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Sorcerer King: Rivals JANUARY Update!

Published on Monday, January 9, 2017 By Island Dog In Sorcerer King Dev Journals


Happy New Year!

So here's what's happening around here.

== New Campaign ==

Chris Bucholz (you can google him) is creating a new campaign for Sorcerer King: Rivals. It is almost done but you can expect the same style of writing with it as with the quests.

== New Units ==

I'm currently mostly on GalCiv III right now but my intention is to get a bunch of new trainable units in for v2.1 which we currently have slated for the second week of February. 

== General Game Direction ==

Broadly speaking, we plan to create more game setup options such that players can choose how active they want the other factions to be. This way, we can make it more 4Xish for those who want it.

Keep adding to the wishlist as that's where I go to mine ideas.


Originally posted by Brad on the Sorcerer King: Rivals Steam forum.