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Start11 Changelog

Start11 1.47 Changelog (Released 07/24/2023)


1.47 (Binaries

Stardock release: 07/24/2023

Steam release: 07/24/2023


1.47 (Binaries

  • Fixes issue with right-click on network / audio icons far right of the Win11 taskbar not working right if you use experimental center mode

  • Fixed issue with right-click close window on open task manager when using Enhanced Taskbar in Win11

  • Fixed issue with Virtual Desktops popup not showing shifted when in experimental center mode.


1.47 (Binaries

  • Resolved issue with Close window showing instead of Close All Windows/On this monitor when right-clicking on the taskbar buttons when in sometimes combine mode on Win11.

  • Added registry key for forcing Close All Windows to show on Win11.  It is ForceCloseAllAlways in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Stardock\Start8\Start8.ini\Start8

  • Small adjustment to how the start menu closes due to a report of it being clickable when closed.  Could not repro internally

  • Resolved issue with being unable to scroll the calendar in Win11 and not being able to use touch on some popups from the taskbar

  • Updated how Win key and ctrl+escape are handled for later versions of Win11 based on customer feedback

  • Tweak to line showing on taskbar when Start11 is not handling the taskbar on Win11


  • Fixes issue with Winkey hotkeys sometimes triggering the Start11 menu in error.  More likely with longer key sequences.

  • Fixes issue with autohide potentially causing issues with taskbar contents positioning when on touch laptops

  • Added support for a string registry value ShowAllNonUWAOnTaskbar in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Stardock\Start8\Start8.ini\Start8.  When set to "1" it will show all non universal windows on the taskbar even when using virtual desktops regardless of the desktop they are on.

Start11 1.46 Changelog (Released 06/27/2023)



Version: 1.46 ( file version)

  • NEW : Right-click on the taskbar button now offers Close Window instead of Close All Windows on Windows 11

  • Now supports win key when foreground app is elevated

  • Resolves issue with taskbar line not always showing correctly on Win11 22H2 when taskbar enhancements are disabled.

  • Added option to block Winkey handling entirely when in a fullscreen application

  • Resolved some taskbar incompatibility issues with right-clicking on the taskbar on recent dev channel builds of Win11.

  • Adjusted taskbar button flashing color in light mode as too pale

  • Resolved issues with apps that rapidly update the taskbar progress bars hanging the taskbar for periods

  • Workaround for a crash caused by Grammarly being installed when using sub-menus

  • Fixed issue with taskbar shifted up when using non-standard scaling factors (like 140%)

Start11 1.45 Changelog (Released 06/06/2023)


Stardock Release: 06/06/2023
Steam Release: 06/07/2023 (Planned) (file version) - 1.45 in UI


  • WinKey handling on the very latest Win11 builds improved so if the user is using Explorer patcher or using the right WinKey it will now support those. 
    Note: Elevated apps in the foreground are currently not supported.  Further investigation is required to support these. 

  • A further tweak to how the touch taskbar is detected on Win11 (file version) - 1.45 in UI


  • Additional fixes that we believe address some of the reported compatibility issues with the KB5026446 Windows 11 release. 


  • Has a tweak for the taskbar shifting issue when on Win11 with touch-capable hardware. It should, at the very least, fix the issue with having an external monitor and turning it off and going back to internal when DPIs didn't match (file version) - 1.45 in UI


  • This fixes 6309 (Right-click of sound on TB opens up on 2nd monitor).

  • Fixes taskbar issue when switching primary monitor by unplugging monitors.

Start11 1.44 Changelog (Released 05/01/2023)


Stardock release: 05/01/2023

Steam: TBD


  • Tweaked detection of touch mode taskbar enabled devices (should fix misaligned systray issues)

  • Tweaked color of flashing taskbar button in dark more to be more visible

  • Version is 1.44 ( on file version)

Start11 1.43 Changelog (Released 04/03/2023)


Pushed live on Steam


Pushed live for purchases.


  • UI versioned updated to 1.43 (file version

  • Detects canary channel as insider as well

  • Brings the winkey fix from old dev channel builds over to beta channel fixes and above


  • Updated localization for new strings


  • File version UI version 1.42

  • Better support for larger start buttons on KB5022913

  • Improved compatibility with touch mode taskbar on KB5022913

  • Resolved an issue that could cause the taskbar contents to shift down after a DPI change sometimes

  • Added in new UI strings to warn users about changing the taskbar size needing enhanced taskbar enabled and likewise for autohide

  • Added new size on KB5022913 called Small with wide icon spacing which is small height but pads out the buttons wider as it did on previous OSes


  • Start11 UI ‘About’ will read 1.42

  • Fix for WinX menu appearing far left when right-clicking centered Start11 menu (Windows 11 only currently)

  • Further tweaks for > 2 monitor setups

  • Adjusted small taskbar buttons to be slightly wider on 22H2 KB5022913

  • Fixed some tablet PC taskbar issues

  • Now supports wider start buttons but only when enhanced taskbar is enabled AND for primary monitor only if you have > 2 monitors

  • Fixed some search positioning issues


  • Further tweaks to stop a repaint issue with icons showing under the tray icons in a very rare situation on Win11 KB5022913


  • Fixes the windows menu not working right when using center mode in S11 and using search box mode on the taskbar and using enhance taskbar in S11 along with using the Windows menu vs ours.

  • Another tweak to finally sort out that taskbar, without blur, resetting to 100% solid mode ‘after running games’ issue

Start11 1.4.11 Changelog (Released: 03/07/2023)


  • Version updated to (1.41 in UI)

  • Addresses the issue with parts of the tray not painting when in experimental center mode on Win11 22H2 KB5022913 and a further tweak to taskbar transparency being lost due to an OS bug on the same update.


  • Version updated to

  • Fix for taskbars without blur losing transparency after screen change events when on KB5022913 due to a new OS bug

  • Fix for Win10 menu mode being left in A-Z picker mode if closed when in that mode

  • Fix for Win10/11 folder groups having the wrong order of icons painted when collapsed sometimes

  • Fixed an issue with if you set a custom taskbar color to black and then disable blur and set transparency to 0% (aka fully transparent) then the taskbar turned solid instead

  • Updated localization files with new text.


  • Version updated to (1.4 in UI)

  • A fix for the taskbar controls being misaligned on the taskbar on a tablet when you have, at some point, used a custom scaling factor and have resized the taskbar.

  • A tweak for resizing taskbars in that mode to workaround a rounding error and refreshes the taskbar blur after screen resolution changes etc.

  • Adjusted small mode taskbar to have larger icons on ‘KB5022913’ as the start button + taskview etc buttons are larger on that OS in that state so increased to match a bit better


  • Version updated to (1.4 in UI)

  • Fixes the position of the new search box on the taskbar with ‘KB5022913’ when the multiline taskbar is enabled or the taskbar is on top.

  • Small-mode taskbar items now have a wider active indicator bar under them

  • A tweak to the detection of the touch-optimized taskbar capable hardware

  • A tweak to swapping from large/small icons when switched to autohide mode

  • Improved WB compatibility so a WB skin now correctly shrinks the start button


  • Versioned as on the file itself (1.4 in UI)

  • Fixes a slow taskbar issue with enhanced taskbar on

  • Makes the search box shift over correctly when clicked when the taskbar is showing the search box and Start11 is in experimental center mode

  • Fixes a jump to invisible default buttons issue on the config when jumping to default buttons is enabled in some mouse driver

  • Allows the taskbar to paint black

  • Tweaks the sync pins code to see if that helps with a report of it looping.

  • Forces autohide taskbars to medium bar size as the new Windows 11 taskbar only supports that


  • Build updated to (Start 11 ‘About’ will still read 1.4, however).

  • Addressing compatibility issues associated with KB5022913

    • Fixed the issue with the secondary taskbars when in only show buttons on the monitor the window is on mode and also a fix for the line on the taskbar not appearing over some parts of the taskbar correctly


  • Updated S11 to 1.4 which (hopefully) will address the issues introduced with the new Windows taskbar in Windows 11 build: 22621.1324 and beta/dev channel insider

Start11 1.39.1 (Released 02/23/2023)

  • Fix for improper clock location on secondary monitors

  • Fix for start menu being solid when it should not be which may have been new in 1.36+,

  • Fix for a switching issue between tablet mode and non-tablet mode with Windows Insider taskbar on a tablet

  • Fix for flashing taskbar buttons being bright red. Now, it will match Win11 colors.


