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WindowFX Changelog

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WindowFX 6.13

  • Adds in Windows 11 animations
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WindowFX 6.12

  • Fixes an issue with the much older animations not showing the right height. These are the animations in the list at the very bottom without preview buttons when clicked on (instead having small animated icons there)
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WindowFX 6.11

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WindowFX 6.10

  • Fix for UI at 125% dpi
  • Performance tweaks for animations
  • Fixed for mixed DPI setups
  • Fixes for things not filling the screen correctly when set to half screen
  • Animations are set to run at 120hz now instead of 60
  • Now supports animating Universal apps for window dragging and command prompts now support animation
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WindowFX 6.05

  • Fix for WindowFx not working on Windows 10 (pending) update.

WindowFX 6.04

  • Fix for a hang in explorer when using taskview

WindowFX 6.03

  • Fix for Windows Insider issue
  • Fix for uncolored burn-away effect

WindowFX 6.02

  • Inactive Window tweaks
  • Miscellaneous fixes

WindowFX 6.00

  • UI Updates
  • Windows 10 Compatibility
  • New Options on the Right-Click Menu
  • Enhanced Monitor Edge Sizing
  • Option to Make Desktop Icons Semi-Transparent, Unless Selected

WindowFX 5.15

  • Added new SAS activation and trial code

WindowFX 5.12

  • Added support for Windows 8.1