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Start10 1.75 Adds Windows 10 Dark Mode Support

Bring back the full power of Windows Start Menu with Start10! Customize your Start menu, enjoy easy access to your search function, and replace the Start menu with a Windows 7-style look that will return you to the form and function you expect. Windows

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Groupy is a superset of Windows Sets anyway

Before Microsoft even announced their windows as tabs feature, "Sets", Stardock had released Groupy v1.0. Groupy is pretty straight forward: We like having our browser windows organized by tabs, why not the rest of the OS experience? There are a num

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Groupy 1.25 Released

Stardock has released Groupy v1.25 with Dark Mode UI support.  Groupy is a program that allows users to combine different programs together into a single window with tab navigation.  For example, users can combine multiple Explorer windows toget

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Object Desktop Manager 4 - BETA is Now Available!

New Object Desktop Manager Beta Now Available With a new interface and streamlined user experience for Object Desktop Members Object Desktop members can download the newest beta for the Object Desktop Manager today. With it, you can easily install,

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