Start11 1.39 (Released 02/08/2023)

1.39 (02/08/2023)

Updated version

1.38 (01/23/2023)

  • Updated version to 1.38

  • A further tweak to system tray icon painting

  • A fix for renaming an item in a child group not showing the new name when collapsed and then expanded again until explorer is restarted.

  • Added user created Greek Lang. Credit: Hary-k;3876516

1.37 (1/16/2023)

  • Fixed taskbar display offset when using Start11 on a device with a touchscreen.
    Note: This was seen on Windows Insider builds only

  • Fixes machines on battery power on insider having darker start menus (the more transparent, the darker it was)

  • Improves how we handle insider taskbar in general even on non-tablet devices

  • Support for message count indication on WhatsApp on the taskbar

  • A possible fix for overlapping system tray icons for those who encountered that

  • A tweak to the config on HDR displays to stop a text painting issue

  • Fix for taskbar on newer Windows builds being clipped sometimes


Start11 1.36 (Released 12/08/2022)

Start11 1.36 is a culmination of many prior betas. 


  • Fixed an issue with OS MinWidth entry for taskbar having bad data causing very small taskbar buttons

1.35 (beta only)

  • Fixed a crash possibility for Windows 10 style when dragging an icon from the left to the right if no groups to place it in existed.
    Credit: Naxterra for the heads up:

  • Further WB compatibility tweaks:

    • Fix when the skin not working correctly with the Win10/Win11 styles when not offset from the taskbar.

    • Fixes issues with WB skins with animated start menus

    • Fixes an off-by-1 clipping issue on custom images for shortcuts when in Win10 style

    • Fixes two-row taskbar with WB not being right on Win11

1.34 (beta only)

1.33 (beta only)

  • Updated version to 1.33

  • Compatibility fixes for WindowBlinds 11

1.32 (beta only)

  • Addressed remaining conditions where taskbar thumbnail images could be misaligned. 

  • Resolved an issue with the taskbar not being able to be resized on 22H2 sometimes

  • Resolved an issue with small taskbar and the system tray icons being cut to one row vs two on 22H2 when using enhanced taskbar with a one-row taskbar

  • Optimized Start11 startup

  • Resolved an issue with the system tray icons on 22H2 in rare circumstances not repainting the background under them / under the network+sound icons

  • Resolved an issue with dragging taskbar buttons where if you left the taskbar area then it would jump between insertion points and not allow any drag to be successful

  • Fixes  and a resource leak found when using with WB11

  • Tweaked engage Cortana mode to resolve a potential issue with it not always engaging if you opened Cortana just before the start menu

  • Changed Win11 menu so if you disable Start11 search the search field will disappear by default but will respect the option to show/hide the field too

  • Tweak for Search mode in Win7 skins to be light mode

  • Change to Start11 running to hopefully workaround some PowerShell issues on shutdown for some users in edge cases.
    This change will potentially impact support for third-party apps which can launch Start11 such as DisplayFusion. It should detect this correctly but if not adding a registry key of type string with value "1" called AllowThirdPartyTaskbars to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Stardock\Start8\Start8.ini\Start8 should revert to the old system.

  • Fixed issue with recolored start menu textures using OS accent color not refreshing on color change

  • Icon overflow (hidden icons) with new Win11 taskbar (insider dev/beta) now shows correctly when the taskbar is at the top of the screen.

  • Added support for setting the taskbar button size (unless there is insufficient room) when allowing Start11 to enhance the taskbar via the OS regkey MinWidth stored at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics Unlike on Win10, this will scale for dpi correctly allowing consistency over multiple monitors with different scale factors.

  • Tweaked sign-out / shutdown menus when in Dark taskbar mode to use a dark menu rather than light.

  • Tweak to resolve an issue with the line on the taskbar in 22H2 being too transparent when in dark mode

  • Tweaked default taskbar transparency on Win11 22H2 when in dark mode as slightly too solid by default

  • Resolved crash changing custom icon for a tile in Win10 menu (or custom image on Win11 menu) if you move the mouse over the menu whilst picking

  • Fixed an issue with excessive titlebar caption changes in apps triggering excessive refreshes of the taskbar causing a lag issue on the taskbar with enhanced taskbar enabled.

  • Resolved crash issue when searching for more than 31 chars in a single word

  • Dragging two or more items into a Win11 group in the menu no longer causes a resort to put the newest one to the far left

  • Resolved issue with progress bars on combined taskbar buttons not always showing correctly

  • Resolved issue with some pinned shortcuts (imported from the OS menu) not showing the jump lists on right-click in Win10/11 menu mode

  • Resolved issue with being unable to pin steam apps to win7/modern menu from search

  • Taskbar search mini preview should reposition itself correctly after a brief pause on the initial show when using centered taskbar mode on 22H2

  • WB skins should now support blur on the background of the startmenu (Win7/modern). May require WB 11 beta 2

  • Win10/11 style all programs list now respects icon set for folders vs using a default icon

  • Taskbar thumbnail popup window will no longer go partially offscreen with a very large number of windows owned by a single app when using enhanced taskbar on Windows 11

  • Tweak to thumbnail popup window positioning when in center mode with enhanced taskbar

  • Resolved issue with not being able to right-click on the first 50 pixels of the taskbar when in center mode with enhanced taskbar in Win11

  • Fixed issue with double animation with WFX start menu animations enabled (To use you MUST disable the Start11 animation in Start11 first)


Start11 1.31 (Released 10/19/2022)

  • Right-click on the left side of centered taskbars when the enhanced taskbar is enabled now correctly shows the menu on secondary monitors

  • Fixed issue with closing one item from the thumbnail popup from the taskbar in enhanced mode making the popup window jump to the far left of the screen sometimes

  • The line on 22H2 taskbars now adjusts with the alpha set on the taskbar by the user and is hidden entirely when the taskbar is on top. You can also create a registry key in the usual location of type string and give it a value of "1" and a name of "HideTaskbarLineEntirely" should you wish to always hide the line entirely.

  • Fixed mouseover pinned item tooltip moving away sometimes when leaving the taskbar

  • Fences items in Win11 menu mode will now save their order. Note that no gaps are saved in Win11-style menus only the order is

  • Tweak to refreshing apps list when new apps are installed as the search did not always refresh correctly for the newly installed application

  • Native Windows 11 will now center exactly vs in line with the start button when Start11 enhances the taskbar and had a centered start button. You can also create a registry key in the usual location of type string and give it a value of "1" and a name of "ForceWin11MenuToOffset" should you wish to line up with the start button as it did in 1.3

  • Fixed an issue with the taskbar on top having a gap at the bottom of the screen that maximized windows did not use when using the enhanced taskbar

  • Fixed issue with taskbar clock on primary monitor not showing up with enhanced taskbar enabled sometimes initially until a resize or click on the more system icons button

  • Fixed issue with the desktop area (that maximized windows use) not being correct after some screen resolution/display config changes

  • Fix for secondary taskbar buttons on occasion overlapping the Win11 widgets/teams/search icons when using center mode with Start11 enhancing the taskbar

  • Adds in the messaging about center mode needing the enhanced taskbar option on to function.

  • Added the two strings to the en and en-us lng files

  • Fixed an issue where some Win10 \ 11 PCs would not show 'sleep' in Start11.

  • Update translation strings


Start11 1.30 (Released 10/11/2022)

Start11 1.30 is a culmination of many prior betas. 


  • Versioned to 1.3

  • Fixed an issue with the WinKey fix for insider releases not working right if you wanted it to open the OS menu not S11 always

  • Fixed the issue with not pinning to the start menu when using Pin to Start on desktop shortcuts

1.28 (Beta only)

  • Winkey to open the start menu is restored on Insider builds

  • Toggling hide caption on an icon no longer jumps back to the first page

  • Right-clicking to the left of the start button when using the enhanced taskbar in center mode will now show the right-click menu correctly on the primary monitor

  • Config UI detects insider build with new taskbar and indicates which features do not work with that

  • Config UI detects Win11 22H2+ and indicates top align taskbars do not work with autohide enabled

  • Small timing tweak for center taskbar on Win11 with enhanced taskbar turned on for Insider builds

  • Fix for the right-click start button menu not painting right

  • Fix for the background of the taskbar having a color when the WB skin didn't define one

  • Fix for the position of the mini search popup and virtual desktops screen

  • Fix for the position of the native Win11 start menu all when having center taskbar with the enhanced taskbar enabled.

