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WindowBlinds Changelog

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WindowBlinds 10.84

  • Fixed option menu painting issues

WindowBlinds 10.83

  • Compatibility with Windows 10 1909 update

WindowBlinds 10.82

  • For some skins, the time was not painting correctly or not showing at all
  • For some media apps (Windows Media Player for example), the controls were being clipped on taskbar hover preview

WindowBlinds 10.81

  • Windows 10 1903 compatibility improvements and bug fixes

WindowBlinds 10.80

  • Improved skinning support
  • Compatibility with Windows 10 1903 update

WindowBlinds 10.74

  • Fix for Windows 10 October 2018 issue with not skinning titlebars of universal apps correctly
  • Some dark explorer mode fixes
  • Fix for multiple monitor taskbar hang issue on theme apply
  • Fix for ribbon on Windows 10 October 2018 update when in dark explorer mode
  • Fix for malformed right click taskbar context menu for Win10 1809 build 18252.1000
  • Fix for painting issue on Windows 10 insider build

WindowBlinds 10.65

  • Fixed - Task Manager buttons not painting until mouseover (Nvidia)
  • Fixed - GeForce Experience crashing during Google log-in
  • Fixed - Screen corruption in GeForce Experience
  • Fixed - Taskbar failed to skin in Insider Build for Fall Creators update
  • Fixed - Crashes in Insider Build for Fall Creators update
  • Fixed - Some Modern apps were unskinned but should have been
  • Chrome on Win8 excluded from being skinned (due to Chrome incompatibilities)
  • Added option to clear settings on uninstall

WindowBlinds 10.62

  • Fix for interaction bug with Avast Antivirus (and possible other applications)
  • Fix for [Alt-Tab] not being visible
  • Tweak for Chrome titlebar when switching from fullscreen YouTube back to maximized window
  • Fix for menubar text blank in Firefox
  • Excluded Telegram Desktop
  • Tweak to Chrome and IE max window repaint on switch from fullscreen

WindowBlinds 10.60

  • Fix for scrolling in random skin configuration

WindowBlinds 10.59

  • Fix for NetFlix full-screen to window
  • Fix for bold fonts in Calendar
  • Fix for small icons on taskbar
  • Tweak for Skype Preview
  • Tweak for Google Chrome

WindowBlinds 10.58

  • Insider build fixes (Up to 15058)
  • Fix for Edge
  • Fix for Calculator
  • Fix for Explorer Ribbon losing color on sleep
  • Fix for logging out and back in when applying certain skins (Corporate for example)
  • Fix for Windows 7 Explorer rendering issues

WindowBlinds 10.57

  • Fixed seach icon in explorer and start menu
  • Fixed broken navigation arrow button in Explorer
  • Fixed Groove resizing issue -
  • Fixed odd text painting issue when switching from default theme to WB skin in explorer
  • Fixed issue with Start10 when not using WB theme (but WB on) - not having shutdown text visible if just switched from default theme
  • Tweaked modern app frame
  • Fixed a problem with modern apps on Win10 Insider 15042 where if you resized them tiny the app would not resize or move again
  • Fixed problem with the desktop menu on Win10 Insider 15042 not having text sometimes after switching from default theme to WB skin
  • Fixed Win10 Insider 15042 window prompting users to only use Store apps - Titlebar was not skinned

WindowBlinds 10.56

  • Performance Improvements (like when you resize a window).
  • Windows 10 Insider Build fixes
  • Better high DPI handling in skins with shadows as part of frames
  • Improved blur on high DPI on Insider builds
  • Fix for Skype menu bar
  • Fix for black frames around MMC (Event Viewer)
  • Rendering improvements

WindowBlinds 10.51

  • Fix for Hyper-V
  • Fix for Systray Anniversary edition
  • Win7 fix caused my DPI changes
  • Fix for part of config turning black over time

WindowBlinds 10.5

  • Apply skins to universal applications!
  • Blur the area behind skinned areas (Windows 10 Anniversary [and later])
  • Taskbar preview skinning on Windows 10
  • Skin OS ribbon controls and blend in better with titlebars
  • Completely hide the Windows Explorer ribbon
  • Improved handling of high and mixed DPI settings
  • Option for using standard Windows menus which skin better on desktop
  • Option for applying system accent color based on theskin selected (either auto generated or via AccentColour setting under System Colours)
  • Improved skinning for Mozilla applications

WindowBlinds 10.07

  • Windows Insider build Compatibility

WindowBlinds 10.03

  • Windows 10 Compatibility!
  • WindowBlinds supports min/max/close buttons for universal applications
  • Three new skins from Danioc
  • Improved DPI scaling for large monitors
  • Improvements to LibreOffice skinning

WindowBlinds 8.13

  • Compatible with the latest version of Chrome

WindowBlinds 8.12

  • Improved save dialog responsiveness in Chrome
  • Various Firefox performance enhancements
  • Improved user experience for owners of GTA V

WindowBlinds 8.11 BETA

  • Fix for Firefox crash issue on Win 7 / 8

WindowBlinds 8.1

  • Fix for WindowBlinds not properly applying skins to Thunderbird 31
  • Fix for a Firefox title bar issue
  • Added better support for high DPI displays
  • Directory Opus and Skype 7 fixes

WindowBlinds 8.06

  • Added new SAS activation and trial code

WindowBlinds 8.05

  • Fix for blank desktop on logon with optional May KB2955164 update (you can hold Ctrl while logging on to bypass WB)
  • Updates to support Google Chrome v36 (currently dev channel) including 64-bit Google Chrome
  • Skin tweaks and fix for "V" skin recolouring issues

WindowBlinds 8.04

  • Fixes for right mouse button menus on Windows 8.1 Update and a resource leak

WindowBlinds 8.03

  • Fixes for Google Chrome display issues

WindowBlinds 8.02

  • *** Celebrating 15 years of skinning ***
  • Adds Modern skin
  • Assorted Start8 menu fixes
  • OmniPage 19 menu tweaks
  • Assorted other fixes

WindowBlinds 8.01

  • Adds support for the Windows 8.1 including tweaks to the jump list painting)
  • Assorted start menu fixes
  • PhotoInstrument, Trine 2, and Dragon Age Origin auto-excluded
  • Internet Download Manager's frames should paint happily
  • Misc tweaks like misaligned textures on titlebars in some skins on Windows 7
  • Fixed Say the Time titlebar
  • Fixed Opera 15 black bit on opening
  • Fixed display fusion issue with blank taskbar
  • Fixed issue with not being able to move Explorer windows on negative screen coordinate monitors on Windows 8
  • Fixed issue with some skins showing a small white bar under a transparent taskbar when maximized
  • Fixed no text on non perpixel skins
  • Fixed no text on MDI child windows
  • Fixed the reset button correctly show on UIS0 skins too on Windows 7 for titlebars
  • Tweak to start menu code for alterative start menus

WindowBlinds 8.00

  • v8.00 is available for customers, Object Desktop users, and as a fully-functional 30 day trial
  • Windows 8 / 7 required (XP/Vista are no longer supported)
  • All new configuration interface for applying skins, textures, and more!
  • New Echo skin from daniloOc and bundled Lantanta skin from Essorant.