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Ashes: Escalation - New Unit Showcase (Part 1)

Published on Wednesday, November 9, 2016 By rrfarmer2000 In Ashes Dev Journals

Hello and today we are bringing you previews of 4 new units!


Harvester - Substrate

This unit is attached to a given region (any region) and sends a portion of that region’s output to that player. Also the Substrate now have an infinite resource storage! Spend that quanta on extra logistics caps!

Strategic Bomber

Strategic Bomber - PHC

Drops a single devastating bomb on structures (and only structures). Very useful for surgical strikes that must take out a specific building.

Brute Mark II

Brute Mark II - PHC

The next generation Brute has arrived in time for the war. It only comes out as single unit but it is much tougher and more deadly than the previous Brute. It is a short-ranged lightly armored unit designed to protect the more important units behind it.


Saboteur - Substrate

This new unit is called down via an orbital ability to wreak havoc on unprotected areas of the map. They come in groups of 8 and will punish those who just try to quickly expand. They’re not tough. They're not good against defenses or other units. But they are deadly against structures and for capturing lightly defended regions.