1.27 (Beta only)

  • Version 1.26 was updated to fix a pinning issue, version was updated as a result.

1.26 (Beta only)

  • NEW (experimental): Users can now center the Start11 button when using the Start11 Enhanced Taskbar. This supports custom start buttons too. 

  • New - You can now rename shortcuts on the Win10/11 style start menus via the right-click menu

  • Fixed issue with restart computer when other users are logged in not working correctly after the warning message.

  • Fixed alignment of the new centered start button option to take into account the extra width of the bar

  • Fixed issue with taskbar being sluggish when file copies were taking place when enhanced taskbar was enabled.

  • Added new localization strings for 1.26 for new UI changes

  • Resolved flicker issue when opening the start menu on Win11 insider builds when animations are disabled

  • A code change to potentially resolve an issue with universal app icons loading as solid black in edge cases

  • Change to initialization of taskbar code to possibly help with wrong icons loading from the icon cache for pinned items

  • Fixed issue with only 1 sysicon causing a scrolling arrow to show sometimes

  • Changed Start11 to open the menu on the primary monitor when opened via the Winkey rather than the monitor the mouse is on. If anyone wishes to use the old behavior you can do so by defining "OldWinKeyLogic" as a string value here HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Stardock\Start8\Start8.ini\Start8 and giving it a value of "1"

  • Fixed issue with keyboard not opening groups on the menu correctly when enter is pressed. Pressing space now also toggles them.

  • Fixed issue with rapid clicking on taskbar button with no other open windows not always minimizing the window consistently.

  • Resolved problem with some custom scaling factors causing the start menu to not show or show on the wrong screen.

  • Resolved issue where all programs button overlaps shutdown button when in compact mode Win7/modern style with quick launch hidden and search disabled.

  • Resolved issue with right-click on date when taskbar is at the top on Windows 11 providing a menu that did not work correctly when clicked.

  • Internal redesign of some taskbar logic to prevent the possibility of a hang

  • Now supports MS edge website shortcuts on the Win10/11 style start menus (Requires Windows 11)

  • Resolved issue with erroneous rapid clicking on the start button resulting in the menu not being visible but then animating out next time you click.

  • Fixed an issue on Windows 11 native start icon where it would not consistently register clicks, they would appear pent up and flash a bunch in a row.

  • Resolved flicker issue when opening the start menu on Win11 insider builds when animations are disabled

  • A code change to potentially resolve an issue with universal app icons loading as solid black in edge cases

  • Change to init of taskbar code to possibly help with wrong icons loading from the icon cache for pinned items

  • Updated user submitted Japanese translation (credit to user htakado)

  • Netflix when fullscreen (and other universal apps) no longer vanishes from the enhanced taskbar

  • Issues with multi-line system tray icons painting under the clock or leaving too much space etc resolved

  • Search for Windows settings items enhanced slightly

  • Search results for apps now show two lines of text vs one as some apps have quite long names which make it less usable

  • Taskbar shifting down 12 or so pixels (at 100% scaling) hopefully resolved

  • Taskbar shifting along the screen for some users on occasion hopefully resolved

  • Fixed issue with not showing Search/Task view / Widgets / Chat sometimes when toggled on from an off state

  • Fixed issue with Win7 mode where clicking to open the jumplist via keyboard (space key) didn't set the focus correctly to an expanded list

  • Worked around an issue with universal app icons when running caused by using Actual Window Guard

  • Worked around an issue with the menu closing incorrectly sometimes when you want to open it when using Actual Window Guard

  • Resolved issue with an explorer crash in rare circumstances with enhanced taskbar enabled

  • Search results for settings now wrap the text when required in Start11 search mode

  • Fixed issue with Brave browser profiles overlay image appearing bottom right (normal for Win10) rather than top right on the icon on Windows 11

  • Stopped very tall window switcher lists jumping to the top of the screen in error with enhanced taskbar enabled.

  • Resolved an issue with seconds on the clock in US region causing shifting of icons sometimes depending on the date

Start11 1.25 (Released 08/18/2022)

  • New - Wheel mouse over page switch area causes it to switch to another page. Also does it on page if no scrollbars there.

  • New - Show path on search results via tooltip (files / docs)

  • Added support for the forthcoming WindowBlinds 11

  • Fixed an issue where pin attempts from searches would fail

  • Fixed issue with $$$USERMENU$$$ error prompt - Win10 menu

  • Fix for X Mouse causing start menu to lose focus sometimes. Note this does not fix the native Windows 11 menu which experiences a very similar issue when the mouse is near the menu but not over it...

  • Fixed if pages not named then no shortcut text for folders showing in Win11 mode

  • Fixed issues with mouse clicks when over page bar as this causes problems with editing titles of groups

  • Adjusted icon spacing when in small taskbar mode

  • Tweak to for shutdown option installing updates correctly

  • Fixed issue with reboot always installing updates

  • Fixed issue with explorerpatcher running on Win11 dev builds causing a taskbar paint issue

  • Fixed issue with explorerpatcher installed but set to run Win11 taskbar (unsure why you would be doing this)

  • Fixed issue with running apps in dark mode when in always combine mode did not indicate they had mouseover / focus well at all - alpha is too light on border

  • Fixed issue with up arrow when opening Win10 menu not always moving from Shutdown button to bottom of quick access links list

  • Fixed issue with taskbar on top and tooltips overlapping taskbar when in autohide mode when not using Start11 taskbar feature

Start11 1.24 (Released 05/19/2022)

Start11 1.24 is a culmination of prior betas.


  • Removed a surplus UI button if you resize the config really tall on the main page and

  • Fixed the tooltip text for the Win10 menu style when all apps is hidden by default

  • One missing string which is added to the en lang file

  • Fix for error prompt about PowerShell showing if security settings block running it

  • Fix for ObjectDock running causing enhanced taskbar to lockup or run extremely slowly

  • Added support for shutdown / reboot when other users are logged into the computer

  • Added steam update support

  • Fix for issue with small mode taskbar sometimes causing a crash on explorer restart

  • Fixed issue with system tray icons sometimes shrinking or turning into one column when using enhanced taskbar mode

  • Fix for issue clicking on grouped taskbar button when primary monitor is to the right of the primary and mouse jumping to the corner sometimes (most likely on double click)

  • Fixed issue with prolonged cpu spike when opening jumplist from taskbar

  • Tweak to clicking on already running app in taskbar for detecting if to focus or minimize / restore

  • Added strings to en.lng and en-us.lng for new bits in 1.24

1.23 (Beta only)

  • Tweak for tooltips on autohide taskbar on top of the screen (possibly - did not test but tweaked logic)

  • Background color added to start button backgrounds in the config as white ones were invisible when light mode

  • Core language updates

    • German

    • Korean

    • Russian

    • Chinese (Simplified, Traditional)

    • Portuguese-Brazil

    • Note: While they should be complete, they have not been reviewed yet to ensure they all fit in the UI properly. Any that do not will be updated in a full release of this version.

  • Fixed issue on current Win11 dev/beta channel releases when hiding the show hidden system tray icons button on the taskbar causing all taskbar icons to vanish incorrectly

  • Different sized start buttons are now adjusted to fit correctly on Win11 dev/beta touch aware taskbar (now removed from Win11 builds). This means extra large ones will be shrunk to fit and small ones will be padded

  • Fixed issue with dark mode Win10 style having too solid a background color for the tile backgrounds

  • Fix issue with taskbar on top not allowing you to click to the very top and activate a taskbar button

  • Fixed issue where full taskbar will force scrolling quicker than Win10 taskbar with Enhanced Start11 taskbar in non combine mode

  • Fix issue with Fences in Win7/modern menu all programs list when dark not using a different colour for the text

  • Added registry key to disable Fences showing color in Win7/modern menu all programs list (NoColourForFencesFolders = 1 in usual registry location)

  • Fixed issue with pinned taskbar items having incorrect mouseover image edge color when using a dark taskbar

  • Fixed issue with default alpha on taskbar being incorrectly set when reset in software. Would need to reset taskbar alpha manually to fix

  • Fixed issue with Win11 Taskbar not respecting light/dark mode changes sometimes

  • Fixed issue with touch on Win10 start button

  • Fixed for the Win10 update (optional currently) where the background of the weather button on the taskbar doesn't respect the texture

  • Fixed issue with taskbar remaining on top when opening start menu from a full screen game/app on a secondary monitor

  • Fixed issue with multiline taskbar showing scrollbar when there is a spare row

  • Tweaks to improve search quality

  • Fix for insider so it correctly handles the taskbar and system tray (again!)

