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Groupy 2.1 Brings New Functionality, Availability to Steam

Article posted on 7/19/2023

Stardock released an update for Groupy 2 that delivers new functionality and we also released the application on Steam today. 

With this release, Groupy is adds a couple of enhancements that will further refine the experience. You can find the full changelog here but one update worth highlighting is that you can now easily re-open accidentally closed File Explorer tabs within Groupy.

If you accidentally close a tab, you can click the down arrow at the end of the Groupy tab bar, highlight “reopen closed tab” and then select the tab that was previously closed to open it back up into its previous state.

Along with this new feature, there is a new option for Explorer windows - if it should open in the current frame or a new one. And under advanced tab options, you can turn off the down arrow in the Groupy bar as well.

With this release, we also squashed a bunch of bugs. If you run into any issues with this build, make sure to check out our support documentation or you can join the conversation in our forums.


Get Groupy on Steam  |  Get Groupy on Stardock

If you would like to try Groupy out, you can download a free trial on the app page and if you are looking for the greatest value and access to our best apps, check out Object Desktop.