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Start11 v1.22 Delivers a Better Search Experience

Article posted on 5/3/2022

We released an update to Start11 this week that adds a couple of new features to the application - and squashes a few bugs, too. The update is available now and you can either download it from our site or use the in-app update process.

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There are a couple of enhancements to the search experience in this release. If you use Edge as your browser, your opened tabs will now show up in your search results. Along with your tabs, we have updated the search results experience to boost the most recent run app of a search query to help you find your relevant content faster.

In addition to the search updates, you can now add the “seconds” back to the clock on the Taskbar if you are running a dev or beta channel build of Windows 11. Note that those on the release build of Windows 11 will not see this option, but once Microsoft updates the OS to a newer build the option will appear.

Start11 search results now show open tabs in Edge

We have also updated our translations for several languages in v1.22. Make sure to check out the entire changelog to see all of the updates we have made to the app!

Our goal with Start11 is about not just to restore classic functionality to Windows 11 (like bringing back a Windows 10 or Windows 7 menu), but also to enhance the OS's functionality by enabling ungrouping of windows while centered, and more. By adding little features like having your tabs surface in search results show, or customizing the Windows 11 style menu to add and remove sections, Start11 provides a robust set of controls and experiences to dial in your perfect Windows desktop.

As we continue to evolve Start11 to bring new and unique features to Windows 10 and Windows 11, we would love to know what you would like to see in our next update.