Start11 1.22 (Released 05/02/2022)

Start11 1.22 is a culmination of prior versions.


  • Language updates

    • Core supported languages:

    • Spanish (credit: fjmatad)

    • French (credit: DominiqueFaure)

    • Included languages but not supported:

    • Czech (credit: ludekdanzer)

    • Sweedish (credit: rj79048)

    • Italian (credit: Baio73)

    • Turkish (credit: erdogandemirtas)

  • Added option for seconds on clock to Start11 configuration screen (taskbar)

  • Improved painting performance of config UI when scrolling especially on Taskbar page as performance was slower than intended

  • Made config detect the use of insider channel versions of Windows and will indicate this on the about page

  • Help link on insider releases of Windows 11 changed to go to entry in FAQ explaining our policy on these OSes

  • Prevented a background refresh of menu contents while right click menu is open in Win10/11 menus

  • Prevented a background refresh of menu contents while dragging an item in the menu

  • Fixed issue with JetBrains Toolbox showing on the taskbar incorrectly

  • Fixed issue with focus being assigned to no window sometimes when minimizing a window from the taskbar by clicking on the taskbar button when enhanced taskbar mode is enabled

  • Added registry key to make Start11 never group pinned items with running apps - usual reg location "SeparatePins" set to 1

  • Added registry key to make Start11 taskbar buttons have less padding between and inside of them allowing more to fit. This only applies to pinned apps / running app buttons. It does not apply to the widgets, search etc icons. Usual reg location "CompactTaskbarButtons" set to 1.

  • Adding registry key to make Start11 have altered padding internally for taskbar app / pinned buttons. Usual reg location "TaskbarPadding" set to padding value

  • Added registry key to enable a start button compatibility mode if clicks are opening the Win11 menu - usual reg location "StartButtonCompatMode" set to 1

  • Added support for ShowSecondsInSystemClock registry key that worked on Win10 for seconds on the clock. May take a short while to apply after an explorer restart.

  • Fixed issue from prev build where clock on secondary taskbar was missing on Win11 dev/beta builds

  • Fixed issue on Win11 release where the right click menus on network / sound icons did not always accept input when enhanced taskbar was enabled

  • Shift + restart from the shutdown menu should now boot to recovery screen as it does with native menu

  • Fixed small resource leak when using enhanced taskbar and opening a window with an icon without an alpha channel. Typically this would be extremely old apps.

  • Fixed issue with right click on pinned icons (not running apps) showing menu off screen if too far left on screen

  • Fixed issue with occasional clicks on taskbar potentially causing an explorer crash on Windows 11

  • Fixing issue with elevated apps causing trouble with start button click on occasion

  • Tweak to hopefully resolve issue with first click on secondary taskbar start button not launching the menu on Win11 for some users.

  • Fixed issue with change of screen res / scaling causing taskbar to resize down to one row incorrectly on Win11

  • Changed how Start11 handles the taskbar shows when opening the start menu inside a fullscreen app / game

  • Fixed issue with pinning from new style all programs list onto Win7/Modern menu losing jumplists. Any existing shortcuts would need to be recreated.

  • Modified shutdown to support automatic restarting of apps before login where configured on the PC and on supported OS

  • Fixes 'This PC' link not showing in Fences on Start menu if it was in a fence

  • Deleting a fence on the desktop will now remove it from the start menu too rather than leaving a blank

  • Ensured every Win11 menu page has a group on it and all apps button

  • Resolved issue with thumbnail preview window jumping left sometimes when you clicked on the taskbar button when minimized

  • Fixed issue with a folder group on the Win11 menu style potentially painting under the page selection bar

  • If when expanding a folder group it doesn't fit on the menu then the menu will scroll to fit it

  • If in grouped taskbar mode then clicking on a button that is for more then 1 window will now show the thumbnail switcher rather than picking the last item

  • Win11 dev/beta channel tablet mode taskbar is now less visually horrible with S11 enhanced taskbar though not perfect

  • Fixed issue with drag & drop to the taskbar not bringing inactive windows to the front as it should have been

  • Fixed issue on dev builds of Win11 where the right hand system tray icons wouldn't appear after an explorer restart sometimes

  • Fixed that transparency string not using translations on beta/dev build of Win11

1.21 (Beta only)

  • NEW ** MS edge tabs now show in search results

  • NEW ** Search results now boost the last run item for a given search

  • Fixed issue with corrupted Minecraft icon causing the menu to crash

  • Fixed issue with a blank taskbar when enhanced taskbar enabled on Windows 11 and you have 2 or more monitors with the main monitor to the right of a secondary and taskbars only set to show on the main monitor.

  • Fixed issue with Win+ not rotating through the group of windows when more than one app running from the given task

  • Fixed issue with Win+ not always activating the right window depending on window visibility and monitor settings

  • Fixed issue with Win+ so it does not minimize windows which are part of a group (regardless of taskbar grouping status)

  • Fixed issue with clock on secondary taskbars being clipped slightly when using a small taskbar

  • Fixed incorrect icon used for pinned MS edge webpage shortcuts on the taskbar

  • Possible fix for incorrect background colour on some older icons on the taskbar

  • Made warning about left aligned start button when enhanced taskbar is enabled bold and red

  • Made prompt about enabling enhanced taskbar features popup when you enable it from the taskbar page too

  • Hidden "Sign-in options" from shutdown menu on Windows 11 non beta/dev as that is only shown by those OSes so may cause confusion and added registry key for those who wish to hide it on later OSes "DisableSignInOptionsLink" set to 1 in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Stardock\Start8\Start8.ini\Start8

Start11 1.20 (Released 4/06/2022)

Start11 1.2 is a culmination of prior versions.


  • Added option to disable taskbar animations

  • Fixed issue with hide text on taskbar buttons making taskbar buttons wider with no text when buttons with text wouldn't fit in the space provided

  • Fixed issue with multiline scrolling indicator not painting correctly

  • Enabled clicking above/below scrolling indicator on taskbar scrolls the taskbar rather than forcing dragging of the bar

  • Fixed issue with Win+number hotkeys not opening the right app sometimes

  • Ctrl + clicking grouped taskbar button now cycles through the open windows

  • Tweaks to handle tooltips better when taskbar is at the top of the screen and in autohide mode

  • Fixed issue with primary monitor to right of secondary causing a problem with taskbar interactions

  • Fixed issue with clicking very bottom of top aligned / top of bottom aligned taskbar causing virtual desktops to open

  • Fixed issue with not grouping accent versions of A, E, I, O etc with A, E, I, O on Win10/11 style All apps

  • On Beta/Dev build version of Windows 11 now forces background colour under start button when not using Start11 taskbar

  • Added right click option to create shortcut on desktop

  • Expanded room for on/off label on start menu page

1.19 (Beta only)

  • Added default icon if exe lacks one (winver.exe)

  • Fixes issue with some popups (Groupy message boxes for example) using the wrong icon

  • Fixed issue with minimizing a window animating to the left-hand side rather than the middle when centered

  • Fixed issue with sniping tool sometimes showing a redundant window on the taskbar

  • Fixed issue with Touch and pen input on taskbar not responding correctly or triggering explorer crashes

  • Fixed issue with clicking at the bottom of the screen not triggering the taskbar buttons of the bottom row if there is no gap

  • Fixed issue with unexpected taskbar buttons showing on some machines when the Windows 11 start menu or search were opened

