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Multiplayer Issues GC - Crusades

Published on Friday, May 12, 2017 By tad10 In Galactic Civilizations Series


Quick Post.

1. I've submitted a ticket and saved games but I'll mention it here - we're unable to recover from an MP crash/disconnect (current patch, and prior version w/ vanilla Crusades).   Either human player can restore the game but neither of us is able to enter the Lobby to actually play the game.   We get disconnected after an interminable wait.

2. AFAICT,  (and a big reason for this post - as I'm looking for confirmation) it seems like the Mega Events pack is disabled for Multiplayer.  This is very annoying since I play Co-Op MP and was looking forward to Mega Events in MP.   Anyway this can be enabled?  We're not concerned with any balance issues related to the pack.

3. Possibly related to #2, but seems like there is almost no opportunity for Ideology points in MP.  Only if there is a colony event, and colony events never seem to happen in MP (in a six hour game - before unrecoverable crash - day before yesterday (so pre-patch), of the two human players, there was only one colony event that generated an Ideology point.

4. Loading time for MP did massively improve with the 2.133 patch - so thanks for that Stardock.  But please fix that nasty unrecoverable crash issue. 

5. Finally, I'd like an 'auto tech trade between teams' option for Co-op if it's an easy add-on.  Just annoying to constantly have to talk to the other player to trade techs. 

Don't get me wrong - I'm enjoying the game - and would really be enjoying MP if not for the inability to recover issue.