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Stardock Product Activation Information


Stardock products require activation over the Internet. This information will not be used or shared with third parties (unless you purchased a license for a given product through someone other than Stardock), but may be used by Stardock to contact you about updates or other Stardock-related news.

Your firewall may need to allow the activation program to contact the internet (most will prompt if this is the case).

Corporate customers interested in a quantity of licenses can contact us about alternative licenses.

Information logged

Depending on whether your order was directly through Stardock or through a third-party, we may ask for your first name, last name, email address, and the serial number/activation code for the product you have purchased. If this is the first registration under a given email address, you may also be prompted for a password for your account to enable downloading updates via Object Desktop Manager.

Your IP address, non-personally identifiable machine information, and number of activation attempts will be logged.

Activation limits

There are reasonable limits on how often you can activate a given product to help deter piracy, but for most users, this limit will not be reached.

For information on usage restrictions, please visit:

Further Questions

If you have further activation questions you can view Stardock's knowledge base or create a support case through our ticketing system