  • Long touch click with touch on a taskbar button no longer triggers it but shows right-click menu after you release

  • Fixed issue with hung apps sometimes getting two taskbar buttons

  • Hung apps now correctly retain focus when active on the taskbar

  • Shift + click on a hung app now shows the correct context menu

  • Fixed issue with turning on the enhanced taskbar feature on Windows 11 for the first time not always showing all open windows / also after an explorer restart

  • Fixed issue with icon sizes in groups on Windows 11 when you use the hide caption option and you have icons that have tile images

  • User-defined custom tiles in Win11 mode now size themselves to the icon size to maintain consistency

  • Hide caption text option hidden when the item is in a group that has already hidden the caption text

  • Fixed issue with explorer on Windows 10 crashing out on login and thus not starting all the autostart apps, later restarts were ok

  • Tweaked group vertical spacing when hide caption text is enabled on a group (Win11 style)

  • Tweaked Win11 group spacing with caption text too

  • Tweak to monitoring OS pinned items to handle newer OSes

  • Tweak to popup menus so clicking in the shadow area closes the popup

  • Added default icon if exe lacks one (winver.exe)Fixes issue with some popups (Groupy message boxes for example) using wrong icon

  • Fixed issue with minimizing a window animating to the left-hand side rather than the middle

  • Fixed issue with sniping tool sometimes showing a redundant window on the taskbar"

1.18 (Beta only)

  • Windows 10 style shutdown menu now aligned above button rather than to the right

  • Added delete group prompt when you are using Windows 11 style menu too rather than just Windows 10

  • Fixed issue with text background colour on delete page / group prompt when in dark mode

  • Fixed issue with delete prompts causing the menu to close

  • Tweak to mouse click detection when moving off the right hand side of a multiple monitor taskbar

  • Tweak for loading up icons for PWA when running

  • Fixed issue with tooltips on taskbar items being incorrect sometimes briefly

  • Fixed issue with too dark edges on some universal app icons

  • Tiles images when in Windows 11 mode will now appear smaller unless hide caption is enabled to avoid overlap issues

  • Fixed right click menu selection image being too light in Dark Mode for some menus

  • Now respects OS setting for hide icon badges and flashing

  • Fixed issue with Messenger icon appearing smaller than expected

  • Fixed issue with unexpected truncation of long single words in Win10 style. These will now wrap

  • Added Mica background effect to config window when used on Windows 11 current beta / dev or above

  • Elevated apps can now be minimized by clicking their button on the taskbar

  • Fixed issue with taskbar at the top on original Windows 11 (non beta/dev channel) causing maximized windows to appear under it

  • Fixed issue with automatic taskbar color when on dev/beta channel Win11 and enhanced taskbar enabled.

  • Fixed issue with taskbar not appearing on top of always on top fullscreen applications when the start button is pressed when enhance taskbar is enabled on Windows 11.

  • Fixed issue with delay to closing Task Manager in Windows 10

1.17 (Beta only)

  • On Win11 dev / beta channel (current) it now disables taskbar transparency settings and adds warnings about some taskbar features (blur, colour, texture) to indicate they do not work correctly on that build of Windows. Also small taskbar mode only works if you enable Start11 enhancing the taskbar on those builds.

  • Fixes for run dialog not having an icon in some versions of Windows

  • Fix for non-English installs of Windows having the quick settings popup clipped when taskbar is at the top

  • Fix for scrolling taskbar not painting a taskbar texture under the scrollbar

  • Fix for taskbar at top in later Windows versions ending up on top of maximized windows if one row high

  • Fix for clicking on the taskbar when at top opening start menu in any blank space

  • Fixed issue with Turn Windows features on and off in search linking to missing file on non-server editions of Windows

  • Fixed issue with position of Win+N window appearing offset sometimes

  • 'Sometimes' taskbar mode now switches to collapsing items with multiple taskbar buttons into one before it switches to collapsing all when there is insufficient space

  • Menus are now white in light mode

  • Folders can now have a custom image

  • A-Z sort option added for Win11 groups (does a sort, new items added to end as usual)

  • Custom tiles now can have a custom background color if they use transparency

  • Shutdown button on win7/modern style no longer breaks transparency

  • New labels are no longer shown on Win10/11 menus when you disable showing recently installed apps on that list

  • Taskbar shortcut icons should better respect custom icons now

  • Taskbar should launch correct shortcut on middle click / click of pinned item now

  • Refresh rate detection code tweaked to handle multiple monitor setups better

  • This fixes an issue with taskbar drag being too sensitive and getting stuck sometimes

  • Fixed an issue with explorer hanging if you had multiple monitors but set windows to only show one taskbar

  • Tweaked touch support

  • Fixed issue with loading up UWA app icons on the taskbar sometimes loading too small an icon

  • Fixed issue with center horz on the taskbar sometimes causing a second row when not needed

  • Fixed issue with calculating how many rows needed being wrong when changed font size on taskbar

  • Config UI now shows disabled center start button option when in S11 taskbar mode to make it clearer that it is disabled

  • Internal version number changed to 1.17

  • Changes: Fixes jumplist going offscreen sometimes

  • Fixes issue with custom start button and enhanced taskbar getting clipped

  • Fixed right-click menu on taskbar on Win10 would use wrong scale factor sometimes

  • Adds in icons for shutdown/sign out menus

  • Clicking a pinned item when the app is running but on another monitor will now launch a new instance

  • Middle-click on explorer will now launch a new instance

  • The Calendar popup should be working reliably again

  • New option to hide taskbar text whilst still being ungrouped

  • New option to control font size on taskbar buttons

  • Fixed issue with small taskbar having clock offset vertically

  • Added option to hide tile text in Win10 menu regardless of having a tile image set

  • Added option to never load the app provided tile image for a tile

  • Fixed an issue with the taskbar not showing all items when the vertically centre mode wasn't enabled

  • Fixed taskbar insert indicator so it paints when you go to the far end

  • Fixed taskbar dragging when in combine mode so the icon paints consistently when dragged

  • Fixed issue with taskbar when running tiles so a gap isn't left

  • Fixed issue with taskbar picking up wrong scale factor and wrong position after a screen res change sometimes

  • Fixed missing icon for some pinned web apps

1.16 (Beta only)

  • This fixes a GDI resource leak

  • Fixes overlay icons on the taskbar buttons not working (like email count)

  • Fixes a problem with resizing the menu causing the taskbar to resize

  • Fixes a problem with the animation code which might be why the blur paints top of the screen on occasion for some people

  • Fixes combine mode so when clicking on a group it doesn't simply launch another copy of the app if you have > 1 window open of that app

  • Fixes for an issue with the taskbar not repositioning correctly when res changes

  • Fixes issue with the taskbar not responding when changing scale factor on the primary display

  • Fixes issue with clock shifting to the left of the secondary taskbar sometimes

  • Adds in support for turning ON taskbar feature without an explorer restart (off still needs a restart of explorer) and UI now offers to turn it on for first run.

  • Config UI adds in setting for stopping highlighting new apps for Win7/10 style as this went missing in S11

  • Adds setting cog on the main page for configure menu as this was missing and buy Start11 option shows in config when not activated.

  • Version updated to 1.16

  • Mis position of Win+X menu, missing icon for grouped steam when > 1 window open

  • Two taskbar buttons for some apps (adobe acrobat)

  • Click on a taskbar button doesn't minimize an app (some delphi apps)

1.15 (Beta only)

  • New option to let Start11 manage the Taskbar - found under Taskbar settings.

  • This build contains a new taskbar experience that allows for items to be ungrouped on Windows 11 only. The setting is under Taskbar with three options to combine - Always, Sometimes, and Never

  • There are additional options under "More Start11 taskbar settings" that let the user define additional options that are also new in this build.

  • New Start11 menu selection experience.

