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Start10 Changelog

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Start10 v1.96

  • Some tweaks to search to ensure the Start10 search isn't run ever if you are using Cortana mode and to ensure the search is terminated if you close the menu.
  • Forum Discussion

Start10 v1.95

  • Addresses missing control panel search entries on Windows build 2004
  • Some UI changes to account for Stardock Curtains
  • Fix to avoid crash issue with newer Curtains builds
  • Tweaks how blur is handled on the menu in an effort to address a mixed dpi setup issue
  • Tweak for the replace Start10 search with Cortana option to reduce the instances of lost/misordered first char in the search
  • Forum Discussion

Start10 v1.94

  • Improved WindowBlinds skin support
  • Addresses failed installs when Windows Controlled Folder Access \ Ransomware Protection is enabled
  • Add additional support for new Stardock product: Curtains

Start10 v1.9 (1.91)

  • Fixed some fonts not painting correctly when using Windows 10 beta UTF-8 option
  • Fixed Start10 button resize issue
  • Fixed Start10 uninstall showing multiple entries
  • Fixes issue with jumplists for calculator and edge so they no longer prompt about not finding a file.
  • Fixed issues in beta 1.90 where it broke other - 'most recently used' jumplists.
  • May fix 'Update and Shutdown / restart' - size / clipping issue with some reported WindowBlinds skins
  • Updated French and Dutch translations

Start10 v1.8

  • The shutdown content menu will now correctly reflect when updates are pending
  • Fixes an issue where the "Hibernate" option no longer shows in the shutdown menu
  • Improved universal app icon extraction
  • Updated French, Italian, German, and Spanish translations

Start10 v1.75

  • Dark mode support!
  • Bug fixes

Start10 v1.71

  • Fixes incompatibilities with Cortana while running Windows 10 1903

Start10 v1.7

  • Improved skinning support
  • Compatibility with Windows 10 1903's light theme

Start10 v1.61

  • Fixes issue with searching control panel items

Start10 v1.60

  • Updated for Windows 1803 to fix searching in start menu
  • Added new blur option for Windows 1803 (on by default)
  • Links to the Games and Homegroup folders on Windows 1803 will not work(Microsoft deprecated those locations)

Start10 v1.56

  • Fixed activation window opening twice
  • Fixed taskbar texture issue

Start10 v1.55

  • Fix for Desktop menu when Fences is not installed
  • Security update
  • Bug fixes

Start10 v1.5

  • Integrates Fences and desktop icons into "All Programs"
  • Search results can be filtered
  • WindowBlinds tweaks
  • Bug fixes

Start10 1.10

  • WindowBlinds10 compatibility tweaks
  • Configuration UI tweak for high DPI

Start10 1.08

  • Fix for "Settings" link not working correctly on some computers
  • Additional WindowBlinds 10 (now in beta for Object Desktop owners) support

Start10 1.07

  • Fixes an issue where the "This PC" link opens MS Edge on the November Windows 10 update

Start10 1.06

  • Fixes for the Windows 10 November update, that affected the jumplists and taskbar

Start10 1.05

  • Fixes for insider preview builds of Win10
  • Fix for the back button in tablet mode
  • Changes to support WB10 when released

Start10 1.02

  • Enterprise Support
  • Bug Fixes

Start10 1.01

  • New feature to control the start menu transparency
  • Additional bug fixes

Start10 1.00

  • Fix for issue with the taskbar and search boxes
  • Adds option to hide search on the taskbar
  • Adds in taskbar customization features
  • Brings the advanced start menu appearance options to the main UI vs hidden under a button
  • Adds an option to use cortana search instead of Start10
  • Additional bug fixes

Start10 0.99 beta

  • Added OS blur for the default and modern themes when transparent.
  • Now picks up the Windows 10 color scheme.
  • Updated UI that brings the modern theme onto the main page and adds a more visual way to choose start buttons.
  • New advanced style options.

Start10 0.57 beta

  • Improved 32-bit performance.
  • Fixed new version update installation bug.

Start10 0.56 beta

  • Fixed an issue for using start button on secondary taskbar.
  • Removed extra Modern UI applications from the lists.
  • Improved how colors are handled and enabled the a setting for the OS to not apply colors to the start menu.
  • Removed the disable corner hotspot setting from the UI.