer has changed IP and the OS doesn't know as it has cached it)

  • Adds a message about disabling the cloud clipboard sharing in the OS if detected once

  • Adds text about the VirtualBox network adapter breaking WakeOnLan

  • Tweaks how it handles cursors if PCs are under heavy load

  • Modifies how it polls for certain events which might make it more friendly to machines with huge numbers of CPU cores rather than potentially keeping them awake

  • Swaps the mouse buttons if you have swap mouse buttons enabled so it doesn't double swap.

  • Should address the issue with cursor shrinking in mixed dpi setups

  • Fixed issue with Drag and Drop that could have it not work consistently if Primary had a higher DPI scale than the destination Secondary

  • Fixed an issue where the Primary setting 'Prevent secondary computers auto sleeping whilst using this computer' would not work.