Start11 1.11 (Released 02/14/2022)

  • Version change to 1.11

  • Includes new 64-bit service (next version)

  • Tweak which may help incorrect positioning of Win10/11 style menu for some people (unsure as it may hit only one possible cause)

  • Tweak to hopefully help the KM app issue, but this needs some testing for those not using KM to ensure nothing funny is showing up with clicking on centered start button on Win11:

  • Tweak for always on top taskbar in Win11 dev

  • Tweak to stop secondary taskbar getting 'stuck' too big and also too big when put into small mode

    • Users may have to change the size to another size and back again for it to take effect

  • Tweak to fix time/date positioning on Win11 secondary taskbar in insider builds when small taskbar mode​

  • Tweak so unpinning an item from S11 doesn't trigger it to remove all shortcuts with that target from all S11 menu types

  • Clicking above/below a scrollbar in the menu now scrolls

  • Fix for square image painting on jumplist for Win7/modern style when on Win10 when you could pin / unpin an item instead of the correct icon

  • The option to always make the menu center aligned regardless of where the start button was positioned (as long as it was set to center) wasn't working when you clicked on it.

  • Tweak for detecting start button & taskbar on Win11 dev build so fixes issue with right-click menu and clicking start button not working on that build of Windows - initially reported here:

  • Fix for right click on blank space in all apps lists being able to create groups etc, likewise right-click on letter headers in all apps list

  • Search for S11 style (NOT s10 style) moved to out of process

  • Added 'Are you sure?' prompts to uninstall universal apps / delete pages

  • Fixed Win10\Group context menu bug. User report:;3832863

  • Empty menu when right-clicking group name. User report:

Start11 1.1 (Released 1/12/2022)

  • Updated S11 1.1 to be

  • Fix for horizontal wheel mouse swapping pages in the wrong direction

  • Fixed too small icons on Win11 style (in all lists & search, just less obvious on main page as icons bigger)

  • Fixes for issues found by QA before Christmas (1.05 issues)

  • A fix for open file location not working for all shortcuts for one user

  • You can now rearrange fences groups and set icon size (win10 style) and it gets saved.

  • Also added option to lock icon positions in win10/11 menus (right click menu)

  • Fixed folder group icons being wrong size sometimes for Win11 menu style

  • Stopped you being able to drag icons into fences group from win 10 menu all apps list

  • This fixes some crashes with some edge cases

  • Makes search add priority to items you have pinned

  • Auto pins and unpins things when you use the OS pin to start option (may take a few seconds) plus unpins from OS menu if you unpin from S11 (Win10/11 menus only)

  • Adds in option to show Fences on the S11 Win10/11 menus

  • Improves performance of folder expansion animation and fixes deadlock potential issue with that

  • Removes items pinned when the user uninstalls the app (Universal apps ONLY - Win10/11 menu only too)

  • Fixes for some issues with the new folder groups such as not deleting when the last item was removed

  • Fixes for not scaling the mini icons with icon scaling options

  • Fixed missing icons for Minesweeper

  • Made it insert new group in Win10 mode in the right column if one is missing

  • Fixed too small icons on Win11 menu all apps list

  • New: Win10 and Win11 styles now support folders. You drag an icon over another icon holding down the shift key to combine them. You can also right click on the menu and pick the option to pretend shift is down in order to achieve this should you have no keyboard (say touch device).

    • We are not doing this like Microsoft as the Microsoft method of combining things all too often turns into chasing the target around the menu as there is natural confusion between put this icon here and make a group/folder.

  • New: Win10 and Win11 styles now offer a right click Icon submenu when you right click on an icon. This lets you pick a custom image which will replace the icon. Images should be square for Win11 styles and small, medium and large tile sizes on Win10 and 2:1 on Wide tiles

  • New: On the very first run of Start11 on a Win10 install, the existing Win10 menu will be imported for the Win10 style including folders. This will not happen for existing customers but if they wish they can import theirs by going into the registry and deleting the following keys and rebooting. Items which do not actually exist locally but are MS advertising for apps will not be imported.

    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Stardock\Start8\Start8.ini\GroupContents

    • and deleting this key:

  • Fixed issue with recent apps list having a network location in it which is not accessible causing Win11 menu to appear blank for prolonged period

  • Mouseover correctly shows on Win10 tiles now when they use a tile image

  • Surplus line at the bottom of the W7/Modern styles when in non rounded mode resolved

  • Tweaks to experimental tile and Universal app icon loading to better handle apps with different icons for light/dark mode

  • Added refresh icons option to Win10/11 menus to refresh icons should the user have changed icons via a tile editing app or due to OS icon cache changes

  • Reduced gap between groups on Win11 menu when icon sizes are smaller vs having a fixed size

  • Added option to Win11 style to load up tile images

Release discussion

Start11 1.01 (Released 12/9/2021)

  • Fix for right arrow after menu opening now goes to shutdown in Win7 style menu rather than the right-hand list in error.

  • Option to force the menu to align to the exact middle regardless of where the start button is

  • Ensured Win+ and Win- when not using S11 search do not cause search to appear (hotkeys for magnifier)

  • Correctly handle OS setting for always show scrollbars

  • Option to remove things from recent documents list on Win11 menu

  • Added option to hide text on a group on Win10 menu as we do on Win11 menu

  • Added smooth scrolling for low precision wheel mice in config

  • Added new strings to en.lng and en-us.lng

  • Fix for performance issues with animations,

  • Smoother scrolling with low precision mouse wheels

  • Holding down Winkey and launching things will now let you open more than one thing

  • Some fixes to experimental tile support

  • Added in some options in the Win10 menu settings for tile support and some user requested options.

  • Fix for ctrl + shift + launch opening apps as admin when run from search and also for universal apps

  • Resolved Start11_64.exe warning on uninstall.  Also removed Start10.exe that was being left behind

  • Updated license_sas.txt to include Chromium Authors

Release discussion

Start11 1.0 (Released 11/03/2021)

  • Changed new to count as 2 days old not 14 for newly installed apps on Win10/11 menus

  • Made expanding sections in config menu have a more obvious arrow

  • Added indicator line on left side of config sections which have action on click (switch to new page or expand section)

  • Added missing offset mode on Win10 (offset only when centered start button)

  • Fixed issue with link in search results to webc search showing blank search when launched via keyboard vs mouse

  • Removed universal applications link from Win10/11 menus as relied on Win7/Modern menu having been run at least once in the current session (may come back in future)

  • UI tweak to workaround MS issue with Chinese font substitutions

  • Fixed search not factoring in date for files when generating sort order

  • Start buttons that are too small for the current dpi will now be scaled up

  • Fixed an issue with custom start button on Win11 opening up MS start menu if you clicked to the very right of it

  • Added some missing strings to ENG / ENG US lng files

  • Fixed issue with missing Run as administrator option for some apps

  • Fixed issue with precision touchpads and scrolling again

  • Fixed missing lookup for "Advanced" text in the config screen

  • Fixed missing lookup for Pin to taskbar and Unpin from taskbar in right-click menu

  • Fixed issue with autohide taskbar on Win11 sometimes making menu open and instantly close if you click on the start button

  • Fixed issue with being able to have folder and item mouseovered in all apps list

  • Found problem with Stardock Curtains and Start11 centre taskbar options. An update to Curtains is planned to resolve this.

  • Fixed issue with VS2019 tiles (when in experimental tile mode) being blank

  • Fixed it so you can scroll the Win10 list with a wheel mouse whilst dragging items to make positioning icons easier with long lists

  • Fixed an issue with tooltips with & in them showing a _ instead of &

  • Undid a change that removed UndockingDisabled registry key detection

  • Fixed config to detect above setting so settings which apply to Win10 show vs Win11 when on Win11

  • Prevented you from dragging things into the recent apps list on Win11 menu

  • Possible fix for installer non-western language issues reported in:

Start11 RC 4 (Released 10/28/2021)

  • Painting performance improvements

  • Folders with Chinese names should now sort the same way as applications in all apps list

  • Win10 style full screen now aligns tiles top. The old behavior can be enabled by setting the registry key (REG_SZ - needs creating) OffsetFullScreen10 to 1

  • Put in the fix for MS news and interests taskbar button causing loss of focus for Startmenu sometimes which was missing in S11 vs S10

  • Fixed an issue with lists sometimes showing scrolled completely off the bottom on first appearance (Win10 menu, all apps list most likely)

  • Fixed needing to click on the start button multiple times to make it open having opened an app from it sometimes using Win10 menu

  • Fixed clicking on the left-hand side of taskbar buttons on Win10 with a vertical taskbar causing start menu to open in error

  • Fixed clicking on left end of taskbar when taskbar is centered on Win11 causing start menu to open in error

