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New Jupiter's Forge Expansion for Offworld Trading Company Arrives this Spring!

Published on Wednesday, April 12, 2017 By Island Dog In Offworld News

Offworld Trading Company's new Jupiter's Forge expansion
takes you to the volcanic moon of Io and challenges you to thrive

You thought Mars was a harsh environment?

Think again.

Prudent business decisions take you to Jupiter's moon, Io, to harvest its resources and keep an edge on your competition. Io's 42-hour days and lack of an atmosphere means that you'll have to change your strategy and choose what to build very carefully! Radiation storms, sulfur frosts, landscapes, and tremors threaten your business model and force you to adapt in order to survive.

Jupiter's Forge introduces some new and exciting content:

New Location: Io
Explore Jupiter's volcanic and volatile moon where energy is plentiful, but life support is so difficult that it makes Mars look like a paradise.

New Resource System
On Io, production works a little differently. There are plenty of new sources of power, but basic human needs - like water - simply don't exist. Priorities for what you build and harvest on Io are vastly different from Mars or Ceres. New resources like basalt exist only on Io and will let you build new structures and adapt to the lack of other materials.

New Infinite Challenge
Compete against the rest of the community in this unique set of challenges. Each map evolves, becoming more difficult than the last - can you fight your way onto the leaderboards? Push yourself past the competition and see how many maps you can conquer before the harsh environments of space get the better of you.

New Campaign
Show that you have what it takes to build your business on the harsh environment of Io. Snag your resources before your adversaries do and prove to everyone that money talks: you made it on Mars, and you can make it here on Io too.


New Faction: The Diadem Trust
An elite business group with grand visions, they are ready to crush any other corporation that gets in their way. All of their advanced buildings - Hacker Arrays, Patent Labs, etc. - are top of the line and afford them an edge over the competition. For example, Hacker Arrays can create both shortages and surpluses at the same time. Oh, and the patent race? That means nothing to them - they can purchase a patent at any time, regardless of whether or not another player already controls it. It's all legal, they assure you - their lawyers challenge you to read the fine print.

New Faction: The Penrose Collective
Highly adaptable and influential, they intend to thrive on the harsh environment of Io. With the ability to found 2 headquarters at the start of the game (and upgrade them simultaneously), they are able to spread their operations across an already depleted environment in order to afford them easier access to more resources. They are also able to return 2 claims per upgrade, allowing them to trade in useless plots of land for something more profitable.


...and more!
This is Jupiter's Forge - you must adapt, or go out of business. 
Jupiter's Forge will release in Spring of 2017. 
Can you survive the harsh environment of Io?
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