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v2.2 Update for Sorcerer King: Rivals is Now Available

Published on Tuesday, September 19, 2017 By Tatiora In Sorcerer King News

New Units, Improved Balance, and More
in the Sorcerer King: Rivals v2.2 Update

Prepare for your war against the Sorcerer King with some brand new units! Some leaders now have unique starting units that
change the dynamic of how you play when you start a new game. Some balance updates,
including world generation adjustments and default zoom levels, have also been added!

What's new in v2.2:

Game Updates
  • Default "zoom out" level before moving to the cloth map has been increased.
  • Units now use the unit display name instead of the generic display name. This doesn't change any gameplay, but it makes it a lot easier for modding.
  • World generation is set up to allow more fertile tiles to be free of bandits, which makes expansion a little easier.
  • Final battles for Priestess, Tinkerer, Tyrant, Undead, and Wizard are now substantially more lethal. 
New Units
  • Mounted Scout (Commander)
  • Friendly Shrill (Guardian)
  • Spearman (Commander)
  • Mystic (Priestess)
  • Scoutling (Tyrant)
  • Clockwork Soldier (Tinkerer)

Sorcerer King: Rivals is available on Steam or through Stardock
For more information, visit