  • Tweaks for blank menu on initial open sometimes

  • Fixed missing separator lines on Win7/Modern UI menus sometimes

  • Tweaked taskbar center code on Win10

  • Made changes to avoid a problem if focus is stolen whilst dragging things in the menus

Start11 RC 3 (Released 10/27/2021)

  • Fixed issue with menu not always positioning correctly when switching between displays of different dpis especially in a stacked configuration

  • Fixed issue with taskbar losing system tray icons on occasion on Win11

  • Implemented tweaks to config UI for making settings more obvious

  • Fixed message box when clicking on one control in the UI

  • Changes : Fixed issue with moving an item back to a previous page in Win11 menu showing error prompt instead of moving the itemAdded in option to move items to next and previous page in Win10 menu, previously only offered moving entire groups

  • Fixed issue with negative window coordinates causing menu to not open or open in the wrong place sometimes

  • Disabled sliding animations on contents of Win10 menu when opening it

  • Fixed issue with switching between displays with different dpis causing Win10 left hand list to repaint incorrectly until mouseover

  • Fixed issue with not closing folders in treeview list and resetting scrolling to the top of the list when you close the menu

  • Disabled experimental tile loading support for Win10 menu as enabled by default in error. This can be enabled via a registry key if you wish

  • Fixed Win10/11 and Win7/Modern menus refreshing contents more often than needed when recent apps are not shown on them

  • Fixed issue with tooltips not always showing on items in Win10 list when in smallest tile size (or when using a custom tile image)

  • Requested installer tweak to fix universal applications expanding menu being blank in some installs

  • Fixed issue with universal apps folder being called Modern UI Applications still on English installs

  • Filtered out Microsoft edge from Universal apps list as defective leftover link in OS

  • Fixed issue with characters which sort before 'a' breaking filter list for Win10/11 style all apps list

  • Improved issue with flicker of menu on screen below active screen (in stacked config) at end of animation

  • Fixed issue with winkey always opening menu on primary display

  • Updated the following languages: German, French, Russian, Portuguese - Brazil, Korean, Spanish, Chinese - Simplified, Chinese -Traditional

  • Fixed issue with Win10 style menu when in hide apps mode not scaling apps / tiles switching bar when changing scale mode

  • Enlarged page switcher bar and increased hotspot size considerably to make clicking on them easier

  • Made it so swipes left / right on precision touchpad act as change page in menus (when the mouse is over the list) or back when in all apps list on Win11 style.

  • Made it so horz wheel mice act as change page in menus

  • Fixed issue with menu style picker at 125% scaling being clipped

  • Fixed issue with app shortcuts not repainting in Win7 style mode after returning from a search

  • Fixed issue with Win10 style all programs list in Win7 style mode painting text as white always

  • Limited max-width of jumplists in menus to ensure menu widths remain sane (Vivaldi browser)

  • Fixed issue with pinning items from Win10 style all programs list when using Win7/Modern style

  • Added prompt about Win10 taskbar left or center-aligned on first run

  • Tweaked config preview to show centered start button when enabled on Win10

  • Added UNINSTALLFULL command line to Start11Config to reset Win11 on top taskbar and taskbar size settings

  • Fixed clicking on color option in menu instead of opening the submenu would open the submenu and then close the entire menu

  • Adjusted sorting of Chinese apps in Win10/11 all apps list

  • Fixed tooltips showing when text already fitted correctly on screen so were redundant

  • Fixed swapping from Win10 fullscreen to Win11 fullscreen resulted in shifting down of menu items incorrectly

  • Fixed auto-hide taskbar + fullscreen mode Win10/11 menus shifting offscreen

  • Disabled dragging to start button to pin items for Win10/11 menus as they did not support this. You can add things for those via right-click menus easier.

  • Fixed pin to Start11 menu option when in Search so it doesn't detect the pin state for Win7 menu when in Win10/11 style.

  • Fixed issue with some universal apps loading up smaller icons than ideal

  • Automatically imports Win11 start menu pinned items on first run (system thats not run prior Start11 versions only) to Win10 and 11 menus

  • Tweaked search folders to be aware of OneDrive

  • Fixed not being able to drag items from all apps in Win10 mode having switched to hide all apps and then back again

  • Fixed dragging outside of list in Win 10 mode not canceling drag correctly and acting as a drop operation

  • Fixed issue with Win10 style pinning always inserting at the start of the list rather than the very end

  • *** Added experimental option for loading up Win10 tile images. Enabled via registry only adding HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Stardock\Start8\Start8.ini\Start8\LoadTiles=1 and signing out and in again.

  • Altered config UI to make taskbar + start button centre options a combo box choice on Win10

  • Added taskbar and start button center options to start button page on Win10

  • Fixed text on "Control what right-clicking on the taskbar does" section on Win10 to not reference Win11

  • Added option for hiding search box in Win11 mode unless in search mode

  • Adjusted US English translation file to say have Center vs Centre now it is using those files

  • Fixed issue with swapped mouse buttons and clicking sometimes

  • Fixed first right-click menu animation being skipped on some machines

  • Tweak to critical section allocations

  • Fixed Win7/Modern style left side being blank if you switched from Win10 style with hide all apps list enabled

  • Fixed all programs being blank on open sometimes when in Win10 mode

  • Fixed an issue with touch on multiple monitors where the start menu would open on the monitor where the mouse was located rather than where the touch input was

  • Fixed issue with recent docs in Win11 menu with long filenames causing wrapping clipping issue

  • Fixed issue with all apps letter search going to the wrong location sometimes when clicked

  • Fixed issue with all apps letter search being able to scroll too far down

  • Fixed issue pressing escape whilst dragging items on menus (Win10/11 styles)

  • Moved Win11 substyles to drop-down box on first screen

  • Fixed issue with loss of focus causing the menu to stop accepting input until it is reopened if dragging was interrupted somehow

  • Fixed issue with dragging Win11 groups sometimes showing an insertion locations saying "Click here to name group"

  • Fixed issue with clicking outside an item and then dragging over an item causing that item to launch

  • Added in the translation files

  • Added option for sub groups on Win11 style menu. The originally created group on the first page cannot be deleted regardless of where you have repositioned it however.

  • Fixed issue with resizing Win11 menu when menu scaling was not set at 100% causing hang of menu

  • Fixed issue with resizing Win11 menu when menu scaling causing a sizing issue on the borders not being resized

  • Sub groups have icon size picker so you can have sub-lists with different icon sizes

  • Added option to hide labels on groups in Win11 mode via right-click menu

  • Added CTRL + LEFT arrow and CTRL + RIGHT arrow to swap pages in page menus

  • Fixed Win10/11 menu losing background texture on resize

  • MS Precision touchpad scrolling should work in the menus now

  • Fixed issue with closing menu when desktop icons were hidden and have mixed dpi and screen res setup

  • Added option to center the start button on Win10 like offered on Windows 11

  • Added in offset only if centered start button for Win10

  • Fixed issue with config showing rounded corners on by default for Windows10 when it was turned off

  • Fixed issue with center taskbar not always working on all monitors on Windows 10

  • Implemented smoother scrolling for non high precision wheel mice in lists

  • Right-click menus on Win11 menu shows highlight clearer

  • Added right click option to pin any file to Win10/11 menus

  • Added right-click option to pin any folder to Win10/11 menus

  • Visual tweak to right-click menus in Win10/11 menus to better space things and add shadows

  • Tweaked down arrow on drop downs on start menu page in settings to be bolder and larger as users missing them

  • Fixed issue where you could resize things so you had no scrollbar but were scrolled down and couldn't scroll back up

  • Win11 menu on close if in all apps list will no longer animate back to the previous page

  • Added compact mode to Win11 menu where border sizes are smaller

  • Added pin to taskbar option from right-click menus in Win10/11 menus

  • Added Win10 compact mode where apps list is hidden

  • Modified Win10 menu sizing to always size to a multiple of the grid size and allow sizing down to no columns

  • Fixed some broken settings icons on Win11 in search

  • Fixed animations for entering and leaving all apps on Win11 menu to be the correct direction

  • Added animations to right-click menus in Win10/11 menus

  • Added option to pick a custom color from a color picker for Win10 tiles if wanted

