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Star Control: Origins - Ship Designer Contest [CLOSED]

Published on Tuesday, December 19, 2017 By SchismNavigator In Star Control

Do you think of yourself as a legendary shipwright with greatness just waiting to be discovered? Maybe you can join the GREAT STAR CONTROL: ORIGINS - SHIP DESIGNER CONTEST!

That’s right, we are challenging those with the Fleet Battles beta to build the best spaceship in this or any other galaxy! The winners, of which we will select 5, will go down in Star Control: Origins history as legendary shipwrights and quite possibly a little too good at cutting corners and meeting deadlines.

Rules - By entering this contest you are agreeing to the following:

  • The contest will be held from this date (December 19th) until Christmas Eve at midnight (the 24th/25th).

  • You may submit any number of ships within reason, but each entrant will only win from one ship from what they submit. So make sure they are your best.

  • Winners will be announced after our space elves (Altarians) reach a decision working through night and day on December 27th.

  • The ship must work in-game as a viable fighter. It can’t be a “show ship”.

  • Each ship must be uploaded to Steam Workshop for consideration.

  • Your ship must be an original creation, not copying an existing design (e.g. USS Enterprise).

  • Including lore/background for your ship is optional but not mandatory.

  • Void where prohibited. Prizes contain no cash value.


How to Enter

  1. Design your ship in Star Control: Origins.
  2. Submit your ship to the Star Control: Origins Steam Workshop.
  3. Post a link to your Steam Workshop submission in the comments of this post.
  4. Supply us your email here.



From the entrants, we will select 3 winners and 2 runner-ups. Those winners will get to pick from any 2 game keys from this list, whilst runner-ups will get to pick only 1: