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Artorius difficulty - what the frack?!

Published on Wednesday, November 15, 2017 By Aotrs Commander In Ashes of the Singularity

Okay, how the merry FRACK am I supposed to do the Artorius mission?


(This part rant, part cry for help and - seeing there is a "Campaign Review" thread - part feedback.)


I just bought the game recently (so the current version is the only one I've played) and only started playing at the weekend. I have been fine on normal until the last two missions. (After several tries, I set the Falnas mission to "Beginner" out of sheer annoyance.) Normal, is, incidently, as high a difficulty as I basically ever go on a game. I am, pretty shamelessly, only not a filthy casual in games overall because of the amount of hours I spend rather making that an unsuitable moniker, but I don't play games particularly to be challenged like a lot of folk. Which I say to help contextualise the following.


Artorius... Seems impossible. I made several attempts on normal, then tried on Easy and it made no appreciable difference. There seems no time to build up defences for the enemy dreadnought - let alone try and defend the generator, assuming that an incursion can even capture it (because on normal, Athena tends to grab and and immediately fortify it).

I rage quit out of the game on the last attempt when I just barely managed to destroy the level five dreadnought (level five, really?) and all its support troops AND the wave that attacked from the north, only to have one and only radioactives site (which, of course, I had no time to build any kind of defences for) almost instantly overrun by a third force and which was IMMEDIATELY defended by (3-4) enemy turrets (which I presume the AI was dropping in) that massecred what I had left AND THEN a forth attack wave attacked the generator (which again I had no time - because there wasn't enough time/resources - to build any defences or troops there either). And this was on EASY.

That attempt, I had captured the metal deposits to the east and south of the radioactives (plus the one practically on top of your base but no further north) - so a fair amount of inflow - but there doesn't seem enough time with the limited flow to actually build enough forces or defences to be able to stand the attack.

(I feel the pressure is a bit too much in Falnas as well.)


As I say, the difficulty curve on the prior campaign missions was fine, hitting the Starcraft II level of just slightly out of my comfort zone in putting me under pressure while not making too frustrated playing - like I am now. The spike in the last two missions seems enormous; if I have to drop two difficult levels (making the dangerous assumption that I won't have exactly the same on Beginner) seems like the balance is way out of whack for the lower difficulty settings.


I have no particular pride or anything, so if I have to stick the game on beginner for the entire rest of the time I'm playing on it, I will (if everyone says "no, you're just crap, git gud!" or whatever), but the spike just seems highly anomolous; and it seems a shame to have to drop to that level after the well-balanced first 3/4 of the campaign, and especially if, for example, it's just these two missions and thereafter I find it too easy or something.


(The lack of walkthroughs anywhere doesn't help, which is why I'm here; in something like Age of Empires of whatever, I'd have first gone found a walkthrough and had some idea of what to do. I can only find youtube playthroughs (which requires me to quit out of the game to be watchable as the music doesn't stop on a tab-out) and most of them seem to just be playing the mission, not actually saying anything especially helpful (like "you need to put some defences here for later in the mission" etc), and given that they are out-of-date on older versions, it really is making it difficult. Especially for a game that seems to have a fairly narrow range of ways to successfully complete the mission.)