  • Added option for going to all apps by default (if showing all apps as separate section in Win10) or anytime for Win11

  • Fixed issue with pinning new items on Win10/11 menus not respecting icon size until later

  • Now allows Win10 groups to be rearranged leaving gaps between groups. If the group would not fit on screen then will be placed in left-most column

  • Start button image replacement defaults to off on Windows 11

  • Fixed issue with pressing down arrow not wrapping to top of the menu when menu first opened

  • Tweaked Win10 style margins to ensure lists fill the space fully

  • Fixed search for pictures showing results from the entire search library instead

  • Adjusted default width for Win11 menu as was too wide

  • Fixed issue with mouseover selection remaining on items in lists after you right-click on them

  • Enabled translation support in the config UI

  • Fixed issue where open location option was missing from right-click on some pinned items on Win10/11 menus

  • Changes to how Start11 starts up which should sidestep those game anti-cheat app issues

  • Adds fix for MS precision scrolling

  • Centered start button on Win10


Start11 RC 2 (Released 10/14/2021)

  • Tweaked quick access link popup menus to resolve an issue where they may not close on loss of focus correctly

  • Tweaked quick access link popup menus to not cause a menu close when closing one and opening another via clicking directly

  • Fixed paint issue on Win11 menu quick access links area when switching between monitors

  • Fixed appearance typo in config

  • Fixed crash introduced by some RC1 work with quick access link menus

  • Added support for quick access menus in Win10/11 style. They do not auto-expand on mouseover but require a click to open

  • Holding down shift when clicking on a quick access link that's a menu will open it as a window where possible

  • Added missing W filter option in all apps for Win10/11 style

  • Fixed issue with quick access menus not always closing on loss of focus

  • Fixed issue with Win10/11 apps list loading up icon for application exe vs shortcuts

  • Fixed issue with Win10/11 apps list not loading up multiple shortcuts to apps in some circumstances

  • Fixed issue with Win10/11 pinned items lists loading up app exe icon vs shortcut exe

  • Fixed issue with Win10/11 pinned apps not launching correct shortcut but exe instead

  • Added option to hide recent documents on Win11 menu style

  • Added option to change icon size on Win10 and Win11 menu styles

  • Added option to change tile color on Win10 style menu

  • Pressing escape when in all programs list in Win11 style menu simply goes back to the previous page now rather than closing

  • Fixed drag & drop offset issue in Win7/Modern menu styles

  • Limited Win10/11 menu size based on current screen resolution

  • Fullscreen mode for Win10/11 menus

  • Fixed Win11 menu rearranging issue where items would sometimes rearrange inconsistently especially after a lot of rearranging

  • Dragging on the Win11 menu no longer highlights the page title area

  • Fixed Win7/Modern Quick access links showing as menus will now open correctly when clicked

  • Prevented Win7/Modern quick access link menus popping up under the menu

  • Win7/Modern quick access link menus now dark mode aware

  • Fixed universal apps quick access menu potential crash issue

  • Win7/Modern quick access menus now have rounded corners when rounded menu mode is enabled

  • Fixed pinning from Pin to Start11 from explorer menus pinning items to first index in list for Win11 style menu.

  • Fixed pinning issue for Win10 menu replacing last entry in pinned list when pinned from explorer windows or search page

  • Added missing run as admin option on store apps which support it on Windows 10/11 menu (Terminal etc)

  • Internal frame rate for animations moved to 240hz

  • Fixed issue with mouse getting attached to the top of the menu when opening the menu with Start11 search disabled.

  • Fixed issue with clock and tray area missing when using custom start button on Windows 11 Dev channel builds

  • Fixed issue with custom start button left visible after disabling custom start button or making button centered on Windows 11 (believed to be Dev channel only again)

  • Fixed issue on Win11 menu where creating a new page when on a lower page number caused the page to be inserted as a group on the next page instead

  • Fixed issue on Win11 menu where deleting pages could cause a blank page to appear

  • Tweaks to button handling on Win11 when not using custom start button

  • Config UI now responds to touch input

  • Rearranging quick access shortcuts list in Win10/11 styles now saves the changes correctly

  • Now able to scroll menus using touch and drag items - to drag an item either drag sideways initially or hold down until you get the right-click indicator box and then drag the item if the list has a scrollbar, otherwise drag as usual.

  • Fixed possible crash issue when moving things on the Win10/11 grids

  • Adds support for wider groups in Win10 style

  • Fixed Win11 style to show user name as friendly name vs account name

  • Fixed issue with Win11 style losing shutdown button if you set Win7/Modern style to have a very high number of icons on display or lots of grid columns

  • Fixed quick access shortcuts showing display as menu sometimes incorrectly for Win10/11 style

  • Stopped jumplists showing for MS store and settings as blank

  • Fixed issue with being able to get multiple menu options on config appear in mouseover state

  • Added option to hide recently installed applications section in Win10/11 all apps list

  • Fixed changing icon size on Win7/modern menu requires two opens of the menu to see the change fully

  • Fixed desktop search carried out last so didn't always appear in results as quickly as wanted

  • Fixed search getting stuck in some searches

  • Fixed issue with taskbar at the top of the screen losing the mouse over thumbnails on one monitor if multiple monitors on Windows 11

  • Fixed clicking very left of the leftmost start button can open Win11 menu on Windows 11

  • Fixed explorer hang issue if replacing start button on computer with multiple monitors (3 ideally)

  • Fixed start menu open offset issue on multiple monitor setups with centered start button

  • Fixed Cortana search mode causing Start menu to close when renaming a group/anything else

  • All apps list for Win10/11 styles now also includes url files and help documents etc

  • Removed surplus MS edge link in all apps

  • Double-clicking on the style image opens the settings drop down in the config now

Start11 RC1 (Released 10/07/2021)

  • Adds: Windows 11 menu style complete with pages

  • Adds: Windows 10 menu style complete with pages

  • Now supports switching DPIs on the fly and mixed DPI setups better

  • Significantly updated UI

  • New taskbar features on Win11 - replace right click menu

    • Taskbar size

    • Taskbar position (top/bottom)

  • User configurable quick access shortcuts list (AKA places list)

    • Supports rearranging, custom shortcuts and places

  • Exposed options to turn on and off the animations, rounded corners and menu offsetting from taskbar

  • Adds in the new search engine

  • Updated rounded looks for Win7/modern looks to look better

  • Options to use Win11 style all programs list on Win7/Modern styles if wanted

  • Added compact mode for Win7/modern styles along with easy access to config options for those

  • Support for bigger icons on the Win7/Modern styles


Start11 Beta 1 (Released 08/31/2021)

  • Center taskbar buttons on Windows 10

  • Removed white flash on open of slider dropdowns when on Win11 in dark mode

  • Improved performance of opening taskbar page in config

  • Fixed issue with when config window is inactive, clicking on the breadcrumb bar area does not give the window focus

  • Config now translucent on Win11 when active and transparency enabled in the OS

  • Start menu less wide on high dpi setups

  • Edge lines in config wider in 150, 175% scaling modes

  • Fix for start menu closing sometimes when clicked from autohide taskbar

  • Fix on Win10 for issue with start menu closing on occasion due to News and Interests taskbar button

  • Fixed settings link on start menu not looking up translations correctly

  • Added Taskmanager link to right-click menu on Start11 start button when not in Win+X mode

  • Places list screen updated to better match new UI visuals

  • Blur taskbar option disabled on Win11 when operating system setting for transparency effects is disabled

  • Fixed slow moving of focus bar on left hand side of config when at higher dpis

  • Configuration screen can now be resized for smaller monitors and will gain scrollbars when required

  • Taskbar colour is now correctly applied when blur is disabled on Win11

  • Fixed taskbar alpha option to apply when OS transparency settings are disabled on Win11

  • Fixed taskbar alpha reset to default option to default to the correct values on Win11

  • Fixed resource leak when drawing menu on Windows 11

  • Menu now animates in and out correctly when taskbar is placed at the top of the screen on Windows 11

  • Menu now opens and closes correctly when the taskbar is placed at the top of the screen on Windows 11

  • Scaling on the right-hand side no longer double scales the shutdown button margins. The higher the dpi, the more obvious the issue would be.