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Maintenance and Support Policy

Stardock provides new product version releases as well as incremental product enhancement releases. Product purchase, upgrade and support policies are outlined below.

Product Support

Stardock provides email support for the latest product version level and one version level earlier than the latest version level. Product versions more than one version level older than the current version are considered unsupported unless the customer enters into a legacy release support agreement with Stardock (see legacy version support section). Customers can contact support via the support links at

Incremental Product Releases

Incremental product releases that do not increase the version number, just the release level, typically contain minor enhancements and fixes. For example: an incremental release is release level 2.19 moving to level 2.20. These incremental releases are available free of charge to registered owners of the version level for which the release is applicable to and can be downloaded from their Stardock account.

New Version Product Releases

New version product releases will be designated by an increase in the top level release version number. For example, when product version 2.xx has a version upgrade the new version number would be 3.xx. New version product releases must be purchased. Discounted upgrade pricing may be available to owners of previous version levels.

Legacy Version Support

For companies with larger deployments of unsupported versions of Stardock products, we will assess the viability of providing legacy product support and quote an annual support fee to continue receiving support. A legacy version support agreement must cover all licenses a customer has and is calculated based on a per license charge (amount varies by product) with a minimum annual charge of $1,000.00 USD. Customers interested in this support option should contact Stardock: