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Why does Stardock always abandon their Elemental games early on?

Published on Sunday, January 28, 2018 By FireDogy In Elemental Series

It seems to be a trend for Stardock to forget about its Elemental series games after they release a few quick patches. I was willing to forgive Fallen Enchantress since its an old game...-But it really boggles my mind how Sorcerer King is allowed to be this buggy, for such a long time, even after a re-release(Rivals) the game still feels like it is in beta, due to the sheer number of game-breaking bugs. (units blocking vital paths, AI is more or less brain-dead, frequent crashes, balancing issues, quest issues...-And all the delicious bugs reported on the forums. Does Stardock simply not give a care in the world after the game rolls out or?